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Oct 16, 2018

    1. I just got my order confirm for the Kisaragi Chihaya I bought on Mandarake the other night. Couldn't be more excited!
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    2. Thank you for all this, I enjoyed reading it and learning from it. I'm still mind blown at this information, my vinyl dolls will disappear :( but my lovely bjds will be immortal, you made me appreciate my yellow bjds even more now, I can see them as immortal elves. I was sad that he is getting green but I'm now over it and I see him as my magical elf .Thank you!
    3. @Arletstar You're welcome! Glad to be of service! If the discoloration gets especially annoying, there are various brands of plastic-specific spray paint that you can cover it with (although, normal fleshtone is harder to find). I got tired of all the hearsay in the community, so I struggled my way through a bunch of scientific articles on different kinds of plastic and how they age. I was pretty upset, too, when I first learned it. My first BJD was a vinyl one, so it was upsetting that she wouldn't last forever. Every once in a while I still think about selling her and reshelling her character as a resin doll, but I'm currently still too attached.
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    4. I got my dream DD a few weeks ago. She is an Akaira 1st version. I bought her from Mabarake at a very low price. She was brand new. Unfortunately she came broken, but I bought the replacement part from Volks and she is like new now. I named her Shakira and she has become my favorite :)

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    5. @MrFjmg2003 I love that you named her Shakira! She looks very sweet, congratulations on the great deal :)

      Does anyone have Mercury with wigs and eye colors other than the default? She has a very sweet face shape and I really want to see her as someone out of the Mercury look lol

      Im planning a trip soon and hope to visit the Akihabara Dollfie Dream store, Doll Choice isnt something I might try, but I really wish for the 11 head in tan but thats COORD exclusive, and research says that non Japan residents cannot enter for those. Ill go and pick up some stuff for 2B, maybe decide between the DDP body or the DDS for her once I see them in person lol
    6. Good news! You don’t need to be a Japan resident to buy DCoord from the Volks shops. And if there isn’t one you love at Akihabara, the Yokohama store also has DCoord dolls. Bad news is that the selection is random so getting tan DDH-11 is not guaranteed. I went in December and found 2 tan DDH-11 in Yokohama (one came back with me) but Akihabara didn’t have much in tan at that time. If you’re in town for a bit you can try again after a few days and see if stock has changed.
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    7. @jadepixel thank you :love:love
      Ive only been to Japan once before and relied on the Tokyo subway for everything, so Ill ask the hotel how to get to Yokohama since the directions online seem a bit intimidating lol and Im not sure the subway connects

      Your girl is so cute and your photography is amazing :D Ill have to think about my excitement for a bit, is my love for the doll because she is exclusive and harder to get, or is it because shes the closest thing to getting a FCS in person
    8. My DD body arrived from Mandarake! So I have my first DD, so excited. Her head has been floating around here for weeks...

      I'll take pics soon its just to dark here now to get anything. Hopefully tomorrow.
    9. Yesterday i recived the new clothes i bought.
      [​IMG]Idols by Carmen G, en Flickr
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    10. Love the outfit on your girl.
      Is that from Volks?
    11. Yes its a mix match from various pieces from volks, the skirt, belt( yellow scarf) and hoodie its for the set
      Shooting Yellow Star
    12. Here she is! so excited. Now I need to make some clothes as no one else has a small-ish bust.

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    13. Looks like Sakura Miku and DDf3 Miku will both be sold on April 28 at Dolpa 41 and then on May 11 for the After Party event. Hopefully Volks USA will be getting some too. Great opportunity to finally own a Miku.
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    14. Kumiko say hello:blush

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    15. Hey ya'll! So I decided to replace my Mars' wig for several reasons; the left side of the fringe was too thin and, even after my styling, I couldn't conceal the wig cap underneath and it was just so finicky, along with all of the super short layers under the wig that kept popping into her face no matter what, so I just needed something else that wouldn't be so thin and annoying. I couldn't even photograph her from the left because she looked like she was going bald lol.

      Leekeworld just came out with this wig, with a similar style to Mars' and and it's the exact same shade as her stock wig, except it's significantly thicker and the fringe is much easier to style. It's only slightly shorter than her stock wig, too.

      It came in the mail today and I absolutely love it! I took a few photos before I washed it; the fringe is a little long, I'm not sure if I'm going to cut it yet because it looks so perfect as it is, and exactly how I want Mars to look.


      It's hard to show the exact color on camera, but I compared the two wigs and they are, indeed, the exact same shade of dark purple-blue-black!

      I thought people would like to know about this, I'm sure others have had issues with Mars' weird stock bangs.
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    16. Wanted to share my suntan DDH11 D'COORD I just recently got from Akihabara Doll Point, Ive named her Juri :)


      Thank you again so much @jadepixel , I dont think I would have been able to get her if it were not for your help and clarification, I would have seen her and tried to look away thinking I would not be able to welcome home a coord doll :aheartbea I appreciate it so much

      @lunar-dream304 Thank you for sharing this, she looks very cute
      I did notice that sometimes when I got two of the same wig, there were differences in volume and sometimes length

      I dont think you have to cut her hair, maybe use some water wax to make it look shorter or styled away like you currently have her like :) Is the wig fabric inside (I dont know what it is called) light colored or black?
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    17. @GreenTeaSlug she's adorable! I'm so glad the expedition worked out well for you :)
      And since I'm here, a photo of my custom Asuka in a cute spring outfit-
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    18. Thank you! I decided not to cut the bangs, they're right at the perfect length imo especially after I finished styling and washing the wig:

      It's honestly strange to see her with such perfect hair, like I haven't been able to 100% enjoy her until now because I was constantly trying to fix her wig. Now she looks flawless to me and I can finally bond with her!

      The wig cap is black, I have a white protective cap underneath the wig :)
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    19. My Kaede Takagaki needed a stage.
      Here she is in her element...

      [​IMG]Rock-Star by Tom Beach, on Flickr
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