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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXIV

Jan 20, 2019

    1. Well I guess it's a good thing our yearly bonuses are in March, because I will have to enter the lottery for Luna and of course lose again since I have lost every single Volks lottery I have ever entered.

      I hate the way she's styled, though that's nothing a new faceup, wig, and eyes can't fix.
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    2. @Cloudedmind I did speak with her about corrections not long after the website was initially advertised, and she was definitely open to them without reservation. As long as that editing labor was provided on a volunteer basis, that was. It was clear from the existing content that each article written would need thorough accuracy-checking before it could go live, and therefore free editing was a big ask. I never made an enumerated list of corrections, though, because I felt that specialized expertise and time should be worth some value to a website that purports to offer that kind of insight.
    3. *totally feels like singing Luck be a Lady, but change Lady to Luna* But, seriously @Kim here's to hoping your luckier this time around.

      @Holo's Apple Tree Good to know. I can kind of understand why someone would want that kind of help for free, but also why you wouldn't want to do that type of work for free. I know from experience it can be a laborious process, and while I don't know what her over head cost are for running the website, and what not, she may not have the funds to dole out for extra help either unfortunately.
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    4. @Cloudedmind maybe this year will finally be the year! I've wanted her for long and I am still mad at myself for choosing to do FCS in 2007 and not buy her when she was easier to get
    5. Hey guys, I've been out of the BJD loop for a long time, but popped back in because I entered the lottery for Andre. Just wanted to say hello and brush the dust off this account!
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    6. @MustardRabbit Sorry, I've no blog out there about the VS system, but you could read some things about Volks in Japan in my older posts on DoA! Generally it was just to explain the details of how to do Dolpa or in-store lotteries in person, as the rules kept changing every six months or so, or to explain event details only published in Volks News. Very little of it will still be relevant today, but that kind of stuff is in old Dolpa and SD/DD threads as a historical time capsule, if you will.
    7. Welcome back & good luck!

      You all are supposed to hear by the 15th about Andre & Oscar, right?
      So close. :shudder I'm sending good thoughts to you all. :aheartbea
      Is anyone planning to customize Andre? I've seen 2 on insta already and am really interested in what other versatility he has.
    8. @revien @SaiBySai I asked about my Oscar order and that was basically the explanation I got too. I wasn't going to be super worried if none of us could find our orders, but the fact that SybySai found hers while I couldn't get mine to show up was a bit alarming! Maybe they'll surprise us and release lotto results on Valentines Day. (I'm still expecting them to come on the 15th though. I wish we had an exact date/time, all of us are so antsy.)

      @TabletopPhantom Welcome back and good luck!
    9. Do you have a link to the custom Andres? I'd love to see them! Or at least the name of the account?
    10. Oh my god, that custom Andre is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
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    11. In 2017 I said that 2019 would be the year for Lieselotte. I wasn’t wrong. Now, if only I could be fortunate enough to buy her.

      Do you think she will be offered on Volks USA? I know it’s hard to tell given the information is only leaked now. But, I am super interested in it. Will keep my eyes on this thread. With Lieselotte I can die in peace and have my two grail Volks girls already.
    12. The 14th would be so stinking perfect though. The day of roses and chocolate and love and all that mushy stuff that Rose of Versailles is known for....so apt a day in the US to say “Congratuations, you are going to be the proud buyer of a bouncing resin Oscar/Andre...”
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    13. Maybe someone has already posted the link and I missed it...but here is the link to the Chinese blog, which seems to be the original scan people have been sharing. According to the other posts in her blog it looks like she lives in Tokyo and has been taking so called pre-orders for Volks dolls (but this time she said she won't take any pre-orders for Kyoto DP dolls...maybe Kyoto is just a bit too far away XD)

      Sina Visitor System

      I saw some Japanese discussing this in 5chan and they were very confused as well with the fact that why the blogger could receive the least Volks News before Volks even starts delivering (today, and it was holiday in Japan yesterday). Some of them mentioned some Chinese resellers always get the least news earlier than anyone of them because they have secret connection with Volks XD. Not sure if it is just their conspiracy theory or what I don't know. But yeah that should be the source.
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    14. @Nell The scans show Luna as “Runa” underneath the katakana ルナ. I don’t think they renamed her though - just romanized it differently.
    15. Long time no see! Wishing you luck on Andre, he is fab!

      More pics of Angela & Sophie are up~
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    16. I get serious Tsubasa Masuwaka vibes from the brown haired one (Angela, I assume).
    17. I think Im safe now, I am relieved I wont have to compete for her in the lottery or be sad that its a Japan exclusive lol
      I thought Sophie's nose would be a little more bigger than that, she is very beautiful and the whole look is memorable but I dont have the need desire anymore.

      Angela is like Kasumi x belledandy I love her fullset so much and that wig is one of the nicest Ive seen

      thank you for the link @idrisfynn :eusa_pray

      @Nell that blonde Andre is beautiful, I think he would look very nice on sd16 girl body also :love
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    18. Thanks so much @Moria_ash - exactly what I was looking for! The pictures were so much clearer. Could at least run them through google translate.
      Not that I learnt much, but I'm so captivated by Sophie that not knowing what it said was bugging me all day.