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Oct 16, 2018

    1. Congrats on your new girlgirl!

      cubewishper on IG has a resin head on a DD body , you can ask them for more details.
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    2. The year is slowly coming to an end and I just wish I'd have taken more pictures of my girls.
      Overall I think I didn't have enough doll time :< Do you guys feel the same?

      Here the newest picture I've taken of Ayu:
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    3. I also entered for her but I haven't gotten anything ,do you know when they let us know who the winners are?

      If I win she would be my first DD DDP is such a perfect size for me, not too big and not too small ,although I like small dolls I prefer them a little more mature !

      Do you also know how many dolls are offered for each of them ? good luck to both of us!

      kitsune88: she is so beautiful! ! and those nails wow! I have never seen a DD with realistic nails like that ,did you make them ? :D
    4. There is only one of each doll. That's how Dcoords are handled when offered in this manner.
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    5. :)

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    6. @Arletstar i saw on the dollfie dreams forum that emails have already been sent. someone over there won her!

      i am definitely disappointed, but also glad because a member of the doll community will get to cherish her instead of a scalper or other shady person winning! :3nodding:

      also my kagamine len dds boy arrived! haven’t had a chance to take any pictures of him but i will post once i get the chance!
    7. One of each! !:o wow the winners must be so lucky !

      I admit I'm sad, it's my first lottery and I had hopes but you're right ,at least it went to someone who wanted her not profit,I hope they share many pictures ! I think it's time to join DD forums ^^

      Congratulations on the new boy! :D
    8. @Arletstar it was my first lottery too! i hope they do more like that for the dcoords in the future!

      and thanks! len is my first dd and i am over the moon! i love him so much! :D
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    9. That's amazing!! I hope you're having so much fun with him, share pictures when you can! it's weird that Volks hasn't released the boy bodies for sale like they did with the DDP body. When they do I want to have one :) getting one through lottery seems like a dream for me LOL
    10. @Arletstar i wonder why they haven’t released the boy bodies separately too! the demand is definitely there! i’m even planning on sharing len’s body with other heads!

      the skeptic in me wants to think that it is because it might reduce the demand for licensed fullset boy dolls.

      but i hope they decide to make it a non limited option!
    11. @Arletstar Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't make those nails myself, I've bought the manicured hands off yahoo auctions :lol:

      Oh totally missed that results were out for the lottery. There were lots of entries so chances of winning were rather slim. Still congratulations to all winner~
    12. My new girl Snow :)

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    13. New images of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars can be seen here! They are both looking great. :3nodding:
    14. Shampoo as a brunette:)

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    15. My current SD size BJD collection. Only two are on topic on DoA. No resin most of them are vinyl and two are ABS plastic :)

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    16. Hey everyone I saw a volks DD snow miku today for $300 aud new in box. Just wondering if this is a good price and if anyone knows anything out her body and pose-ability? Thanks in advance.
    17. Is it for a full set or body only? Fullset for $300 sound like the fake that been going around. I would suggest ask for lots of pictures and ask for copy of original receipt just in case.
    18. That is incredibly cheap. 'Snow Miku' is recast. I believe that is what you are looking at. Please do not purchase it.
    19. Yeah its from a collectables store here in Australia however I also think its 100% recast so I will not be buying! Thanks for the advice, I've only just started collecting and I'd hate to end up with a recast.
    20. Hi thanks for the quick reply the price includes the full body, outfit, wig and eyes. The item is brand new in box from a store here in Australia. I believe it to be a recast having done a bit of research now so I wont be purchasing the doll. I would rather save up for a legit.