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Oct 16, 2018

    1. I won the Juuban uniform from VolksUSA. I had already won it in the International lottery, but just in case I ever get a chance to bring Ami home I thought I better get one for her, too :whee:

      I haven't gotten any shipping notifications from International, either.
    2. Hi :) I would really appreciate some help. Can anyone identify the skin tone of this head? It is either white or semi-white.
      It is from 2011 with a "soft" headcap if that makes a difference.



      No flash:
    3. I'm still waiting on a shipping notice from Volks International as well- I feel like we're going to be in for a long wait, considering all of the people still waiting on shipping notifications for non-after-event items! :(
    4. @lunar-dream304
      From the other side, Volks.co.jp informs that shipments of the second bunch of DD Megurine Luka, initially scheduled on the end of November, 2018, and then postponed to the Spring, 2019, should start from February 16th, 2019. So it looks like not everything so bad with Volks today. :cool:
    5. I have got shipment notice from Volks!JP about ... ta-da-a-am ... Megurine Luka!!! :nosebleed
      (Should I have ordered her on the very first day with full prepayment just to be the last one in the whole world who get her? :ablah:)
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    6. I´ve got my ems number for luka yesterday too, man what a long waiting time for a doll that its not a pre order ...... and now i will be waiting 3 more weeks for the slowwwwwwww customs tramits.

      And im still waiting for the clothes of 19-1.... so this is very slow.
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    7. @Kalisha, congrats on good news! And you have stolen my virtual prize for been the last who have got Luka: my girl was so tired be imprisoned in VoksJP for half year so she went home very quickly: I'd expected her next week but she came last Saturday morning!

      Megurine Luka
      by Olyaya, on Flickr

      Unfortunately we are in the middle of home remodeling, so she will have to live in the her box for a while...
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    8. I got a shipping notice for both my sailor moon school outfits so people who won the lottery for the dolls and the outfits you should be getting one soon :)

      @Tolgy she in my opinion is the prettiest DD congratulations on her arrival and good luck with your remodeling
    9. I also got a shipping notice for my Mercury, which went to my Junk folder.
    10. I got shipping notices for Mars and Mercury! Phew! I'm so excited to finally have them here.
    11. My Mercury is on the way, too! :D
    12. And I've got all my shipment notices! Congrats to all with good news!

      @GreenTeaSlug,Thanks for the kind words!
    13. Got my notices too! So exciting!
    14. Congrats!!! On all the shipping notices. I almost gave to temptation and enter the lottery for Mercury but I was super poor at the time :p

      I hope to see a lot of spam pictures of that beautiful Mercury :)

      I decided to give my Shampoo white hair :)

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    15. @MrFjmg2003 lovely wig, it suits her very well

      Yesterday I received mu DDH-11 tan, she is on a DDdy body, I love her
      by Dollink_, sur Flickr
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    16. Congrats she is so beautiful. How do you order her?
    17. Congrats to all the winners!

      @MrFjmg2003 @DollInk your dollfies are lovely! I absolutely lobe DDH-11 in that wig, she looks so sweet.

      Just wanted to share my sailors, I recently changed them into their school uniforms :)

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    18. Congrats. They all so beautifully. But Sailor Mercury is so gorgeous and adorable. Now I'm regretting not entering the lottery :p
    19. @MrFjmg2003 I asked to a proxy to find one at the dollpoint :)
      @Ellia thanks a lot <3 your girls are awesome, love outfit at the right <3 I have to find a doll stand like yours, where did you get it?