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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXIII

Aug 16, 2018

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    1. @ker246 the SD13/Graffiti boy hands are WAY too big for the 10 body. You’d need new wrist balls and they would be awkwardly oversized.
    2. Thank you for letting me know! Do you think the hands might work on an SD13 girl? I don’t know whether SD13 boy and girl hands are interchangeable
    3. The SD10 hands (boy or girl) work on SD13 girls. SD13/SDGr boy hands can work on SD17 boys and vice versa if you get the right wrist balls for the hands (but they are a little small on the 17). Really, the 13 boy hands are only useful for the big boys.
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    4. First photo of the new volks thread XD
      I'm so glad that my white skin one off Nana arrived and she is just so lovely, she would be even more adorable without the horrible dark yellow lightning.

      [​IMG]together by Khlovera, on Flickr
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    5. Your girls look so good together. The yellow lighting makes this feel like an old/historic photo.
    6. @Khlovera Beautiful girls! I agree that the lighting makes it look really vintage and whimsical. What a lovely group, thank you for sharing!

      Edited to add: Every time I think one of my other girls might have inched past Audrey to be my favourite, I take a photo of her and she shoots straight back to first place!

      [​IMG]Party dress by Flowergirl Fashions, on Flickr
      #9 flowergirl, Aug 17, 2018
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    7. Hello! Guys, please any help..
      I am looking for photo comparison of old SD13 boy body, which is single joints and new(Theodore) SDGr Revival
      Please.. anything
      Just need to know how different proportions, about custom outfits, knitting, other.. if pictures of two bodies next to each other will be perfect..
    8. @flowergirl I just can't get enough of your Audrey!

      I recently re-homed my F08 girl (read: sold her to a good friend, and I've seen mock ups of the face-up she's planning to give her and boy, I LOVE the concept!) so I could finally get another of my dream dolls: Anais. The poor girl just called out to me to be rescued when I saw her on Mandarake, all dirty and at a price that basically screamed "we just want to get rid of this filthy thing" I couldn't help it. No pics as of yet, I still have to give her a proper cleaning but I absolutely adore her and that mohair wig she came with kinda makes her look like a mix of Anne of Green Gables (colour) and Hermione (bushiness). ;)
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    9. Browsing on Mandarake is dangerous...

      I...uhm... I may have been doing that myself yesterday. Maybe.

      And I can't possibly be held responsible if some lonely-looking doll just happened to slip into my cart... or if the cat walked on my keyboard in just the right way to hit the "Buy 'Im" button.



      That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

      (I don't think I can be blamed for pouncing on a one-off Cecile. I've only wanted that guy since about 2005.... :lol: )
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    10. @eleniel @flowergirl thanks for both super nicely comments about the awful yellow lighting XD Volks old head are adorable, I especially love f-05 and f-07 a lot, also f-10! Too many cute and discontinued dolls, now they are rare on the market.

      @Khell I gave up on purchasing her through Mandarake as I’ve already collected toooooo many news dolls lately, but I believe that she will be turning back beautifully! Please share photos of her once she’s ready ^^

      Can’t be more agreed that Mandarake is definitely dangerous...
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    11. @Khell I wondered who bought that Anais! I had her in my favourite list just in case she was still there on pay day, I can't wait to see photos when she is all finished :) And your lucky friend, f-08 is such a beautiful mould, I hope we might see her here too?
    12. @Brightfires Oh, it was you who snatched that Cecile? I saw him - gorgeous boy!

      @flowergirl @Khlovera Hehe, great minds ... :) I'll take a while to clean her properly since I'm on vacation with my family this week but once I'm done I don't think anyone can stop me from posting pics here. :)

      As for the F08 girl - I'm not sure whether my friend's on DoA and if so, how active she's here but once she's done I'll ask her if she's okay with me sharing a pic.
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    13. Yep. I saw him and sort-of went all "Ooo! Gimme!".

      'No clue where I'm going to put the guy... but we'll figure something out. :lol:
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    14. @Kykycik I am sure there was an SD13/SDGr revival body comparison in the previous thread, I can't remember who posted it though, but worth having a look through there. I think it was reasonably recent, so maybe work through it backwards?

      @Brightfires I hope you might share a pic when he is home? Congrats :)

      @Khell Thank you, look forward to seeing them both ^^ Enjoy your holiday!
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    15. I wondered if Volks would return to one of their own story lines, or do something else for the December Dolpa. An SD16 girl would look good in the uniform! :3nodding:
    16. Just saw the news on FB! I'm really excited. Rose Of Versailles has always been one of my favorites and Lady Oscar is one of the best female characters ever written. I'm really hoping for a SD16 girl for Oscar too. Can't wait. :aheartbea
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