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Oct 16, 2018

    1. Please let the store know that it is a counterfeit. They may not know. I assume it's not legal for a company to sell a counterfeit item in Australia.
    2. is it possible to take pictures and show us? the recast DD Miku is so easy to spot, and we can tell you if it is recast or not .I have seen people who got legit dolls from stores for cheap so this could be the case too .Does it come with the Volks box ?
    3. The recast Miku comes with a copycat box as well.
    4. i'll try and take photos if i go back :)
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    5. I entered for Mercury, best of luck to everyone!
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    6. I don't know how to put the application in :(
    7. Which store? I just can't imagine one here. I was very surprised to see Zing around selling over-priced Funko's and scales, a shop selling BJD stuff would be awesome.

      Although people will try anything on, I wouldn't expect a storefront to knowingly sell fakes at such a high pricepoint, too easy for them to get in trouble.
    8. Here is Mercury's page, just log in, add her to your cart, and check out following the instructions on this page. Please note that every lottery entry must be a separate order. Also, you're on a time limit; the lottery periods ends at 24:00 today, JST.

      If you don't have a Volks, Int account, though, you might be out of luck... It takes a while for them to confirm your account, and you might miss the window. But I would make an account ASAP and cross your fingers!
    9. Here is a link to all lottery items in English.
      Just press the "Enter" button under the item you wish to enter, and then follow the instructions to the very end. (Most time you will need just press the red button to confirm/continue to the next page, and only once you well need to select payment type as "other" for PayPal as overseas customer.) Do it for each item one by one from very beginning to the very end, and you will be fine. And yes, you need to login in to your account fist, so it's better to have it setеed up to the moment.

      And I wish best luck to everyone who entering the lottery. I did it for lady Mars, and then I'd thought, that it will be no good if she will be so lonely without her friends, and finished entering for both of them: lady Mars and lady Mercury. LOL
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    11. I've been saving up to purchase a Dollfie Dream for the past few months now, currently I'm waffling between whether I'd like to purchase Shijou Takane or Kisaragi Chihaya first. Takane is actually my favorite of the 765 Pro girls but I think I prefer Chihaya's face-sculpt as it's a bit younger and more cheerful looking than Takane's. I've even seen some pictures of Chihaya dressed up as Takane that I really like the look of. On the flip side, Takane is really elegant looking and her semi-white skin gives her this quality of ethereal beauty that I'm drawn toward in dolls. The decision is ultimately mine alone to make, but, I'd also love to hear some opinions from owners of either doll.
    12. I received my email for Mercury and her school outfit! AHHHHH! :D:XD:
    13. I also got my winning email for Mercury.
    14. I need help :(

      I entered for each of the school outfits for my doll, and I won both of them so I feel happy, but now I am confused

      How do I proceed after getting the winning email?

      I know Im not supposed to respond to the winning notice email because it says at the top do not respond to the email

      I should email the SHOPOS email listed in the account as "paypal account destination" with my paypal address and winning entries ?

      1)) Also, do I email the mentioned email like this with all the items I won combined in one email?


      Lottery Order Number : 123123123 + 456456456
      Won Items :
      Juban Municipal Junior High School Uniform
      T.A Academy for Girls School Uniform
      Your Name : Mr GreenTeaSlug
      Your PayPal Account : paypalemail@paypal.com

      2)) Or do I make a new email message for each item won individually and email them?


      New email message (1)
      Lottery Order Number : 123123123
      Won Items :
      Juban Municipal Junior High School Uniform
      Your Name : Mr GreenTeaSlug
      Your PayPal Account : paypalemail@paypal.com

      New email message (2)
      Lottery Order Number : 456456456
      Won Items :
      T.A Academy for Girls School Uniform
      Your Name : Mr GreenTeaSlug
      Your PayPal Account : paypalemail@paypal.com
    15. @GreenTeaSlug Yes, you should email your paypal address to the Shopos email. What I did was forward (by hitting the forward instead of reply button) my winning email to the Shopos address. I only put in for one item, but what I heard other people did who won multiple stuff was to send in a response for each separate email.
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    16. It's definitely confusing with the new system, at least until we're more familiar with it. I won multiple items and I replied to the shopos@volks.co.jp address with a single email and listed them all out.
    17. Congrats to all winners! I've got both girls, so they won't be separated!!! :whee:
      And I've decided to send separate emails, one for each item has been won, just for peace of mind.
    18. Thank you for responding to me and helping me understand :)

      I emailed the shopos email account, and forwarded the winning email with my paypal details as @Cloudedmind did, it seemed to be the most thing that makes sense to me and makes me worry less.

      I guess for me, I think sending an individual email is better than combined because I remember when I buyed a doll from them and asked if I could combine it with the FCS handbook and they told me they do not do combined shipping, that their shipping is based on the items in the order only with an apology. Seemed like its still the same, so I didnt bother with doing a combined shipping request this time around lol, didnt want to make the person handling it stress about combining orders XD

      I do not have a dollfie dream yet, the clothes are going to be for my coming DD, the 2B head on a DDS body :)