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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXIV

Jan 20, 2019

    1. My friend tells me that Volks is changing the skin color names
      it is now
      white: PS White
      normal: PS Fair
      Sunlight: PS Tan
      Shadow: PS Bronze
      Ebony: PS Amber

      I wonder if this means there will be more skin options coming soon

      Thought some might be interested in knowing that informations
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    2. With the new upclose photos of the Pink House girls, the brown hair one (Angela?) has my attention. Her wig is wonderful! It reminds me of Prince Claude's fine and very soft wig. I'm really enjoying her slightly older vibe and seemingly smaller eye shape. I'm going to assume these are special dolls for only at the Atami event. :pout: I'm hoping we'll get more info with Volks News, but it certainly feels that way right now. Maybe if I cross my fingers I can hope for a surprise showing at the LA Dolpa this year.

      I haven't shared a photo in ages, so here's an old photo my Soshi in his very soft wig. ^_^

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    3. Here you can see the other two pages for Lieselotte and Luna besides the two that were already posted: twitter
      I think I´m still safe enough for those two but best luck to those who will enter^^
      Still no scans regarding outfits and the like.

      Sophie´s nose is indeed quite small but it doesn´t seem to be very long either, at least from the pictures I have seen. For now, I won´t rule her out yet, I need to see more. - at least I now see the Kasumi in Angela...maybe it's her face up and the wig.
      I took another look at the scans on the Chinese site and I think they explain the sales method on one page:
      Google translate gives me unreadable text but I can decipher a part that says "before event: May 24th" and then a section of "VS/VIP member only" where they say something about "VIP members Limited Event Dollfie", "Atami" and "Participant Order Sale".
      Next section says something like "2019 summer" and instead of "VS/VIP" it has a bubble with "Store sales". The only text there is "Date, time and sales method will be announced".
      - So I guess there will be some available to buy for those who participate in the Atami Event, at least it would make sense. Since the next section talks about a Store sale without the VIP-logo, I guess there will be another way these dolls are sold and that should be a bit more accessible?
      That's all I could do with google translate so don´t take my word for it.

      Regarding the skin color renames... it's interesting, I definitely didn't expect that. But thinking about it now, it makes sense that they changed "normal" into "fair" and I think this is a move done mostly for the international customers. Some people could argue they have done this very late but I´m happy they did it now to take into account that they have a very diverse range of customers.
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    4. @silver sycle I thought that too, about the skintone name changes. Its a nice move for their future buisnes internationaly to be sure.
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    6. Hm, those two new girls are nice but personally, I like neither the dolls nor the outfits enough to want to shell out that much money (assuming they might even be available for non-VIP members at some point). Which is a good thing because Mother Volks decided just today it was time I finally got my Four Sisters girl, and that means I'm definitely out of space for big dolls now ... Memo to self: If you bid on stuff on Y!A via Noppin you actually might end up winning quite unexpectedly.
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    7. The Atami dolls are lovely, but what I’m really blown away about is their wigs! Sophie’s wig looks superbly styled and so soft, and Angela’s wild red curls are so beautiful.
    8. While I am not surprised that Luna :love is a Best selection, I am very surprised to see no Shinku. Maybe a copyright thing? Or *crosses fingers* there will be a future Rozen Maiden release ... :eusa_pray

      I was just reading about the line up process for Kyoto Dolpa :

      ご入場案内 | ホームタウンドルパ京都16 | 株式会社ボークス

      ... and through the magic of Google translate, I got this in Step 3 to line up for the Summika for dolls or new clothing, "If you are looking for "New Dollfie ® " or "Pre-sale item"" ... so what I'm pondering is, what might be this "Pre-sale item". I'm wondering if Volks will offer people to order the dolls at Dolpa should they sell out? Because that would be really nice! I would love to see a pre-order for people to get more of these dolls out there. Can anyone clarify on this? Or maybe we'll just have to wait for the Dolpa website to upload more info ....
    9. @pris84 I don´t know about the pre-sale thing. But I certainly haven´t given up on the Rozen Maiden dolls yet. How many events are there this year? I don´t think we will only have 2 SD10s....and I still think it´s strange that we had so many one-offs of them recently. I don´t know, but I just feel we will see them this year. And I think Volks wouldn´t have put all those licensed characters in the voting if they weren´t confident they could get the permission for a rerelease...and they are certainly popular enough: a few weeks ago there was a (repainted) Shinku head for auction and I don´t remember the exact ending price but it was definitely more than 300.000yen...there should have been enough votes for her (and possibly Suigintou too).
      I will only give up if she wasn´t announced until December 31st....
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    10. @MacaronTea I wanna pet Soshi's wig!! He does look very soft, both his facial expression and his hair.

      I'm loving this trend of soft and fluffy wigs from Volks. I hope they'll eventually offer wigs like that for sale separately instead of just with fullset dolls. I adore how the faux mohair (I believe that's what they were calling it) wigs that came with both Devilman Yo-Midis style and was excited to see them using the material again for Oscar. I would buy *so* many!
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    11. @Astro , is the feel of the new "soft" Volks wigs similar to the fiber Monique uses in their wigs? Because I love the feel of those, but there's not a big variety of them available style-wise.
    12. @SaiBySai I want to say yes? But I don't own a Monique wig so I can't say for sure. But from what I recall from seeing my friends' Monique wigs, I think Volks fibers are a bit thicker and have more body. The Devilman Yo-Midi wigs hold their style so incredibly well, and Oscar's looks like it's the same type of fiber and that it will also hold her curls perfectly.
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    14. @silver sycle AKH! That freaking hat! I need one! So cute!!!!!!!

      I also really love aquariums, so im super jeleous of a doll party at a aquarium with theamed hats and outfits. *cries*
    15. Oh my god that hat is so silly and cute, I need at least 5.
    16. OMG: aquarium, bjds, frog hat!
    17. Just had a very brief conversation with a friend (she was dashing to work) in Japan and she mentioned to me that she thinks after reading Volks News that the PinkHouse dresses and Sophie & Angela dolls will be available at some point in the future after the Atami weekend at the Volks stores. I'm not 100% certain but there is hope for those who have their heart set on those items! Fingers crossed they'll end up on the International site! :eusa_pray
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    18. That would be wonderful if the dresses or dolls end up becoming available later on. I would love another SDGr around here.
    19. I need the salamander hat!
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    20. I'm not sure where Google Translate got that bit about pre-sale items here, because whlie Volks does have pre-sale items sometimes, that wasn't mentioned in Step 03 of the Sumika line queue instructions. Step 03 tells you that at around 9:30ish a Volks staffer will pull a number out of a box at random, and the person holding that number becomes the new head of the line to go into the Sumika Shop.

      The area in the green box says that claim tickets for the new dollfie items (e.g. the limited dolls and their extra outfits, if any) will be distributed at this time to hopefuls wishing to buy those items. (you'd later take that ticket to the register and pay, then take the paid receipt to a pickup area). I guess that might be the part that Google got confused on.

      They might! It doesn't say so on the Atami event picture linked on Volks twitter earlier in the thread, but it doesn't say they won't be, either. They do say that Sophie and Angela are guaranteed delivery pre-orders for event attendees, but the Pink House dresses and yukata are more limited, such that if the number of hopefuls at the Atami event exceeds the amount available, they'll run a lottery for the clothes. In any case, because Sophie and Angela are guaranteed, some of those ought to make it out to the secondhand market even if Volks doesn't sell them anywhere else themselves.
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