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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. I thought it might be worth mentioning (and reminding because I keep forgetting) but Volks does have a small Youtube channel. Looks like the latest video is about the new book that they just released, The World of Super Dollfie - Super Dollfie 20th Anniversary:

      How cool is it to use a QR Code to check out and zoom in on a face up? Definitely need to add the book to the shopping list!
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    2. Hi guys! Everyone's dolls both old and new releases are lovely.

      It's my first time to post here but I've been a fan of Volks dolls by the longest time and finally a got two girls! I have a Jun Tachibana and F-26. :)

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    3. It doesn't say anything about fitting on SDGR or SD16 heads. Do you think it would fit? It's shown in that original image on an FCS F-38.
    4. @TabletopPhantom : It'll fit! The DD heads are 8"-9". Technically the DD sized wigs will fit SD/SDGr/SD16/SD17 and etc. They actually have a decent amount of stretch so you can sometimes get them to fit on big ol' melons like Megu/F-01.

      My Reisner sometimes wears a a DD wig since his head is a wee bit small for SD 9"-10" wigs. (I only learned this after I bought a ton of 9"-10" wigs..........."

      @Marie Angelcakes : I absolutely love how you styled your F-26. She looks so dreamy and I'm enamored with that lavender wig that she's sporting there.
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    5. That is awesome news!! Thank you!
    6. In terms of DD size wigs from Volks, I have an F38 his head is really small (feels more like an 7-8 inch head to be honest). Reisner's head (9-10 inch) is WAY bigger than F38 so that DD wig will fit F38 for sure but since Volks DD wigs have a nice stretch, it fits big heads like Reisner as well. Not sure about F-01 though (I think it might not fit her)
    7. I was looking at that and realizing just how much I needed it. To be able to zoom in on the details on a face up and perhaps reference it for doing my own work (not something I am ready for yet, but I’d like to be!) is an amazing idea. -puts on my own shopping list!-
    8. Just with regards to the numbers in the heads - I recently purchased a renewal version (2010) of F42/Elena, and when packing her up to go to the day spa, I found that the number in her head is 60, not 42 like I would have thought...
    9. I’ve put DD wigs on an F-01before and had them fit perfectly. The DD wigs are pretty stretchy.
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    10. Maybe All Elena heads just says 60 inside (doesn't matter if it was a Standard Elena or FCS-42 since she started out as NONE FCS.) Then this probably applies to Kanata and Rinon standards and FCS (meaning they would also not have F-## inside unlike like a regular FCS head would have) This probably also means Elena head remains the same head this whole time and was never resculpted or updated. This is just my own assumption......

      Really? Now THAT'S what I call a stretchy wig :XD:

      BTW I want to ask if we all need to re-register with Volks.co.jp now. I cannot log in and password reissue email never came.
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    11. I was just gone for a week and there's a new discussion thread already? Haha.

      So happy to see the owner pics of Oscar coming in BTW.

      And @Marie Angelcakes, Hi Jae! We had a discussion on ManikaManila a while back about my upcoming family of "big" (sadly non-Volks) boys and how I'm going to manage carrying them around.
    12. @Chobittum @Izam My Kanata is 79, so yes I believe that's correct - if something's released as a named head prior to being an FCS mold, it probably has a sequential number rather than the F#. I'd assume even the more recent standards (which they obviously intend to release as FCS eventually) are the same, as they're probably not sure exactly what # they'll be until after their original release.
    13. When we're talking about head sizes... F-16 is on the way to me and I'm wondering - is it's head around 9-10 size? Do I have to be really careful with wigs?
    14. F-16 is on the larger size of Volks heads.
    15. @Marie Angelcakes your F26 is delightful...and her faceup is so different from many others I've seen and completely changes the look of the sculpt. Gorgeous...

      @mx_95 I have several F16s and usually just use 8-9 - but my preference is for Monique Gold, and they have elasticated edges on their wigs. But when I did FCS for my Victoria ( < < my avatar!), I just ordered an SD wig from Volks and it fit fine...
    16. Yep. Monique 8-9 wigs will definitely fit on F-16 heads. That's what I have on Brooke at the moment.
    17. The F16 does have a larger head, but it's not huge. Tight 8-9s won't fit (or at least not well) but elastic ones are fine. Volks DD or SD size both fit fine.
    18. Ahhh thank you very much guys! Even elastic enough 8-9 would be okay... That's nice because as long as I was planning to get that doll I was only looking at 9-10. :'D Thank you <3 I'll look at Monique wigs too!
    19. Stretching a DD wig to fit an SD can cause the hair to lie differently. With bangs in particular this can have undesirable results.

      There are a few DD that have such big heads they have that same issue with DD sized wigs.
    20. F16's heads is definitely 9-10 inch. But if an 8-9 inch wig has a nice stretch it will be ok for it too.

      Here is my F16 on SD17 body using Volks W-140D wig (photo removed)

      Volks please release a sunlight SD17 body because I really dislike my sunlight F16 boy's proportion on SDGr orz.
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