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:: Volks Dollfie Dreams Discussion Room :: Part XIV ::

Sep 19, 2016

    1. #1 Tolgy, Sep 19, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2016
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    2. @kranberrijam I get most of the outfits for my dolls from yahoo auctions and TC Doll. And I don't do anything specific to avoid staining, I let them wear dark outfits only for a short time (like for pictures) or just treat the stains when my girls get some. Little stains are no big deal for me :lol:

      @HEEDLESS_X_FEI I like your Sheryl, she looks cool with the red finger nails :XD:

      @Tolgy Your Rise looks very cute! Those green suit her very well, though they'd personally a little bit too big for my taste. Even though it didn't work out with the Rise I once had, I enjoy looking at others :)
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    3. @Kitsune88 Yep, you're right, they are! I was not ready to the fact, that Rise's eyes have smaller opening than ones of my other girls, so 22mm eyes for her looks even bigger than 24mm eyes for Snow Miku! But that is what we have to live with for a while...
    4. I wish Volks would restock their body suits for NS, I would take my Sheryl out, but I need a full body suit first. Don't want her to stain at all :shudder
    5. Ohhh new discussion thread !

      @Tolgy Congratulation on your new girl, I wish I have Rise too , one day. She's always in my wish list. Couldn't get her so soon because she's pricey at the moment.

      Meanwhile, we had dollmeet last week. Here are my girls meeting and making friends together :aheartbea


      #5 mikobabe89, Sep 21, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2016
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    6. Thanks for the new thread! :hug:

      Showing off my Baby Sheryl on her DATE~ :celebrate


      More pic HERE :3nodding:
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    7. So many pretty dollies! Is anyone else seriously tempted by Idol Master Anastasia?
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    8. @Tolgy Congratulations! Lisa looks so cheerful. I think brown eyes would also look good on her.

      @mikobabe89 Your girls look like they're having a lot of fun!

      @HEEDLESS_X_FEI Sheryl is so pretty! She looks like she's having fun on her date.

      @Audrina Mystique I was super excited for Anastasia when she was announced, and then Iori and Yayoi stole my heart too :aheartbea I wasn't planning any doll purchases this year, but all three are so tempting! And preorder too. . . hmm. . .
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    9. I'm not interested in the dolls, but her casual outfit would look great on my new Miku. No way I'll have the money for it though.
    10. I am. It depends on how long the preorder is, though. If it's a year or more, like Snow Miku was, and I only have to put down $50 again, I may order her. Otherwise, I may just get the casual outfit for my Snow Miku. I like her more mature sculpt (compared with Snow Miku), and her outfit is really nice. And according to the Japanese language page, she has a medium bust, which I prefer (I bought one for my Snow Miku, since I don't care much for the SS bust).
    11. I know I'll definitely be going for Iori and maybe Anya's casual set as well. Not sure about the Twinkle Star idol sets yet though.

      I wish the wait wasn't so long, I really want to see more DDP pics. I'm more excited for that body than I was with DDS. :lol:
    12. @Tolgy Congratulations on your new doll! I'm so envious of you right now T_T Anyway, those green eyes suit her pretty well, its just i like rise better with glass bjd eyes :D

      Have you checked out these recent pictures from dd blog yet? Hope it can help your decision about the Twinkle Star idol sets :lol: 『トゥインクルスターをご紹介♪』
    13. Gah, so cute! XD
      I'm definitely going to order Iori, she's adorable and looks like a kid sister for my Chihaya.

      Anya I'm on the fence, but maybe I'll get one from Volks USA and the other from Volks Int so the charges don't hit me in the same month (most likely, since Volks USA is usually a few months behind on shipping dolls!) She reminds me of Kirika but with SWS so it's hard to resist >.<
    14. Eep curse you for showing me these pics! LOL.

      @jadepixel I had a similar idea for Iori and Chihaya. She really reminds me of a younger Chihaya.
    15. #15 HEEDLESS_X_FEI, Sep 23, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Nov 24, 2016
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    16. I've been making flower crowns again lately~
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    17. WOW so many beautiful girls :)

      I want to share mine too. Her name is Tangerine. Right now her fashion style was inspire in Lolita fashion. But she is a woman that loves to be constantly changing her appearance. I had DD before but I had to sale them to be able to become a US citizen. She is my first DDS until now all my previous DD have been DDdy. Im getting used to the body but I like the change :)

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    18. @mikobabe89, @RiverR, @insertcoin Thanks a lot!
      I hope I will have time to play with her on coming weekend and will be able to post new photos of her with other eyes!

      BTW, have you noticed, that VolksJP has restocked Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 6 stuff?
      I have bought everything I'd wanted (except Sky Blue Chaina dress) and a bit extra! :aeyepop:

      And yes, Ribbon Girl Set <3 and Senbonzakura Set <3<3 will be available from October 8th! One from 11:00 another from 12:00, so no one should choose between them! (sorry for those who wants both Senbonzakura Sets :nosebleed)
      DDGathering 2016

      And VolksUSA in play with new iDOLM@STER Girls:
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    19. Hey all! I hope this is the right spot to ask this, but I've been looking to get my first DD (first doll ever for that matter.) I've had my eye on Takane Shijyo, but her aftermarket prices are insane! Is it normal for her to be priced at $1300+ or is that an inflated price?

      I've had a Snow Miku pre-order but I'm considering letting her go if I can get Takane.

    20. That price is normal for the Aftermarket. It is rare to find a complete DD set at a lower price than $1000