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Oct 16, 2018

    1. It just occurred to me that i haven't shared Hana's newest faceup here yet! (her last one lasted two years before it's tragic end)

      [​IMG]IMG_4007 by hikarusbestfreind, on Flickr
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    2. Thank you for the tips! I'd seen a few tutorials with that method before, I'm not particularly crafty so I'm going to try fitting the head cap underneath the wig and see if I can get it to stay invisible, luckily my Volks USA order came today (gotta love their fast shipping lol) so I can give it a try later. If that doesn't work, I'll probably sew the cap into the wig and trim it like you suggested.

      I was thinking I'd rinse the wig in vinegar to see if I can remove some of the excess dye as well! I wish I'd done that before styling the wig, Ami's wig is fairly simple but I hate to style/wash a wig and then have to do it all over again lol.

      I do tend to keep my dolls bald when I'm storing them and I don't keep them out for extended periods in the first place, so I'm probably worried about nothing. The only doll I keep wigged is Usagi but I've never had any issues with her wig so it doesn't worry me.
    3. My Volks head caps are here, and fortunately I was able to situate Ami's directly under her wig, so it's providing all the protection I need but not messing with the aesthetics at all! I'm so relieved! It does show at the sides a little bit, but that doesn't bother me.


      Her wig looks 100% better with that kink straightened out, with a wash in hot water and some Water Wax in the front to give it more shape.

      She's so incredibly beautiful, I can't. Even better than I could have ever imagined!

      Bonus photo of Usagi here because she's just...stunning.
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    4. She's adorable.
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    5. Very pretty! Congratulations!
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    6. Hopping in to say that Matoi has been shipped for JP customers Saturday. If anyone sees pictures on Twitter or Insta or something let me know? I am so so so anxious for mine (I got her through USA) Q___Q

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    7. I just finished styling Mars' wig and my god, she's so beautiful. A+++ Volks you really did this line perfectly.

      I don't deserve this beauty. <3

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    8. @lunar-dream304 you styled the wigs perfectly! Both Mars and Mercury are very pretty :D
    9. My little devil came back from face-up yesterday:D

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    10. @lekatto she is so cute !! what sculpt is that !?! :love
    11. Thank you :D She is DD Melty.
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    13. Melty is so pretty! She was another sculpt I was considering. Her face seems pretty versatile and I love her elf ears.
    14. I just received my Jeanne about a week ago. She's my first Dollfie Dream. <3

      by Jan, on Flickr
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    15. Me too. I really love her ears. It look like evil :D
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    16. Now that Volks News 83 is out, has anyone seen something regarding a Sakura Miku preorder? I have only seen one article by Volks today talking about how to pick up Sakura Miku or "Reboot" Miku at the event. Given that she´s less versatile than pretty much any Vocaloid DD they made up until now... I´m a bit scared that she might be the first to just be a Limited edition without an additional preorder...
    17. all these sailor moon dolls make me smile :D can't wait to see the other sailor moon dolls! I found out about them too late, I wanted Mars, she is my favorite sailor moon but I like them all so I can probably get the next ones!
    18. I don't trust the white cap either, I had the white body suit that I used on a vinyl doll, I thought she would be protected but her blue jeans stained her so bad, the body suit didn't protect her. :( this is a problem for wigs and clothes, my dolls loves black and blue but those colors are dangerous :(

      wow wow!!! this is so informative and amazing! so you're saying that DDs could disintegrate in 50 years? DDS will disappear?good thing I won't be alive in 50 years...what about bjds? I have a bjd that's yellow yellow like banana yellow or worse because he is starting to look green :( I also found out that bjds yellow faster when they're in a box or stored in some place where they have no air and light.
    19. @Arletstar
      With urethane-type resin, the molecule adds an oxygen atom from the air, thus becoming more stable. Unfortunately, this often changes the appearance of the resin to a yellowish/greenish hue. Heat and light speed up the reaction.

      Pure vinyl is hard and extremely brittle, so a plasticizer is added in to make the vinyl soft and flexible. As the vinyl molecule becomes more and more unstable, the plasticizer starts leaking out (again, 20-50 years). Once that happens, it is no longer safe to handle the doll, as most plasticizers are carcinogenic. If you've ever run across old halloween masks stored in a garage that are kind of a sticky, holey, falling-apart mess, that's kind of what it looks like.

      Basically, I like to think of it like this: vinyl dolls are mortal, like us, while urethane dolls are immortal, like Elves. As for the staining, I have sometimes thrown new doll clothes in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, if they aren't too delicate (soak them in warm soapy water overnight if they are) to remove excess dye. I find that it helps a LOT, especially coupled with a bodysuit (the t-shirt material type, not the nylon stocking type).
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    20. Hi folks, been lurking in this thread for a while. Time to join in... I've been doing resin dolls for a long time and recently it seems my tastes have shifted to vinyl. I've had a Smartdoll for over a year and am now waiting for the second half of my first DD to arrive. I purchased a custom face-uped head by Mia's Daydream on FB recently and now waiting on her DD2 body from Mandarake.