Volks SD13 Shiro Tachibana 2 shoes - now with comparison pics!

Nov 25, 2006

    1. I love my new Shiro T. Love the outfit too. But the shoes are HOOOGE! Like, putting SD13 shoes on a mini. I've been wondering if I have the Yukinojo uniform shes here.

      Anyone else with a new Shiro having this issue?
    2. I think it's just...Volks. Every pair of shoes I've ever gotten from them has been WAY larger than needed for the doll it was meant for. Yukinojo's shoes are almost clown-like, even when on his feet. I got some MSD from the La Personal line shoes and they fell off of MSD feet. The boots that came with my Kohya and Tohya 2 were also too large for them, way too big around the calves and the feet, though they at least stayed on.
    3. Thanks for the input! :)

      I have a few of the Volks LE dolls as well as some Volks-made shoes. The Hewitt 2 boots are large to be sure, but I think that's a style issue. The Miko boots are also on the big side, but not outlandishly so. Every pair of Yo shoes/boots I've gotten from Volks fit perfectly, as did the Emma default boots my friend Takira has and the SD13, cordovan, dress shoes I got for my Shiro. So I don't think it's fair to say it's an across the board problem.

      Here are pictures of the shoes that came with my Shiro and the the shoes I bought in SD13 size at the Volks store:


      As you can see, the difference is much more than one could call 'a bit too large'. The toe of the shoe extends a good finger's breadth beyond the doll's foot.

      Any other Shiro 2 owners out there having the same problem?
    4. Wow...my daughter's Shirou's boots are a little big, but I don't think they're that much bigger than regular SD13 boy shoes. I wonder if you accidentally got Yukinojou's shoes in your package...?
    5. Yukinojo's shoes don't have the silver rings on the sides.
      They do look very large!
      Yukinojo's shoes are also much larger than his feet, but they taper a lot at the toes, so they need to be larger.....Shirou's don't look like they taper that much, though.
      Aren't the uniforms GORGEOUS?!?
    6. Thanks Celticgeekess and Janne! I have to admit I was baffled by the size of those shoes.

      In the main I'm in complete and utter love with my Shiro and the uniform is stunning. Gorgeously made and detailed. Beautiful fabrics. I love it. The shoes -- even as large as they are, seem to go well enough with the uniform and I'm not at all unhappy with the set. However, I doubt he'll wear them often, even with the uniform. I wish they fit just a little bit better.
    7. I thought it was just me, but I feel a bit better now that I know that I am not the only one who thinks the shoes are big. Stupid thing is though, I had a tough time getting them on his feet :| Go figure.
    8. hmmm..... i accually found that it was kinda hard to get the shoes onto my Shiro. they seemed tight *_* i pulled on the sides abit and wiggled them on but...i dunno maybe it was just me. they do look longer than regular shoes but i think thats just the style. as my brother always says with his loafers, "they're my elf shoes" :P
    9. Woah, talking about huge! (O_o)lll

      Yukinojou shoes' insides are white, so I doubt it is Yukinojou's. As celticgeekess has said, his shoes doesn't have the rings by the side
    10. I have a Toppi boy too. His name is Toby. What's your boy,s name. I post a picture of him later.
    11. I have Shiro Version II, also the Yuki after school outfit. The shoes from both sets are huge. I was able to use Shiro's shoes on Yuki. And Yuki's shoes are looking like a pair of boats on him. I just dont' understand why do they make them so much bigger?
    12. It's kind of crazy. If that's a style thing ... I just don't know. They're gorgeous shoes, but I doubt I'll use them often. Unless I ever get an SD16 boy, that is.
    13. Wow, this is just funny...:sweat

      Cotton balls to the rescue? :?