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:: Volks Dollfie Dreams Discussion Room :: Part XV ::

Oct 16, 2018

    1. Question:

      I got a pair of high heeled pumps for Dollfie
      Dream from Volks. They're molded plastic
      and really too small for her.
      Do I heat them up, like in hot water and stretch
      them over her feet or do I need different feet or....??
      Anyone else run into this?
    2. Hana's been very patient while i work slowly but surely on this wig commission. Ventilation takes FOREVER!

      [​IMG]FullSizeR (1) by Atelier_dairelle, on Flickr
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    3. I entered the lottery for a Sakura Miku. I will be very unhappy if I don't win, all the Mikus I have seen on the Marketplace have been missing pieces, so the odds of getting a complete one second hand are low.
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    4. @Layn Good luck! I saw her in person and she looks amazing and all the details are so cute like the brown keypad thing on the sleeves, the eyeballs, the petals in the eye balls and the pink pearl nail polish. Shes my favorite of the Vocaloid release
    5. I got my Megurine Luka home on Tuesday, so I wanted to share a photo of her~ :aheartbea I switched out the default eyes, repainted her and put her on a DDdy body (with modified DDIII L-bust as I'm not a fan of the Dynamite body's boobs).


      I documented her box opening in my blog. ^^
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