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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXIV

Jan 20, 2019

    1. Good luck to everyone entering!!

      I can confirm that the limited order parts forms come with all the limited dolls nowadays (for hands if nothing else), but that international shipments aren't allowed. This note is on every limited release:
      Owner-Limited Optional Parts: we cannot ship overseas. (Shipment within Japan only)"
      It's very possible that people will be selling just the optional parts though. And IIRC there's a different form that will be for those ordered through Volks USA that has some parts for them, though it's not usually everything.

      I can also confirm that Oscar only comes with the heel feet (as noted on her site: "This product only comes with what is listed as the "set". The moveable feet parts (aka flat feet) are not a part of this set.")

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    2. Regarding optional parts order forms through Volks USA:
      I just pulled out the order form for Date II purchased through Volks USA and I can confirm that it's tied to the accounts of people who ordered based on these instructions:

      "Please log in to your VOLKS USA Dollfie Store account and access the link below. From here you can pre-order the SDGrB option parts"​

      This particular order ends 1/31 and I think my Date was delivered on or around Halloween, so it looks like they give you about 3 months to order. Just for kicks I put 3 of the same type of hands in my cart and told it to proceed to checkout. I didn't get any errors, but since I don't actually want to order 3 pairs of the same hand I can't confirm if they'll actually let you go through with the order. I'd be a little hesitant to try hosting a group order because I'm not 100% sure if they'll let you order more than one of the same item.

      That said, I think they'll let you place multiple orders as long as it's within the order period though? There's nothing on the sheet that says it has to be done all at once. So maybe you can order more than one of the same thing?

      I also assume others might be able to access the link on the sheet regardless of if they bought either of those dolls, but that Volks would cancel your order if there's no record of you having bought Date or Hasekura through them.
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    3. Got my lottery entry in for Oscar this morning. This is only the second Volks lottery I've entered.

      It was the first time I'd logged in since they redid the website, and I noticed that my previous orders weren't showing, including an unfulfilled preorder that I've only paid the deposit on so far. I guess it's like that for everyone, and just a side effect of the new site?
    4. @Selidor It is. Volks mentioned that they're going to be updating everyone's information, but it may take a while.
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    5. @silver sycle I think it's great that the Shigeta family are always present at the Dolpas. Even in the mass chaos of Big Site, it makes the event feel very personal. The new Ever Beauty skin is what I would love to order! It's quite amazing in person!! SD10, solid torso F-01 WS in Ever Beauty!! :love:love

      @St. James Ah yes! I have that card too! And yes, I know many International customers have asked for a membership card of some sorts over the years. I guess I had the opportunity so I figured, yeah .. what the heck, I'll mention it again. I don't mind being part of the broken record club. :sweat:lol: Yeah ... I really don't understand why International customers can't have access to like 98% of what is available in Japan but .. you know, I know ... it's Volks. Good luck on Oscar!! Hopefully everything is okay on your form. I was sooooooo tempted but in the end, I didn't put in for her. I have an awesome character for her but ... but ... no ... must ... stay ... strong!
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    6. Oh my...and suddenly we are on thread No.24...how time flies

      @pris84 Oh I didn´t know that! Considering that I could almost get a LE SD10 for the price of a flight ticket and a hotel room, it will probably be a few years until I can go to my first Dolpa - hopefully, I run into them then, that would be really cool.
      And also - what?! They had the new material on display? I guess there must have been a "no pictures" sign because I don´t remember seeing anything of that sort after the event.
      Now if you don´t mind me asking: How is it? Were some models on display or did some people get to handle the dolls? Did they give some more information on the material and services? Based on what you said I guess there was a clear visible difference (maybe feeling too if you got to hold one?)? I don´t know if you have ever seen the PS Bisque in person but how would you compare EverBeauty to the current standard skin?
      Sorry for all the questions but I´m really curious now, I didn´t expect to get news about this material until the first people got their orders (I think they started accepting them in December right?)

