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Mar 9, 2019

    1. Hey all, I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, but there's so many Volks discussion threads that I don't know where to look, so I'm going to ask again^^;;.

      So I bought a gorgeous F-73 girl off the Marketplace and am shopping for things for her to wear as I wait for her to get shipped and get here, and I'm struggling with shoe sizing. I've been out of the hobby for a good 5 years if not longer until fairly recently and even though I have owned other Volks SD girls in the past, I'm finding that a lot has changed out there concerning available clothes and shoes. The girls I used to own had Dollheart boots that only just fit them (with a 3cm OUTER width) but that were definitely marketed as SD/SD13 size.

      For my new girl I'm eyeing among others a pair of Angell Studio shoes that I absolutely adore, but I'm not sure about the sizing and I'd rather not spend 40 dollars only to find they don't fit. They're long enough, but it's the width that's the issue. It says the (inner I assume) width is 2.5 cm, whereas I found here on DoA that Volks SD girl feet are 3cm wide. Yet most of the "SD13" size shoes I'm finding out there in the look that I want seem to have an inner width of 2.5 to 2-7cm and I notice a lot of the time even though they're stated to fit SD/SD13, they're modeled by an SD16 with heel legs on=_=.

      So my questions are: do Volks SD13 girls fit Angell Studio shoes? And are there so few nice elegant shoes available anymore that actually fit Volks SD13 girls or do I have the wrong foot size in my mind? Thanks for any input!
    2. @ShuriTigerH I find only flat SD shoes work for my girls, usually no trouble with fitting shoes marked as SD size, but anything with a heel these days is made for the SDGr girls in my experience, slightly different to the SD16 although I believe they can just about share shoes, but the arch is far too extreme for the flat SD Volks feet or even the SD13 heel feet (now they really are impossible to find shoes for). I commission shoes to fit, mostly because the styles I want don't exist generally, but that may be a route for you if you have specific idea in mind?
    3. @flowergirl: Thanks for the response^^! That is... really disheartening to hear:( Yeah, if I can't find what I'm looking for (shopping mostly on Yahoo!Japan at the moment) I'll look into commissioning, or maybe I'll just sand my girl's feet a little to make them slimmer. Luckily I don't really mind if there's less of a heel or no heel on her shoes as flat shoes work too for a lolita look.
    4. @ShuriTigerH If you are looking for lolita, I can vouch for this company's shoes that are flat or platform styles fitting https://www.sweetiiger.com/1 (they seem to re-stock periodically as well as releasing new styles, a lot of heels for SD16 but frequently more Lolita styles too) and also MoriTime flats and platforms on Etsy. I can take photos of the fit on SD10 flat feet of shoes from both places if you would like. They are a very tight fit with socks in some cases, but most fit well. You could also keep an eye on the marketplace here for Volks lolita style shoes? You know they are guaranteed to fit then :) Sorry if I cannot be of more help, I know there are a number of collectors with a lolita theme amongst their dolls who I am sure will be able to help more <3
    5. @flowergirl : Thanks for the help, I very much appreciate it^^. I already did find Sweetiiger, yes, but of course the shoes I want from there are out of stock, glad to know they do restock periodically^^. It was actually a pair of heeled shoes from them that prompted me to post here, but I'm assuming the heel on those is too high to fit flat feet... Funny, I stumbled across Moritime literally a few minutes ago^^. I also found a brand called Air Castle (sells via Legenddoll) that should fit, probably a bit tight again, but between them and Sweetiiger I think I have enough to go on for a while^^.
    6. Try Leekeworld. Shoes in their L-Girl size should fit Volks girls with non-heel feet. The shoes in the DD Girl category are made for the heel feet of SD16/SDGr. Some of the shoes in the L-Girl category use the DD type as their pictured model, but the shoes should fit. However, any shoe that has a very high heel may work much better on an SD16/SDGr foot. Good luck!
    7. I got accepted to the Tea Party too! And I am so happy to make Angela mine :dance:cheer:celebrate
    8. I believe the trade-in information stipulates that they can't guarantee the faceup will be identical to the original since it's hand-painted.
    9. @InvisibleWings : thanks for the tip:) I had totally forgotten about Leekeworld:doh
    10. [​IMG]

      Forgive the less than amazing photo but hopefully this will give people a bit of an idea of what Angela (left) and Sophie (right) look like side by side. I think both girls are very pretty but I think it's obvious that both girls are different sculpts.

      I hope this helps a bit! I'll try and work on more photos. There will be a few on Flickr and my Instagram. :)
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    11. Okay, I want Angela. I went to Tokyo Doll Show yesterday and saw her in person again, and I really like her. But was the Atami event the only way to get her besides the LA event? Is there no after event sales or lottery?
      Sophie looks cute too, but I feel that she's so white and her nose so narrow, that if it doesn't get blushed well, it looks like she doesn't have much of a nose. Like Voldemort. :frownyblush:
    12. @Peachdolly If this follows the normal trend of dolls released at these owner appreciation events, no, there won't be after sales or lottery sales. Previously I would've expected a third set of sales in Korea, but as they closed down the Sumika there I'm sort of doubting that.
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    13. @pris84 Thank you, those comparisons look really professional! I don't know if we have the sculpt numbers of those two yet so that's something you might want to check for^^

      I can see why people often aren't sure if those two are the same sculpt - they look really similar aside from the nose, at least from the front.
      *sigh* I wish Sophie would have gotten a nose like Angela, but the way her's is now it's just too narrow for my taste .
    14. @silver sycle They do have different sculpt number. I can confirm as they live with me. :sweat I went to Atami and picked them up in person.
    15. @pris84 I think @silver sycle may have been asking if you'd be willing to let us know what their sculpt numbers are, since I believe a few weeks ago someone on the board was collecting numbers for a list or chart they were doing.
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    16. I have ended up with an oldskin boy body and this is going to be a fun project cleaning this up this week. It was modded on the neck so I may have to get creative to make it fit a head again.
    17. The oldskin dolls are amazing.
    18. @Cloudedmind Ah! I see! I totally didn't read it that way. :sweat
    19. Volks USA posted on Facebook that they’re not going to be at Anime Expo anymore. I wonder why. It’s kind of short notice since the convention is less than a month away so I bet a lot of people are upset.
    20. Thanks for the photos @pris84 — I didn't think I needed them in my life, but seeing them up close, without wigs, it's as clear as day that Angela is going on the wishlist of dreams... (I did check out your Instagram for side views!) Thanks again for the photos.