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Oct 16, 2018

    1. Did anyone else win in the International lottery and are still waiting for a PayPal invoice?
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    2. @RamenDoodles Yep, pretty much everyone I've heard from who won is still waiting.
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    3. I'm waiting, too!
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    4. Thanks guys! That makes me feel better. I always get nervous with lack of communication. :sweat
    5. And I'm still waiting. It seems that with this payment system Volks put itself into trouble: they have to process all emails they have got manually, cause all of them are differently formed by people in accordance with their own understanding how it should be done.
    6. Good luck everyone waiting for results!

      I got my Tamaki back with her new face up, I love her new face up and custom eyes~

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    7. I have got invoice for Dollfie Dream Sister “Sailor Mercury”!
      Still waiting one for DDS “Sailor Mars”...
    8. I just got an invoice for Mercury as well, looks like they're doing Mercury first! Hopefully Mars won't be much longer.

      Edit: got one for Mars just now too! Hope everyone is getting their invoices too!
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    9. I got my invoices for Mars and her school uniform :D Just waiting on the Juuban uniform invoice now. Glad they've finally gotten things moving!
    10. I got and paid for the Mars and Mercury school uniforms :)
      they sent them in separate invoices with their own shipping charges so I guess they will be sent individually.

      @MilkyTea I hope it is okay to ask, but you were the only one I found here that sent them a new email with a list of the won items in one email.
      Did they send you a combined invoice + combined shipping?
      Or did they send you multiple invoices for each item + each items shipping?
    11. I paid for Mercury and her outfit, looks like they're making their way through the invoices :)
    12. I don't mind the question at all!

      They sent me individual invoices for each item with separate shipping. (All that shipping... XD So much!)

      Combined shipping may now be the elusive unicorn with the new Volks International system.
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    13. I've also gotten my invoice, and paid for my Mercury. Now to just wait for a shipping notification. Lets see how long that takes. :P
    14. those of you who have gotten invoices for lottery items: have any of you also gotten invoices for normal items yet? i ordered a bunch of stuff (some after event, some otherwise) when the dolpa 40 after event launched, and still haven’t been sent an invoice!
    15. I'm a confused newbie with DD sizes. I pre-ordered 2B, but it's a long wait. it might be fun to buy some clothes for her in the meantime. But, what the heck can a DDdy wear? other than items marked specifically for it. for example, outfits will be marked on Volks store as fitting SDGr, SD16, DD, DDdy. somehow that doesn't seem right, especially for fitted clothing. since I've never even held a DD of any kind, I can't visualize what will fit. I imagine some of my 60cm clothes would work. It's tough having to wait!
      Any information or pics would really help - and make the time pass a bit faster. :chibi

      (I don't have any Volks girls. Just boys!)
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    16. Thank you so much @MilkyTea :)
      I was hoping they would combine it for you and that I will use the same approach you did in the future
      At least with that many boxes it will be fun unboxing them all (Im still sad about all the extra shipping fees T_T better than secondhand prices thankfully)

      @petiteballerine looks like we are both starting the dollfie dream hobby with the same doll :) Shes very beautiful! Are you keeping her in character or changing her?

      Ive seen DDdy in person and she wears the SD/13/16 clothes fine and some SDgrB/G clothes. I was shocked because the body is very curvy with a big chest but some sd16 clothes were loose even! I noticed that she has a small ribcage/back/shoulders so even though the clothes look like it mgiht be tight, it ends up loose on the body

      In the meantime, Im sure you read this before, but you have to get a stain body suit and a fabric wig cap because some may stain the doll and shes more stain prone than the resin dolls :(
    17. @GreenTeaSlug - that's very good news about sd13/16 etc clothes fitting. I have oodles of slim sd13 size dresses from 2004 onward. I used to sew a lot too.
      I hope she'll pose a bit in her gaming gear, but I'd like to change her style now & then. Right - must be sure to protect the vinyl. It is a nightmare to remove stains.
      I fell in love with her face. Only about 9 months to go!
    18. I have one DD and one Azone the same size as the new Nier: Automata 2B and 9S. I think the dolls are similar in general structure to the Granado Vinyl dolls, but I don't know for sure as I don't have a vinyl Granado. But they both have the basic frame, and outer "skin" and look to have the same basic functions.

      Anyhow, the Nier dolls have a new frame the DDf3, but the skins look the same as the older DD dolls, except the heads. To be honest I'm not sure how the the SD 13/16 clothing will fit. I have Volks boys In various sizes and Shiratori (SD10). My DDdy and Azone have very small waists and huge chests. I don't think the even Volks Oscar is that curvy.....boy, would I love to have her. I would love the option of having Volks 13/16 etc fit!! (I never leave the clothing on the DD/Azone for fear of stains. (I wonder if the Nier will come with the body suits, too.)
    19. I'm anxiously waiting on 2B to release in fall, but I just noticed MyFigureCollection has a listing for a DD Sakura Miku. My wallet is in trouble uwu. I've been keeping my fingers crossed for a Sakura version since they released Snow Miku.
    20. Any DD wins for VolksUSA here? I managed to win both uniforms with the hope that, in the near future, I will get a chance to purchase Ami and Rei.

      As for Volks International... I am still waiting for the notification that Usagi's uniform has been shipped.