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Oct 16, 2018

    1. How well does the Dollfie Dream Sister Base Body fit into SD sized clothing? Like clothes that aren't made by Volks. My Miku Dollfie fits into Code Noir clothing really well but they're Dollfie Dream designed clothes, She hasn't worn any regular SD sized Stuff.

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    2. Saber Artoria turned up today.

      She won't be getting dressed for a while, and I'm a bit scared of staining with all of the dark colours.

      A quick headshot:

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    3. Aaaa she's so pretty. I love Saber.

      I would also be interested to know how well DDS generally fits into SD clothing, I'm waiting for Karin at the moment and obsessively looking at clothes for her.
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    4. Congrats everyone! My girl is out for delivery! I have to go out soon so I hope I don't miss her! :sweat
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    5. I just placed my deposit for 2B and 9S! Just wanted to share my excitement.
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    6. @DemonMiko Congrats! I just put my 2B deposit in, too. I’d love to get 9S eventually but I can only afford one for now. :)
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    7. I'm tempted by 9S, especially since there is the option of a down payment. I'd really like to have a male DD. Fortunately, there's a nice long preorder period, so I can see how much money I have available after my vacation trip next week. Congrats to those who have preordered!
    8. Things may change, but as of now I'm only interested in 9S for the head. I don't have much interest in a male DD, but the head looked like it would make a perfect Violet Evergarden.
    9. Congratulations on the new servants! I will preorder next week my first DDy 2B ^^

      Edit. Ordered!! Now the hard part, the long wait.
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    10. in the included items section for 9s and 2b it says ‘hand parts with gloves’ does anyone know if this means that the gloved hands are one piece? or seperate gloves and hands?

      i feel like they are probably one piece because it is specifically mentioned that they included details like the wrinkles on his gloves, so i can only assume they are sculpted as one piece. just hoping that someone might have more insight !!:3nodding:

      and congrats to everyone who already ordered !
    11. I want 9S so bad omg but I reallllly need to be selling dolls right now, not buying them. But omg.
    12. I'd expect that it is one piece.

      The Saber I just got has normal hands and feet and armored hands and feet, so I'd imagine that this is the same.
    13. Got my deposit for 2B in! Now I just have to decide before the preorder ends if I want/can afford 9S as well.

      Looking at the way the Japanese version is phrased, I think the gloves and hands are one piece. Especially since the notes state that they come with basic hands in addition.
    14. I put my deposit down for 2B and 9S! I know they won't be home for over a year, but I'm so stoked!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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    15. I've put in my orders for 2B and 9S! :dance They will be my first Dollfies and I can't wait for the day when I get my androids! :D
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    16. Just curious, for any of you that received your Saber, did you have a tough time putting her feet/legs together. I found it difficult to the black parts of her aperture/skeleton into her shins. My Saber is a bit taller I think ... :sweat
    17. I don't have a Saber, but I believe someone on the Dollfie Dreams forum was having this problem. I'll copy and paste what Wolf and baldylox mentioned:

      "Wolf wrote:Her sabatons just won't go on at all. The black plastic part that goes onto the IF post inside of her leg is way too tight, and won't go in all the way unless I jam it in so tight it isn't ever coming out. I'm not even sure it will go on that far without using enough force to break it. I think the only way to make them work would be to get a pair of F3 shins and steal the leg posts, and might even have to cut them short to get them to work.

      She's wearing her armor barefoot at the moment. It's really kind of a shame them didn't just do snap on parts like the DDP, or that they didn't just give them tensioners like the F3 foot has. Would have eliminated the need to have things fit so tightly. I also pulled off Ranko's foot and tried one of them on her and it fit like a charm, so I am mildly annoyed at this. Saber Extra's sabatons were like this too, but Lily's weren't so bad."​

      "baldylox wrote:I just got my Saber today and had the exact same problem. BUT..... as I did with my Saber Extra, all you need to do is sand down the pegs from inside the legs and they will slide right into the armored feet. I used some 600 grit sandpaper and it took me about 20 minutes to get them to go in smoothly without getting stuck.

      The big bonus of this is that unlike Saber Extra's regular feet now being a bit loose due to my sanding of the pegs, the new F3 feet have tiny screws you use to adjust the tension on the pegs! All I had to do was tighten them just a hair for the sanded pegs to fit tightly back into her normal feet. So go grab some sandpaper and get to it! Way easier and cheaper than buying new legs parts and all that. [​IMG]

      I took some pics of putting her together but will add some more to show more details soon. Then I'll make a post here so others can see all the little details of her and her outfit and weapons."​
    18. Yes, mine won't fit either. I will be sanding them too.
    19. Thanks @Cloudedmind and @cz.girl.347 ! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

      I think an email to Volks about this oversight would be a good idea too! I'm thinking that it's not necessarily a tight fit but it's the air pressure and the fact that the air has no where to escape too. On the regular legs/feet, the screws and seams provide an avenue for the air to escape but on the black ones, the air pressure continues to build.