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Volks SDGr Girl Knee Chipping

Dec 31, 2011

    1. I'm planning to contact Volks about this, but I wanted to ask if any other users are having this problem as well. I asked a friend and he noticed his doll is having the same leg issues.

      In the back of the knee for SDGR girls, the S hook rubs against the back of it and then chips the resin. I wish Volks beta-tested out the SDGr girl bodies like they did with the Gou bodies!

      Here is the chipping on the left leg.

      This is the right leg, you can see the S hook is right up against the resin.

      Chipping on the right leg.

      Is anyone else having these problems with your SDGr girls? I no longer have an SD16 girl, but I never noticed them having this problem. This problem is probably just limited to the high-heel legs, I haven't tried out the flat feet option yet.

      I hope Volks will correct this problem as soon as possible. I wanted to get another SDGr girl body, but I think I will wait until this addressed and the legs are updated.
    2. I sadly do not own a SDGR but I am hoping to. Thanks for posting such awesome photos so those of us without the doll can see the issue. I am sure Volks will address this issue right away, once they are notified. By any chance did you email Volks? I am just curious about what their response will be. Thanks again!
    3. This is the first I've heard of this problem, but Volks did send out the SDGrG body to monitors.
    4. Yes I also noticed this on my SDGr girls, it's limited only to the high heel legs so I haven't used them again :(
      I asked previously in the Volks thread and other owners said the SD16 legs have a very long S-hook that is also coated with plastic or something, not a regular uncoated S-hook like the SDGr girls have.
    5. Did you buy directly from Volks, or second hand? I have a second hand SD13 body which had the side of it's knee break off, and they wouldn't replace it because I didn't buy directly from them, even if I paid for the parts. My friend had the same issue going directly into one of the stores in Japan with her broken leg.
      Email them and see what they say, you might have more luck than we did.
    6. D: This is quite scary. I switched out my sdgr's high heel feet for regular ones the minute she arrived, so fortunately I didn't experience this problem. It's such a shame though, I hope Volks can replace/fix your chipped parts. >.<
    7. Tsukidoll, I just contacted Volks about it. I will post back here with what they respond :daisy

      timid, I never heard about that, I wonder why monitors did not catch this problem. My friend and I are extremely careful with our dolls.

      mk13, thanks for response and info, I'm sorry you had the same problem :( I was especially excited for this body because of the high heel legs, so I really don't want to put it back on the regular legs haha ;\

      kawaii_mon, I bought Lorina direct from Volks, however it's past their warranty timeframe, so I have no idea if they will replace it. Even if they do, I couldn't use them because they will eventually chip again. I can only hope they update the legs soon. Sadly the one problem with Volks always seems to be leg issues, lol.

      reeree, thanks! I'll let everyone know what Volks says about this. I was considering a SwD Nono but I decided against any SDGr girls unless the legs are updated.
    8. Well, you could probably just try turning the hook around, so the curve is up against the top. That way the end doesn't catch and eat at the resin. I just tried that with my own pair of SDGrG high heel legs, and the main issue with what you have right now is the end of the s-hook digging into the area. If you turn it around so the rounded curve is facing the back of the thigh I don't think there should be a problem.
    9. Would a Volks' silicon Kips disk fit in that joint? If it will I wonder if that would help protect things.
      Or maybe wrapping the hook with duct or masking tape, aquarium air tubing, or some other plastic might help.
      Sorry you're having trouble with your girl's knee.
    10. SchizoCheese, could you possibly take a photo of what you did? My SDGr girl is currently packed away but I'll try some things out when I have the time.

      Thanks tanzerse for the the great suggestions. I think a KIPS disc wouldn't work in that joint, but I'll test it out when I have a moment. I think I will try sueding the back of her knee area, and/or perhaps making my own coated wire hooks.
    11. I received a response today from VolksUSA --

      I also had emailed Volks Japan, so we'll see what headquarters will say.
    12. Here you go. All I did was turn the hook around.


      This configuration allows the thigh to simply slide over the curve of the hook, without resulting in any chipping whatsoever.
    13. Gosh… I didn’t notice it until I saw this post.
      This happened to my Lorina as well
      I just changed her legs into flat feet legs but the damage is already done :(
    14. I also changed out legs when I saw this, but mine has the chipping now, too. Sending photos to VolksUSA. If anyone else has any damage, send your photos to them. If they don't know there's a problem, they can't do anything to potentially fix it.
    15. Nudging this back up as a caution to the new Tachibana Jun owners. Mine arrived today and I flipped her S-hooks immediately.
    16. Thank you for the nudging this post. I will check my Jun right away once she arrives! Thank you everyone for posting about your experience with the S hooks.
    17. I wish I had seen this sooner. My nono now has some slight chipping, but after reading this a few days ago I've turned the hook around so it won't get worse.
    18. I can definitely see how this is a problem or would turn into a serious problem. I turned the "S" hooks around to prevent chipping on my girls high heeled legs today. I was too afraid to bend her knees till after I did this. ;)
    19. Bumping this for the new Creamy Mami and Yu owners :)
    20. Thank you for bumping! My Mami's right leg slightly chipped already when I checked. It took me some effort to flip the hooks around as I'm not used to changing legs yet this being my first SDGr girl. So I take it there is no problem with the flat feet, correct? Yu has flat feet and it seems there aren't any hooks to worry about there.