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Oct 16, 2018

    1. Question:

      I got a pair of high heeled pumps for Dollfie
      Dream from Volks. They're molded plastic
      and really too small for her.
      Do I heat them up, like in hot water and stretch
      them over her feet or do I need different feet or....??
      Anyone else run into this?
    2. Hana's been very patient while i work slowly but surely on this wig commission. Ventilation takes FOREVER!

      [​IMG]FullSizeR (1) by Atelier_dairelle, on Flickr
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    3. I entered the lottery for a Sakura Miku. I will be very unhappy if I don't win, all the Mikus I have seen on the Marketplace have been missing pieces, so the odds of getting a complete one second hand are low.
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    4. @Layn Good luck! I saw her in person and she looks amazing and all the details are so cute like the brown keypad thing on the sleeves, the eyeballs, the petals in the eye balls and the pink pearl nail polish. Shes my favorite of the Vocaloid release
    5. I got my Megurine Luka home on Tuesday, so I wanted to share a photo of her~ :aheartbea I switched out the default eyes, repainted her and put her on a DDdy body (with modified DDIII L-bust as I'm not a fan of the Dynamite body's boobs).


      I documented her box opening in my blog. ^^
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    6. Did anyone do the lottery for Miku/Sakura Miku? I’ve never bought through VOLKS before and thought I was entered but the date for announcing winners is passed and I haven’t received anything. If I don’t win would I still get an email? Sorry for potentially newb questions, it’s been about 9 years since I last bought a doll...
    7. @evilnekohilda Unfortunately Volks only sends emails to winners. If it's been a couple of days since the results were supposed to be announced and you haven't received an email, it's likely that you didn't win. :( The lottery entry will eventually disappear from your order history as well.
    8. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      My girl her name is Aki><(Mold DDS Akira)
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    9. Has anyone tried to use a DD3 bust on a DD2 body? I want my girl to have a larger bust, but finding one designed for the right body in the right skintone is proving difficult.
    10. hi @Audrina Mystique ! Yup, that is possible. However, it is hard to remove the vinyl material around the hard plastic part (check the internals of your DD2 bust) and slide the new one on, so you might want to use a hairdryer to warm it up first.

      I did it on my Rei Ayanami, because the M Bust looks a bit big for her when wearing her uniform so I "demoted" it to S size. I didn't use a hairdryer, but I was scared I might tear it on my first attempt.
    11. @orekimok Thank you! I have a hair dryer I bought specifically for my vinyl dolls, so that won't be a problem. I just wanted to know it would fit before I bought it.
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    12. Wow, twin charming, I really love Tamaki mold. (。・ω・。)

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    13. I have question.
      Anyone has try to remove yellowing for DD? I have plan to buy old dd model but it yellowing.
    14. Dollfie Dreams don't really yellow... Some of the old white skin do have some color change issues, but generally the NS doesn't yellow the way resin does. I have two of the 2009 Rih Tohsaka v1 DDs, and there is only the sliiiiiiightest difference between them and my 2017 Kirito. If there's discoloration, it's likely staining and not yellowing, in which case normal stain-removing techniques apply.
    15. @Kitsune88 Very nice!
      I love twin sculpts, but I like it even more if they are unique in some way

      I just noticed that they have the same mole, but mirrored, it is such a nice touch!!!!!

      @Mizya that is very impressive, she looks professional and the body looks more natural like this
      I always wondered why the other lines had all kinds of busts but the DDDY only had pushup and forwards busts lol
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    16. @Alisa_sasa @Cauldroness actually, yes, they do yellow over time. Vinyl does not yellow AS FAST as urethane resin, but it DOES yellow. Honestly, there isn't a lot you can do about it, because the chemical process is different in vinyl than it is in urethane. (Urethane gains an oxygen atom, while Vinyl loses a chloride atom.) However, I have found that it's not as extreme in Volks vinyl; my Volks doll has yellowed a LOT LESS than my Obitsu has, though, even though she's older.

      Whether the doll you're interested in is yellow because of natural yellowing or staining really depends on the age of the doll and the condition it's been kept in. Is it a fairly new doll? Has it been kept indoors, at room temperature, away from windows? If so, it could be staining. However, if it's extremely old (my Dollfie Dream was purchased around 2009 and she's only very slightly yellowed), it's likely to be natural yellowing.
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    17. Hi all, is there a DD head mold that resembles the resin SD Ria sculpt?