Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. @bronzephoenix *cough* I think I have well over 200 non-Volks pics of him saved by now ...So there is definitely enought out there. (I usually just save whatever I can when I'm in the process of purchasing a doll or deciding whether or not I should enter for it) :sweat I think someone recently said there wasn't much of him on Instagram so he's probably not so popular - I don't think that his popularity is the big problem, it's just that most of the Japanese Volks owners don't go near Instagram - most collectors I know only post on Twitter (myself included). So that's where you should usually check first if you are looking for pictures of a new doll.

      If you want to have a lot of pictures to dig up , just search for チルチルの弟 on twitter.(There are other tags like ル プティ フレール but those give fewer results) Most people don't have all pictures tagged so if you find pictures you like you should also check out that account because there are probably a couple more posts of him without tags.
      Have fun !:XD:
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    2. My Oscar got her wig! It's not as dramatic as the black temporary one, but I prefer it with the white skin and it goes with the colours in her default faceup.
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    3. sorry to interupt the conversation, but i just noticed your signiture. I was dreaming about that same thing almost every once a while and would be thrilled if they release shinku again lol. Though i kinda know thats not possible anymore due to the copyright, but hope is still there:eusa_pray
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    4. @xiluoxia Well the Rozen Maiden dolls and pretty much all the licensed-character SD were part of the 'Best of the Best'-voting. We got a lot more one-off models of Shinku and Suigintou since last year (time of the voting), almost every one-off release there are like 2 or more of them - so that could be a hint OR Volks compensating that the two got a lot of votes but not enough for a re-release. Volks already re-released Luna and Lieselotte as a set of SD10 dolls so some say this size category is done now. Others argue that these dolls might not be re-released as the original characters but as new ones so without the original fullset (but of course same sculpt).
      Personally, I will have hope untill this 20th-anniversary-year ended - getting a rerelease of Shinku and Suigintou would be the final blow for many people and a good way to end this series of rereleases. I'd love to see the original characters with their charming outfits and updated face ups, but I will also feel happy if we just get the sculpts in unrelated fullsets.
      At least I'm not loosing hope untill the end of 2019, I wanted Shinku since I learned about bjd and Volks so that rerelease would be the best christmas present ever.:XD:
    5. [​IMG]

      All three of my SD girls. Liselotte (Lorelei), Saki (Sabrina) and F63 FCS (Tabitha). Surprising the white skin is not as pale as you think compared to the normal skin.
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    6. @Crimsoncat I love the F63, and your Tabitha is really cute! She's wearing a beautiful pair of eyes too :)

      The main difference between white and normal skin would be the undertone, and it shows clearly in your photo, where the two girls have a pinky undertone and your Lieselotte is more of a blueish hue.
    7. @Crimsoncat OMG, I'm loving your F63. What a cutie!!! I think Saki's wig might look great on your Tabitha.
    8. She is so gorgeous!!!!! I love OscarT_T Is anyone planning to get her?
    9. I think what would be even cooler is if Volks releases Kirakishou and Barasuishou! I think they're long overdue and Volks will do them justice. After all, their faceup skills have greatly improved since the last Rozen Maidens, and I think they'd make a gorgeous addition for the Rozen Maiden family <3 :D
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    10. 里ワンオフ SD13教室C メイク難有り - ヤフオク!
      So I found this lovely girl up for auction and am interested. But they don't have the papers and aren't the first owner. It says that the doll is around 5 years old and is a one off model from Tenshi no Sato. But the headplate has a date rather than "one off" written on it. Did Volks switch to "one off" on the plates recently?
    11. @Peachdolly Some one-offs have "oneoff" or "oneoffmodel" plates, some have date & location. That doesn't look like either, but it also might be different as it's a school head, which just tend to be different. It actually looks more like a tenshi plate to me, with the letter + four-digit number (see example here) which may also be how they number the school heads?
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    12. Guys! The Atami One-off models were just posted on Instagram, you have to check them out!:D
      I have never seen this before - all the super-popular sculpts in their original fullset (wig, outfit, etc.) but with the usual extra-detailed one-off makeup.
      I´m very surprised and I so wish I could be there to see this setup in person. This is truly the Best-of-the-Best, kind of like a Volks-Allstars lineup:
      Yo-Sd: Lorina, Alice, Tsukasa Konoe, Shiro Tachibana
      Yomidi: Cecile, Williams
      SDmidi: Chloe, Liz
      DearSD: Megohime, Una, Kira
      SD10: Lieselotte (3rd), Lieselotte (20th anniversary), Charlotte (3rd), Luna (20th anniversary), Kurumi (2nd), Miruku, Rigel, Michele, Megu (20th anniversary?, could be SDGr too)
      SDgr:Cain (Midshipman ver.), Mytyl, Belle, Alice, Lorina, Jun Tachibana
      SD16: Ami Ayase
      SD17: Reisner, Hikaru Genji, Okita souji (Romantic glance ver.), Toshizo Hijikata, Shiro Tachibana
      (sorry I´m not the best with the boys so I can´t recognize which version some are)

      I wish I was there this weekend, but it sounds like it would kill my wallet: Sophie/Angela, possible Dream-FCS and now the amazing one-offs where I honestly wouldn´t mind winning at least half the lineup...
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    13. I just saw these on Instagram a minute ago and came straight here! Their faceups all look so detailed and wonderful :D Lorina is definitely my favourite of the bunch :)
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    15. Minus the headplate and the artist signature the head has the same marking on the inside as my school c head. Not sure how different stores do one off plates, but it could just be a that its an older style. I think the one off plates used to have dates on them instead, but im not sure.
    16. Just dropping by to catch up with this thread. And oh, finally making some headway with identifying Volks sculpts. Was just trawling tumblr when I encountered this one doll that made me scream "it's Tachibana Jun!", and she wasn't even in Volks default faceup style.
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    17. Those one offs are beautiful. I never really liked Mytyl that much when she was first released, but the faceup they’ve given her for this is really stunning.
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    18. Oh I think the added blush is my favorite part on these updated faceups! Volks used absolutely no blush on their old faceups :roll: Now they look more lively and cute! Also, I've done my fair share of faceups on my girls, and I can tell you that cameras really do wash them out significantly, so added blushing and contouring is always the way to go, since photography is a large part of this hobby after all :P
    19. The Atami one-offs are really lovely.
      Has everyone else been getting spammed with emails from VolksUSA for the LA Dolpa Tea Party? I've gotten two emails that no longer mention anything about a lottery for entry; just "reserve your spot!"
      I suspect that the lack of a huge must-have doll like Romantic Glance Williams might be dissuading some people who were on the fence and so far the attendance isn't what they anticipated.
    20. @Chamillia Oh, I know exactly how much blush is on old Volks dolls - most of our crew still has their original faceups and they're all pre-2010. :XD: It's really just a style thing - I really prefer very light / natural (ex. D20 Kurumi) OR darker / smokier (ex. Hewitt 3rd) faceups than what is popular right now. The super-emphasized lips (both in color and gloss) definitely play a part in it too. I tend to gravitate towards boy sculpts, but it's become increasingly clear to me that it's really just Volks' boy style that I like, as there are a wide variety of heads I didn't like at all until seeing a boy version (Amethyst comes to mind).
      I really should pick up the new FCS style book, I'm curious to see if the "boyish" and "dark" styles match my tastes more than the "ennui" one (which is what most of these are trending towards).

      @St. James I've definitely gotten more than a few emails. Unfortunately I'm part of that dissuaded contingent. :sweat We already had other trip plans this year anyways... so saving for next time it is!
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