Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. @GreenTeaSlug You can see some pics on their ads for this release, and Luna and Lieselotte's recent release both also came with it! It's pretty popular as a "classic" mold, and they've released it through FCS a few times now as a limited option (sort of like the SD16 bodies).
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    2. @GreenTeaSlug It'd be amazing to see it released in a SDGr version.
      I don't know all the releases off the top of my head, but (in other sizes) it was used for the anniversary YoMegu and for the SdM Kira/SwD Nana.
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    3. @eleniel A bunch of the newer Yo & SDM tenshi have it too, but it hasn't been released any larger. I don't know that we will, as you'd be sacrificing the torso joint... I have wondered if the S bust Gr/16 (like Lucia & Oscar) has been Volks' answer in that direction for a similar sort of silhouette.
    4. I miss the swarrico body for the SD girls, not just for the sitting pose, but because it poses better in general, IMO, and I also don't like the swayback. It's too doll-like, but that seems to be the preference for Japanese customers, a very pretty, passive, dolly-doll. Whereas I want dolls that pose; that's part of what drew me to BJDs in the first place. :huh?:
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    5. Can anyone on Volks International get past the pay info page when checking out? It keeps saying something about the prefecture. The specific error:
      • Format is not correct. (住所1(都道府県))
      This is super weird cause I just checked out with zero issue last Dolpa after event. I didn't change anything.

      I know one friend (in Europe) also couldn't and got the same error. So I'm curious if is a problem for more than us. Also if this is known and I just missed it then my bad!

      Edit: I'm on mobile.
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    6. I just got my emailed confirmation for the LA Dolpa tea party. Did anyone else get it yet?
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    7. Yep! I'm in! :)
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    8. I got 2 emails regarding the Tea Party. Are they dupe emails or everyone receives two like me?
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    9. The first one has a broken link. The second one is the corrected one. Because Volks. :roll:
    10. LOL! At least they figured it out right away. :lol:
    11. Thanks a lot!) I
    12. Got email for LADP!! I won an one-off model in the 2017 LADP so wishing to win another one this year:whee::whee:
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    13. I'm so over the moon. My F62 arrived! She's so amazingly beautiful. She has one of the best profiles I've ever seen on a doll. I haven't really had time to order her anything of her own so she borrowed an outfit from my Fairyland girl. The dress barely zipped up and is kind of risque but it'll do for now. I entered the Dolpa Kyoto 16 lottery for a few outfits and actually won them so she'll have a few things arrive soon. Pastel colors look really pretty with the tan skin.

      Volks F62, so pretty
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    14. Ok that boy example F86 is SO CUTE. I love dolls with teeth and for once Volks actually painted theirs in! I am constantly surprised by how many of their sculpts have teeth but you don't realize it because the defaults just paint over them.
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    15. For anyone who was curious it is a mobile only issue for Volks International. There is no problem or error when on the computer. I hope they get this fixed soon. I just wanted a pair of eyes. oTL
    16. Got mine, and I got a shipping notice for Oscar's flat feet and option hands.
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    17. I got Tea Party confirmation toooo! and already paid !!)))
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    18. My tea party application was accepted as well! :dance

      The 2017 LA Dolpa was my first Dolpa that I attended. I cannot wait for this one, and to see all my lovely dolly friends again that I met at the last Dolpa.

      On another exciting note, I never mentioned that I won the lovely Lieselotte in the After event lottery. At least I don’t think so? I applied for both Luna and Lieselotte and won Lieselotte. Luna was my first choice though. I’m so grateful for the amazing people here in this community. I’m actually in the middle of a trade for Luna as Lieselotte was another members first choice. I’m super excited for Luna’s arrival next week. Dreams do come true! :XD:
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    19. Sorry, I have question.. I don't see much Masha here at all, looks like or she is rare or not popular any more..
      I have her old release and want to exchange her head when go to Dolpa.
      Just wondering.. if her head will b same or possible Volks change something with head shape or other, like in case with Lucas/Theodore (Head a bit smaller)
      Cuz I see Masha release like one-off may b 2-3 time only in Volks Instagram. Last was Masha as boy SDGr..))
    20. That's a question only Volks can really answer. The USA team is quick to respond. :)