      I never thought I would get FCS because I can´t even really keep up with limited releases that I like, but I have to admit that there are a couple cute FCS sculpts and the new material has me interested as well. Maybe in a few years, I will set aside some money for an FCS girl .... maybe when they finally decide to add SDGr girl bodies (or better even SDGr Tenshi but that is probably even less likely than them introducing a VIP-membership for international customers at the next Dolpa..^^II)
    7. I suspect it's a combination of xenophobia and concern about counterfeits, really. After the Takashimaya scandal, among other things, it's hard to imagine them changing that policy.
      What might be plausible is an opportunity to purchase or submit orders for FCS parts in person at the LA Dolpa.
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    8. @St. James I guess I missed that too, but what is the Takashimaya scandal if I may ask? Or was this just the incident with Lorina 2?
    9. @silver sycle Yeah, the Lorina thing. There are always really obvious, known scalpers, but they can't ban individuals so everyone else suffers for it.
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    10. @St. James That´s true. I can´t imagine them ever lowering their guard when it comes to special dolls like Kasumi, at least in the near future. Sadly, this issue is mainly affecting the fans who don´t live in Japan - yet it doesn´t seem to be the reason for all of their sales practices. As I also sometimes buy figures and other merchandise from Japan, I have seen this type of behavior over and over again. "only for sale in Japan" "exclusive to this Japanese shop only" etc. - in the end, this doesn´t even serve it´s intended purpose. If I want a figure or a doll, I can just hire someone to get it for me or buy it off of the second-hand market. While this applies to someone who loves an item and wants to call it their own, it´s also true when it comes to scalpers and ... I dare say "recasters". If someone wants an item, it won´t be difficult to obtain it, even if the manufacturer put measures in place to prevent this. In the end, it only means overseas customers will have to spend a considerable amount more to get the same item - yet it´s not really "protected" any more than it would have been, had it been sold more openly.
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    11. @St. James I suggested that since a person has to make a reservation to visit Tenshi no Sato, what about adding a request to do an FCS order? This way the request could be made ahead of time and then Volks could approve (or not) the appointment. A time slot could be made ahead of time. I feel like another aspect of hesitation, is also the language because while they have some staff that do speak English, the staff may not be confident enough to translate a face up description from Japanese into English which I can completely understand. So, I also suggested that foreign visitors requesting an FCS appointment should bring their own translator or only be able to choose from a face up book if there is concern over the make up. I'd also love to see FCS come to Dolpa but I wonder if they could really pull it off on a 1 day Dolpa? Finger crossed. Here is hoping!!
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    12. @silver sycle The exclusivity and local limited goods is definitely a Japanese cultural norm.
      @pris84 That's a good idea, and you're probably right that it's a language thing. No reason they couldn't be like a lot of places that get tourists and have an "English menu" though. But they also seem really averse to adding any shopping options that will add to their overseas shipping business. Or insufferably indecisive customers unable to articulate what they imagine in one language is enough! :lol:
    13. Man, it’s only been one day after the lottery and the (probably futile) waiting is already killing me! :lol: I hope everyone who wanted someone remembered to get their entries in on time.
    14. @Chobittum I know what you mean! Longest 2 weeks of my life! :lol: I don't know how I'm going to survive the final few days... And the likely disappointment...
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    15. There was one F-01 Ever Beauty gal on display, but it was not possible to handle her.
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    16. And the Dolpa 41 date is now set. Kyoto 16 before that. It's relentless! How does every Volks employee not suffer from total burnout?
    17. @snowgray Thank you for the picture. She´s definitely cute but I also wish there was some sort of comparison next to a "normal" SD10. It might be just my imagination but the skin does look more ´matte´ than usual.

      @St. James Oh when is Kyoto 16? The hype is real...I don´t expect to see any more (or at least very very few) "new" dolls from this point onwards. Don´t forget that they also have a new outfit collection in February, at least that's what they mentioned on the lottery-entry page. - Could that include some clothing rereleases? I guess they will rather save them for the Dolpas.
      I can´t even imagine being a Volks employee... I would probably be in heaven for a few months and then get doll-burnout ^^II
      Although it would be awesome to know about the winners of the Best Selection already - the suspense is killing me.
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    18. I am really looking forward to the announcement of the Best Selection too! Although ever since that false start where they put up the leftover lottery dolls from previous Best of, my patience has taken a bit of battering :sweat

      Kyoto 16 is on March 9, and Dolpa 41 is April 28 in Tokyo :)
    19. @Chobittum Oh no, I can hear my wallet scream already. ^^II
      January Rose of Versailles *Oscar....*, February new clothing, March some doll releases, April more doll releases.... this year is off to a dangerous start. Also yes, I always get excited for no reason when they post old dolls and then its just leftovers from the last Dolpa for the online shop or a very small quantity for a Dolpa lottery. There are not so many curveballs left they could throw at us... the next familiar faces we see (in March?) will probably be the beginning of the rerelease-craze that will scar us for years to come...
      Also...if Kyoto is on the 9th ... that means we might have less than a month until we see pictures of new dolls...possibly of some grails too :o
      *uhhh I thought I was ready for this but I´m starting to feel like I´m not... *
    20. Wow, Dolpa 41 is early...! During the first weekend of Golden Week rather than the second, I guess?

      In other news, it seems the repairs for the Sato buildings are still going on... it really was quite the hit they took. :ablink: