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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXIV

Jan 20, 2019

    1. It doesn't matter where they got the photos? It's the fact that they're paywalling leaks.

      Edit: however, the Instagram post is a crop from the Weibo photo linked earlier in the thread, so I highly doubt they are even that person's photos to leak in the first place :daisy
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    2. The paywalling is an issue.

      Also, the photo is not even her own photo that she took herself. She didn’t bother to find the source either because according to her on Instagram she said the photo was passed to her from a friend. She said the watermark is in Japanese when in fact it says weibo at the bottom and that is a Chinese blog and the user is a Chinese blogger that lives in Japan who probably isn’t even aware that her pictures are being used like this (I know the exact link to the blog where the picture is from) It is ok to not know the difference between the Japanese language and Chinese language but if one even bothers to do a little research, one can figure it out. Therefore to be frank, I am actually a little offended that she said the water mark is in Japanese when it’s not.
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    3. @Izam It is offensive (both the theft and the fact that they think that the watermark is Japanese), and it's also disconcerting that someone that claims to translate Volks News to disseminate to the rest of the community can't even tell the difference between a Japanese and Chinese watermark.
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    4. Does she? o_O I didn’t really click around her website link so I have no idea. If that’s true then I really don’t know what else to say.
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    5. A (sort-of) update on the Oscar front...

      I had a bit of a startle late yesterday evening regarding Oscar's order (while re-watching Rose of Versailles at that, because who doesn't do something like that while waiting for news like this)... I did a separate order of some maintenance stuff, and I noticed that my new order was visible, but not Oscar's order.

      I had a moment of "oh crap, where the heck is my order? IT WAS HERE I SWEAR..."

      So I put the order number from Oscar's number into the search and there it was, still in Pending status, as it has been since I made it. But then my order for the extra maintenance stuff was gone. On top of that, no matter how I configured the search function, the site will show me only one order or the other, not both together on the same screen. Is this something others have experienced? Or is it just me?

      I think there are some Sei-Tenshi trying to mess with my blood pressure.

      Edit...well, it looks like now the Oscar order shows, but the maintenance order doesn't, even when I search for the order ID.
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    6. @SaiBySai I'm also not seeing Lady Oscar in my orders pages on on Volks USA. I have the email that says I entered though?
      That's a bit worrying. I do think I've had an order that didn't show up on the site proper for a while though.

      Edit: My order number doesn't show up in the search at all, now I'm extremely worried.
    7. @SaiBySai When I put in for the one off lottery on volks USA my order never showed as pending or up at all. I had to email to confirm, which was weird. Ive also had orders in my history that have been shipped just disappear from my history on their site.

      I think there is something strange with the order indexing system they use on the site. If nothing else, they are pretty quick to respond if you email with questions, but if your Oscar order and your maintenance order showed up as pending once, and you got a confirmation email your probably ok.
    8. @Astro I once offered to translate the Super Dollfie and DD-related sections of Volks News in their entirety - including all the VS/VIP event reports - for the website in question. It fell through, though, when the owner didn't want to pay for translation services.

      Of course, choosing not to pay for translation is fine in and of itself. But it is ironic to me to see untranslated leaks now be hidden behind a paywall.

      In any case, scans of VN82 ought to be up within a few days for viewing by all. And then Volks will put up their own better web-interactive version in about two weeks (or at least, that's the delay time we've seen in the past for the web version). Looking forward to the new releases never seems to get old!
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    9. Oh my... Yeah. Especially since it's not like even Volks VIP members in Japan have access to those images yet. And they won't for at least a few more hours. It's about 7AM in Japan and according to a friend with a VIP membership, they usually don't ship until later in the day.
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    10. I think the orders are there, but there's something glitchy in how the orders show or don't show up in the order history page. I've got emails for both orders with the ID, so while it's peculiar from an order status perspective, I'm not panicked. I think it's more of a "hey, does VolksUSA know this is a thing?"

      So I'll wait until week's end and see what happens, and if it still does it, I'll get some screen grabs and send it over to them to look at. Just like I do at work :)

      My sentiments exactly! I've got both emails printed out with the IDs and what I ordered. I do that with any order I'm really anxious about that isn't Amazon for this very reason! :D
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    11. @Izam would you mind sharing the link to the Chinese blog? I won't understand the half of it, I know, but I'd love to look at pictures :)
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    12. Has anyone actually thought to ask nakitaninja about where she got the pictures from and if she has permission to use them? She is a member of this board and frequents this thread.
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    13. Yeah, guys, I kind of am in agreement with @Cloudedmind here. I know online, there can be a lot confusion and animosity towards people who produce content. How familiar are you guys with the type of content Nakitaninja produces and why she set up a patreon? Is this how you guys normally speak about members here? No offence, but I am kind of a little taken aback.

      I am a patreon member and I actually really enjoy her original write ups and podcasts. A lot of the content is original information and write ups by her, not leaks. I mean, I am not saying you need to subscribe, but maybe lets just dial things back a tiny bit?

      But also, I guess maybe I'm coming from a different angle- in the Lolita community we have content producers and it's not uncommon to show low quality, already shared snaps of new items if you are arranging a shopping service. I don't mind paying for her content at all because I like it her stuff.

      In other news, I love the Pink House collection, but I suspect it's going to be crazy hard to get one. I'll be watching VOLKS with interest to see if they will be doing a lottery outside the event (I doubt it!)

      [Edited typos because I'm a goose!]
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    14. I messaged them about this a year or so ago when I was trying to pull up an old FCS order for a sale. The way their system is set up is that you have to sign in through the specific order pages (FCS through FCS page, lotto through lotto page) to see the orders.

      It's a little confusing, but that's why orders "disappear" from your account.
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    15. I don't know what she's been doing lately, but I'm very familiar with Tenshi no Mon as it was last summer.

      The author clearly had experience writing copy and thus the articles read well, and her heart was in the right place about what kind of content she wanted to provide. Problem was, a lot of the minor details in her articles were just flat-out incorrect. The typical reader in the intended audience would never know the difference, but to anyone who had been a VS member in Japan and personally experienced what Volks had to offer... it was just head-shaking. Communicating wrong information was worse than communicating no information, in my view, because readers might then take a trip to Japan and have unrealistic expectations of what they could or should do with Volks while in-country.

      She had the right idea, and perhaps the writing skills to back it up, but did not have the personal experience needed to actually produce the content desired. That was my impression.
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    16. @Holo's Apple Tree Fair enough! So, it sounds like its an issue of audience in that case. I think you're totally right about things all being about perspective and experience. I've been to a couple of Dolpas in Tokyo, and I still liked reading her patreon updates and listening to her podcast, but that's just my own taste.
      Oh wow, that must have been so much fun being a VS member!! If you've ever blogged about it I'd love to read about it some time.
      [Edited typos because I'm still a goose!]
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    17. @Holo's Apple Tree Do you know if anyone's ever spoken to her about some of her information being incorrect? From the little I know of her, she never striked me as someone who wasn't OK with feedback or corrections.
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    18. Regardless of where she got the images, I’m still quite confused as to why anyone seems to think it’s ok for her to put leaked images behind a paywall. She’s profiting off of something that’s not supposed to be out yet.

      I have also found her information to be consistently incorrect and avoid her blog. I agree with Holo’s Apple Tree and would also prefer no info over incorrect info. that aside, I find it staggering that she, or anyone, would think it’s ok to profit off of leaks of Volks News no matter how the images were obtained.
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    19. So exciting about Luna. I'm very anxious to see more pics and info. now. A little disappointed that Lieselotte is getting yet another release when so many other girls are more rare but I guess that just goes to show how popular she still is and how many people still want her. She is a really lovely sculpt. Such dark eyeliner on both!
      Does it say "Runa" somewhere? I don't notice it anywhere in those images. Maybe someone had a different take on translation since ルナ could be either Luna or Runa, as L& R aren't distinguished in Japanese, but I'd assume it's still Luna officially?
      Solid torso... :sigh
      Volks never seems to offer suwarikko for anything anymore. Did I miss something about a discontinuation?
    20. Actually that makes perfect sense!

      What shows up in the order section depends on what "portal" you are in at the time, and that could be entirely by design if each "portal" has to be customized differently in order to handle the different types of order processes. Lottery orders in particular would require the ability to process an order without a payment check, for example. FCS probably has an entirely different system on top of that, because of the customization process.

      Thank you for the insight! And sure enough, I went to the different portals in a separate tab in my browser and sure enough, there's each order for each portal :) And Oscar still in "Pending" for now....:eusa_pray
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