Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. @riversoblood It's probably a staffing thing? Definitely feels like a last-minute decision, especially with the note that they'll be selling some "planned event items" online. AX is notoriously obnoxious for vendors, too, so that might have something to do with it.
      Honestly though if Volks is the only reason someone was planning to go to AX... probably should just save that $$ for a Dolpa. :sweat AX is big and expensive and not very doll friendly, at least the last time I was there.
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    2. Oh, I'm sad. I don't want to pay a scalper. Well I guess I'll just hope that they do her in a few one offs, and that I can miraculously win!

      When they make sdgr girls, do they always include both sets of legs, or sometimes just one or the other? I see an Angela on Yahoo auction, but there's no pictures of the heeled legs.
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    3. @Peachdolly Previously they've always included both, but as of last year they've started only including one or the other. Angela and Sophie only come with the flat-footed legs.
    4. Me oh my, Sophie and Angela are a lot more different than I thought? I guess I also wondered if they might be variations on the same sculpt. Seeing them without the wig makes me really wish I'd put in for Angela, she's such a beauty. Thanks so much for sharing the photos @pris84 !
    5. As for the SDGR girl feet. Does anyone like the heels better or the flat feet better? I wonder how well they can send in heels. It is also a good consideration for me. I have been thinking to get a SDGR girl, but I am not so sure what kind of feet I should go after. The heels definitely looks appealing. Anyone that already own SDGR girls can give some insite? :D thank you so much~!
    6. @at11954 - I actually really like the look of the heeled feet and prefer them to the flat feet myself. If you have the heeled feet, you would need the proper high heeled shoes for them to stand though. It's been difficult to balance the doll properly without shoes.
    7. In heels, SDGr (and SD16) are some of the best rock-solid standers I own. Their legs have no ankle joint, which is less of a chance for wobbling and unbalancing. That said, you do need to be sure that you have shoes that are made for the SD16 foot, as some other companies' heel feet are not on the same arch as these feet, and heels that aren't made to accommodate them will either not fit or not allow easy balancing. Volks shoes obviously work, and I've personally tried Angell Studio shoes and Leekeworld shoes (DD size) with great success.
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    8. Hey all! This is random, but I entered for the denim SD jacket lottery off Volks USA, but... Apparently the items went up for sale click-war style, and the jacket is sold out? Whatever happened to the lottery? :?
    9. Really? I thought it was a lottery too...? Maybe they changed their minds? What with cancelling AX and all, it wouldn't surprise me if they opted to go the easier route for some reason.

    10. I won several lottery items and VolksUSA sent me an email with a link to pay last week on Friday. I think you just lost the lottery, and VolksUSA doesn’t send out losing emails

    11. Ah, I see! I guess the leftover things went up for sale after, then. Thanks!
    12. I went for 4 items, thinking I might get one, but all four have been paid for and shipped. so, it was a lottery, but anyone's guess
      what was popular. apparantly denim jackets. my items are still for sale. I think jackets are particularly in demand. I paid for one in a previous lottery and then was told they didn't have enough to fulfill their orders. They refunded. I was pouty. :blush
    13. Sorry to interrupt with a silly question... :sweat
      Do limited dolls come with a CoA? I got a fullset Mytyl off Mandarake, but she didn't come with a certificate. I thought I read somewhere that that was normal for limiteds, but I'm not sure if my info was out of date...
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    14. @eland, she won’t have a white certificate with a space for an owner’s name like One-Offs and FCS dolls have. She should have a packet of paperwork that includes photos that are glossy and full-bleed, like a magazine. The photos are the same ones from the promotional website. Often the paperwork is still in a plastic bag. (ETA: not the focus of the photos but you can see the paperwork under the head in this old thread)
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    15. @snowgray Thank you! Yes, she did come with a large-format-brochure type of thing, with pictures of how to do her outfit and so on. That's very good to know. Much appreciated :)
    16. Yeah, the last few Dolpa sets they've put up for lottery and then any remaining items have gone up for regular sale. It's their way of managing the click war for that - if they've got more items than applicants, everyone wins. If not, they can distribute appropriately. Either way it's not based on speed or whether their servers can handle it. :sweat
    17. Sorry for all the questions. Has anyone put another companies heeled feet on sd13 girls? I'm not a fan of the small variety of kitten heels that Volks has for their sd and sd13 girls. I'd prefer an sdgr, but they are hard to get, so I thought maybe I'll give up and go for an fcs sd13, but they don't have cute shoe options.
    18. Thank you so much DemonMiko! I definately love the heeled feet, it is just because I do not own any so I am still thinking about it. For sure I will have to get the right shoe, otherwise they probably wont stand well. I think that is the challange to find out what works and what does not. :D thank you so much for the information! it is so nice to have some feedback from people that own heeled feet BJD. Thank you again, DemonMiko!

      Thank you so much InvisibleWings! it is so good to know Angell Studio shoes and Leekeworld shoes (DD size) would work! I was afraid I would not find any other shoes other than VOLKS to work on SDGr heeled feet. If that is the case I would have to get it only from Volks for the shoes. I am so glad I can get information from people already tried. :D thank you so much InvisibleWings!
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    19. I’m not so sure. Last year, I entered the lottery for a pair of shoes and didn’t win. Yet, a few days later I was shocked to see them in stock on the website. I emailed Volks and asked how that could happen and they said “ For the cases of New Clothing releases we accept Lottery entries for the items, and any articles left over due to cancellations etc are then released for general sales.” I don’t see why they didn’t offer the shoes to me. I wonder if something like that happened to @bronzephoenix
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    20. I have recently moved to the UK and these english houses are such a pretty background for my doll pics ; v ;

      by T e s l a, on Flickr

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