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Resolved Very frustrated with seller Sharkiland (Resolved..)

Jul 30, 2006

    1. I have never posted anything bad about any sellers before because I always give people the benefit of the doubt, especially sellers oversea because shippings for them do take awhile and I can understand that so as long as I get my item(s) I am fine. But for US seller(s), I think it is bad service if I have to wait for more than 10 days for an item to arrive espeically if I paid priority shipping.

      I have purchased a SD Astro boy tee (for BJD) on July 19th using BIN and paid immediately with Paypal (not e-check, mind you). The item was to be shipped priority and the seller was located in Washington. I am in California. On July 24th, I emailed the seller asking where is my item as I have not receive it yet and priority within the States should not take more than 3 days. The seller's husband got back to me saying they were on a trip (please note: this was not mentioned on the acution). So they just got back and will ship the item out. On July 26th I emailed them again because the tee still has not arrived. Again, the husband emailed me saying they are waiting for the funds from Paypal (which they withdraw already) to clear from their bank and told me they are sorry for this and they will ship on Thursday (July 27th) and will include a free item for the long wait. Also note, this was not stated in the auction that the buyer has to wait for them to withdrawl funds from Paypal and wait for it to clear (and since when do ppl do that...at least not from my own selling or buying experience..usually as soon as I receive Paypal payment I ship right away and vice versa). It is July 29th now and no news from the seller at all about my item.

      The seller's ebay id is Sharkiland. And what surprised me is they have great feedback...so how come such poor service? I am waiting until Monday to take the Paypal refund action as I think it is more than enough time for them to have ship the item to me. Sorry..just had to get this out as I have never had a bad seller in the US like them before.

      ETA: The seller's husband told me that the item will be shipped on July 27th...it's July 31st and still nothing. Seller finally contacted me this afternoon saying they did not ship the item til today (July 31st) after I left a negative feedbacks and file for dispute. I have asked for tracking over the weekend and told them Monday was the last day I am willing to wait. When I get no response of course I file dispute and left negative feedbacks and now the seller is upset? She said I do not give people the benefit of the doubt which I believe I did several times in this case. I told her I will lift the negatvie feedback and cancel the dispute once item arrives. *sigh*...

      Update (08/03/06): I finally got the item in the mail yesterday, cancelled the dispute with Paypal and did a mutual withdrawl on the feedbacks with ebay. The tee appears white on the auction but it's acutally a light blue, pretty cute nonetheless. My boy and I are just glad it finally arrived.
    2. i hope you get your doll soon! update with pics if/when you get him!