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Volks SD13 Tony sculpt

Mar 25, 2006

    1. Hi all,

      I emailed Volks USA, to ask if Tony was the same as the new F28 sculpt (whom I adore). To me, they look a lot alike, except Tony's chin appears to be a bit pointier:


      Their customer service department replied, "As for your inquiry about his head type, it looks very similar to F28, but his head is a original head."

      So he's an all-new boy.

      Linda S.
    2. F28 looks almost exactly like Link, which is probably why you like him.
      IMHO Tony looks nothing like Link & F28, but that's my opinion. Also since he's a limited and not a one-off I think they wouldn't have used an existing head anyhow.
    3. I have to agree with Tammie, I don't really see many similarities with the sculpts..I'm not a huge fan of Link or F-28 but I like the photos I've seen of Tony so far.
    4. I haven't seen any owner or actual pics of the new F28, so I have no idea how close to the preview pics he is. The main similarity I saw was the wide space between the eyes. But the lips are definitely different, and the noses.

      I think I do like Tony better than the new F28.

      Linda S.
    5. Here's two auctions I found for F-28, they give you a pretty good idea about what the sculpt looks like. 1, 2.
    6. Thanks, usagi665!! That was really nice of you. These pics are very revealing. The new F28 is overall more reminiscent of Isao to me than Link, especially his mouth.

      Wow... Tony was a better choice for me. Definitely. I can really see the differences now.

      Linda S.
    7. He looks, to me, like a lovechild combination of Isao, Link, and Sakaki :s
    8. New F-28 doesn't look anything like F-24 or Isao to me. More like a cross between an Anais and an Arashi. *shrug*

      And one of the main reasons for the confusion was that one of the initial picture collages of the new F-28 we saw included at least one actual F-24 - The sunlight one Volks uses as a clothing model from time to time.

      But yeah. Having done my fair share of staring at both an F-24 and an Isao... Not seeing it. O_o;