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Oct 16, 2018

    1. @petiteballerine somebody already said that 2b will come with f3, but i think that all future dd will be f3, at least until the next upgrade.
    2. thanks, @c4tbus - I think the f3 looked like a P to me on my laptop when I ordered since I didn't know what that meant until I saw the special announcement. :XD: now that I read it over, they do say all standard DD will have the f3. they'll be so fun to pose!
      I see now that the delivery date is 'around fall' 2019. they sound like Dollshe. I could swear it said 'early winter' during ordering. :?
    3. [​IMG]
      Ahhh! She's so cute! I'm a little worried about the bands of her gloves staining her arms, though...
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    4. @bronzephoenix You could try lining the bands on her gloves with some paper/masking tape where they would touch the skin. I saw serveral people do that to their fullsets once volks started releasing their skin-tone tape (whatever they call it:sweat) with DDs. I used it on accessories like Miku's headphones since they touch her ears.
      I don't think you necessarily need to use the Volks' ones - any light-colored tape without strong adhesive should work fine - it just takes some time if you want it to be visible as little as possible.
    5. I second the tape, I ordered some to prevent staining from the tiaras. I find the gloves extremely frustrating to put on but for the short time the girls had them on I didn't notice any change.
    6. In my experience, the tiaras seem to be more of an issue than the gloves... My Rei has staining on her forehead and above her ears from wearing the tiara for about 30 minutes.
    7. Congratulations on your Luka! Having seen Luka in person at Doll Point, I have to say she is a truly beautiful sculpt. I hope you will enjoy yours!
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    8. Thanks for the staining info, I removed Mercury's gloves and tiara. Luckily I had her cloth wig cap tucked under the tiara :aeyepop:
    9. oooh, that's kind of scary about how easily vinyl stains. I have one doll - American Model by Tonner that stained in a criss cross from threads in her coat. I didn't have anything under it. but, she's plastic of some sort. my dozen Cissies have managed to survive either by never having their clothes removed or just being played with a lot and being lucky.
      I think I'll be paranoid with 2b. line everything! ;)
    10. My girl Shampoo got her twin sister Conditioner today :) we both are so happy with her.

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    11. I finally deboxed Ami today, she's so adorable! They did a really great job capturing her character with this sculpt/faceup. Incoming fuzzy pictures because my doll room doesn't have much lighting yet:


      She's currently bald because I'm not done styling her wig; I had to straighten out that little kink they put in the front, it just didn't look right, and I always wash new wigs so it's currently drying. The cut is absolutely perfect though- even the back has the exact shape and movement as the anime!

      She has two silicone wig caps on right now, because one isn't big enough to protect her from the wig. I don't really want to get her a white protective cap because I really really hate the possibility that it'll show in the front, but I'll probably get one and try to get it to be protective but still invisible lol. Also need to get some more tape for the tiara because my roll seems to have disappeared.

      I wonder if that would protect her from the wig cap and be less visible than the white head cap?

      The gloves are still not my favorite, it's just such a weird design, but they're OK and I plan on dressing her in more casual stuff primarily so whatever.

      Overall I'm in love with her and I'm still completely shocked that I own all three senshi. After I finish styling Ami, I'll debox Mars! I can already tell her wig will need a bit of work.

      Also finally dressed Usagi in my outfit from Mellideen on Etsy that I ordered about a month ago! This is my favorite of Usagi's casual outfits from the anime and I'm so happy she finally has it! Just need to make a necklace to go with it. <3
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    12. That custom outfit for Usagi is adorable, @lunar-dream304 ! I've been thinking about looking for the exact same one for my Usagi. XD (Also, I agree with you that they did a wonderful job with Ami. She's my favourite of the three.)
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    13. I do want to warn you guys that I've had the silicon head caps fuse to the vinyl, leaving the company name and a line from the edge of the head cap. I once had a Towa that had "LeekeWorld" stamped into her head that way *_* I only use the cloth headcaps on DD now :doh
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    14. Wow that's horrifying! I just ordered a pitatto ring for Ami and Rei along with the white protective caps but maybe I shouldn't use the pitatto rings. :...(

      It looks like the tape can be used to keep the wig from staining- has anyone has luck with this? The picture has it on the doll's head but I wonder if it would work on the inside of the wig. I don't really care if the top of her head gets stained, I'm moreso worried about the forehead and hairline!

      The staining risk freaks me out but I also don't want to see anything peeking out from under the wig (or cause it to scrunch up in the back), it would just ruin the look imo.
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    15. oh gosh! vinyl is so finicky huh? i guess because it is so porous .....

      i recently had my first staining issue with my dd, i got lazy about removing his hands while putting on an outfit, and they got stained just from brushing through the fabric! he’s wearing a body stocking so the rest of him is fine, but i guess it’s time to buck up and order some dream rescue. *_*
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    16. I wanted to let you guys know -- silicone caps do NOT prevent staining (because silicone is also porous, dye can pass right through). Silicone caps are used to help loose wigs stay in place on smaller heads, add a little extra diameter and grip to the headcap. It's the cloth caps that provide a barrier against stains.

      That said! Like @lunar-dream304 mentioned, staining on the headcap is no big deal at all as long as it doesn't touch the faceup. Putting protective tape on parts like the tiara sounds like a great plan.
    17. I had no idea that the silicone caps could bleed into the doll head caps :aeyepop: Maybe I was lucky in the past that it didn't happen with my caps I got from coolcat since they don't sit too tight around the heads and have no inscriptions.. gotta be more careful in the future :eusa_pray

      Last month I won some Lotta Mimi eyes on yahoo auctions and they finally came in this week. Tried them on Tama and I love how they make her look :love

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    18. Sigh

      So I just did some Googling because I'm trying to figure out this situation with the wig and how best to prevent staining, and it looks like both the tape and the pitatto ring are a no-go; I've read several horror stories about the Volks skin tape causing damage to the vinyl (somehow the vinyl will form to the wrinkles in the tape if it's left on for more than a week...which, I didn't plan on removing the tape ever so that plan is out) and silicone won't protect from staining and also runs the risk of damaging the vinyl.

      Does anyone have any ideas? I'm really finicky with aesthetics and I have a feeling it will be impossible to use the white protective cap in a way that provides complete stain protection for her hairline, while also being completely invisible in the front, even with the bangs parted. Has anyone had luck doing that?

      I wonder if I can line the inside of the wig with the tape instead of putting it on the their heads? Can anyone think of any issues with that?

      It's so frustrating that DDs are so easily stained, vinyl is great and all but I don't think it's so amazing that it warrants these kinds of risks. But I'm a perfectionist to begin with, so that doesn't help lol
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    19. @lunar-dream304 You could try first soaking the wig in soapy water overnight (it helps remove excess dye), then try lining the wig cap with white stretchy cloth. That way, you could trim the edges so it doesn't show at all. I've had pretty good luck with soaking the wigs then using cloth head caps.

      The problem with vinyl (polyvinyl chloride, by technical terms) is as it ages, it loses the chloride ion- the chloride bonds with hydrogen in the air, forming hydrochloric acid (which speeds up the reaction). Generally this happens more slowly than the reaction urethane resin dolls have (adding an oxygen atom), but not always. I had another vinyl doll that yellowed really quickly (for vinyl), and I think it was because it was in a closed box, with nowhere for the hydrochloric acid to dissipate to.

      This is also why it's more prone to staining, by the way, plastic doesn't actually have microscopic holes in it unless the mold it's poured into has them. Moral of the story is, while vinyl generally ages more slowly than urethane does, it does not age well- it will eventually (like, 50 years or so) start to disintegrate. It's just the nature of the beast.
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