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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. It's been a while since I did anything with Poem, so here's a quickie photo of her from trying on some different wigs. I really liked the wig on Liesolotte but I don't want to pay the money for it and this one looked so similar (just need to straighten the bangs eventually, maybe)


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    2. @Astro She looks so good!!!!! I hope the outfit your invisioning looks amazing.
    3. @Kykycik I'm also curious about that paid - exchange service in my other previous post but no one would discuss about it?
    4. The paid exchange service is that Volks allows Volks owners who are residents of Japan, I know they used to allow Koreans do the service as well but I am not sure if that has continued since they closed the Korean Sumika, to send in their doll heads that they own and exchange them for a new head for a price. So say you had a really old first release Michele who got yellowed. Japanese collectors could send that head in to Volks and get back a newly cast Michele head. They do not offer this service for every one of their sculpts though, and they made changes to it recently requiring the owner have the headplate and I think more stringent inspection to make sure the doll head being sent in is a legitimate Volks doll.
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    5. While we are at this topic...
      I don't remember seeing which sculpts will be available for the exchange this time, is there a list somewhere? I never really bothered about the exchange service but I would be interested to know more about it.
      I think they always offer different sizes right? Does the list of available sculpts within one size ever change or will a certain sculpt never show up if it´s not on the list now?
      Has anyone here gone through the process of exchanging a head (either themselves or maybe through a proxy)? What were your experiences?
    6. *wheezes*
      I don't have time to take more pictures today, but maybe tomorrow. :D
      If we're still talking about head numbers, Oscar is 160.
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    7. But this service for heads only or possible whole doll with body?) I have older Emma.. my dream to have her new in newest SD13 body will double elbow))
    8. It is head only. It is not an exchange to get the new body.
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    9. She is great, thank you for posting that. Think mine will be getting a body blush. Her skin is so fair I think it's going to look better with a bit of color.
    10. Ok! Thanks for answering:)
    11. *squee*


      I just had to see her in that full-set uniform at least once...
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    12. I live very close to the Volks USA location. I wonder if I could come there and request for exchange service. I must be so much convenient if they would also do exchange for body.
    13. Every time I see this outfit I am in awe. In fact, I may have to swipe a few things from this to touch up my human-sized cosplay. Like that HAT. I love the hat to death.
    14. Another head mold number, for anyone interested. I have a Shirou Tachibana After School head from 2006. His mold number is 31.
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    15. You could try, but so far this service hasn’t been made available to the US. Also as @eleniel pointed out above, the exchange is for the head only, not for the body.
    16. Volks has done occasional body exchanges before, but they often cost the market value or so for the price of the body exchange, so I've not really felt it was a worthwhile thing to do. I'd do a head before a body. I thought they did some for a bit for the SD10s to get the double jointed arm, but I haven't seen anything in quite some time (years?), so I'm assuming that's closed now.
    17. She looks fantastic in that dark wig.
    18. @Brightfires - she's GORGEOUS. I don't think I'd change a thing about her faceup, she's that stunning. And that uniform is bananas.

      Crossing my fingers it is still in stock and thus it is mine, but I really love the Yugiri Seirei body and hopefully just managed to snag one for hopefully upgrading my Liz.
    19. Glamour shot! :love
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