Volks Mini thread (MSD, SDC, Midi sized dolls)

May 25, 2016

    1. Welcome to the new Volks mini thread!

      The big Volks lines all share a thread as long as they are somewhat compatible so why not the mini lines? MSD, Midi, SDC…why separate the lines that are so able to share parts and clothing?

      Lets discuss the cute mini Volks kids. MSD, Midi, SDC, Hybrids, limiteds, discontinued or new standards: they deserve the attention their bigger brethren enjoy!

      Any of the Volks mini size dolls are welcome here if their parts are compatible (this includes Ian, as well).

      Mini Super Dollfie (MSD) discussion thread
      Super Dollfie Cute (SDC) discussion thread
      Super Dollfie Midi (SDM) discussion thread
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    2. My Michan is an MSD/Midi mix. I've also had her head on an SDC body because I can't decide which I like better. So this made it confusing when posting her as I always questioned where was the best place to post.

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    3. I love Michan <3 I miss seeing her in discussions

      Kei is my MSD boy but someday he'll get upgraded to a midi body

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    4. I have a Mina and a May on Layaway, so I will soon be able to contribute more to the discussions here. <3 Cannot wait to get her!
    5. What a great picture :thumbup
    6. Michan is very cute)
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    7. @wherethelilacsbloom I love Mina and May :D I was tempted by them myself but my non-volks mini girl refuses to allow any other female minis -_-
      all the ruffles are belong to her

      @Lutz thanks! I'm sure he won't be any more well behaved on the new body either -_-
    8. I have a May on layaway as well! I can't wait to have her home and be able to show her here!
    9. @eleniel - Oh, I'm all about MSD girls xD They constitute the majority of my collection! I didn't really realize it before, but lots of Volks girls just perfectly fit my aesthetic. :D

      Congrats on your layaway as well, @WindGuardKT !! When do you estimate having your May home?
    10. Thank you for making this thread. It would have likely have been a while since I had anything Mini related to actually post, but wanted to see one up for a while, especially after speaking to eleniel about it.
    11. Thank you for creating this thread, I think we will all have so much more fun here! My Mina & May showing their appreciation! :daisy

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    12. Hi everyone! I received my first Midi yesterday! She came while I was out helping my boyfriend pick up his new toy (a new motorcycle!), so yesterday was a satisfying day for both of us, I think :kitty1 She is an SDM Dai that I snagged for a great price on Mandarake - don't we all love buying a doll and receiving it only a week later? I think she will probably just stay on the boy body for now, since the male and female body are so similar.

      I'm currently sewing through Hanon's Doll Sewing Book for her, in the L (Unoa) size. Here's the first piece, the Peter Pan Collar Dress.

      by Claudia, on Flickr

      It was a little too oversized for me, so I unpicked and reattached the skirt 3cm higher. Other than that, no adjustments; seems like the Unoa patterns will work just fine!

      Finch by Claudia, on Flickr

      Back to work for me - hoping to finish the skirt and apron today!
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    13. Beautiful work -- pintucks and collar and banded sleeves all in perfect scale :)

      Edit to say: I'm really excited about the new merged thread - I thnk it will be easier to follow and more active, and I love all the beautiful pics --- I just got so excited to see sewing :)
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    14. @bajib Thank you so much!
    15. I like this new merged thread, SDC thread was really quiet before.
      Picked up a lovely new outfit for Mina, pretty sure it's Volks but I don't know the name or release. I'm curious to know if anybody recognizes it ^_^
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    16. Had some opportunities recently to get together with @digital_grrl79 for F-12 fun. ♥


      Her girl, on the left, is an older F-12, while mine on the right was ordered via FCS during the Sato-only limited run for this discontinued headmold in 2013. :D
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    17. @MilkyTea, they're so cute in their "twin-sie" Midori in PreSchool outfits! I'm a pushover for the school uniform look <3<3<3
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    18. @beamlette Aww, thanks! I also adore school uniforms, especially these, and it was quite a coincidence that @digital_grrl79 owns the Midori uniform and I own the Nagisa one. X3
    19. @bajib I'm hopeful that this thread will be more active too. Having the mini lines split up the way they were really made things more confusing than they needed to be in my opinion. The lines are all built to be compatible and interchangeable so why not let them fraternize!

      @jadepixel I recognize that set I think! I'm just not sure on the name or info on it sadly.

      @MilkyTea I love F-12, I was sad when they were discontinued. Yours are really cute.
    20. Loving the new combined thread!! Makes keeping up with all these gorgeous MSD sized Volks beauties easier.

      @jadepixel your Mina looks lovely in the new set!!

      @MilkyTea the uniforms are fantastic!! I love uniforms :)