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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. @Lera Very pretty! I like how the background is just blurred enough that you can't really tell how small the doll is in comparison, very artsy!
    2. My SDGr girl only came with the heel feet, and as I have enough girls with flat or tabi feet I like being able to put my Jun T. in all those cool SD16 size shoes and DD shoes.
    3. Thank you so much for your option, Lyrajean! I definitely think the heeled feet is a good addition! I was just afriad it would be hard for me to find shoes that maches the arch and size. But I have been getting good recommendation from people that own the heeled feet! So is the SD16 and DD high heel shoes works on SDGr feet as well? :D
    4. Yes they usually fit.
    5. I think the Dolpa 41 After Event messages should have gone out on the 14th right? Did anyone win anything?
    6. @silver sycle I haven't received a notice or heard anything about Little Brother winners. @St. James mentioned on IG they'd won Bluefairy though.

      If not a single person on DoA won Little Brother that's rather sad.
    7. I saw one winner of Frere who couldn't keep him, and yes I did win my chibi version of Kaspar! Not that he looks much like a Johanna, but the cuteness effect is the same as far as I'm concerned. :)
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    8. @Cloudedmind Oh ok, I was starting to think I had the wrong date because no one even mentioned anything about being excited about the lottery announcements or something like it. I guess Frere and the Blue bird were really not the most exciting thing for most. - Which is a shame, I think the blue bird is probably the best YoSD in a very long time (it´s really like a baby-Lieselotte) and Frere makes for an adorable girl if you ask me.

      @St. James Congrats! The blue bird is very very adorable - if I´d go anywhere near YoSDs I would have definitely tried, I never liked one more than him.

      I wonder if we will see more winners soon and it´s just that people didn´t have time to post about it yet. I refuse to believe Frere had that many entries - even in Japan he´s still barely over the original price+tax and prices have been going down recently...
      At least he´s cheaper now than what I paid for him, which still wasn't bad price. (It was still less than I´d have paid if I had tried the US lottery, so I´m happy.:XD:)
    9. I won a Frere! I got the email yesterday afternoon. I couldn't get him from the international site, that was such a frustrating experience :XD:
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    10. I think Frere and Bluebird are both great sculpts but Tokyo Dolpa was so close on the heels of Kyoto Dolpa and Luna and Lieselotte that I think people were tapped out. I bet they're going to turn into hot commodities a couple years down the road.
    11. I'll have to compare him to my Lieselotte when he arrives. I'm so not into Yos that I haven't even been over to the Yo thread to mention him.
    12. FYI re the new SD bag release...which I ordered while paying for Tea Party stuff...

      The bag is good! The shoulder handle is very different, however and does not remove the way the older bags did. You will need to be mindful which way your doll goes in so that you carry it head-up (it may not matter, but if not horizontal, I prefer not to carry my resin peeps upside down...it leads to whining later :D).

      I have a photo that I can post as comparison tomorrow; I would do it now, but I need to get some sleep...early AM flight tomorrow...
    13. @ichigo-pan43 Congrats on the win! Do you have any plans for him?

      @silver sycle As Kim mentioned Luna and Lies probably whipped some people out. Also, I feel like outside of the Tokyo boys and Oath of silver coin boys Volks female sculpts seem to be more popular. Tyltyl wasn't that popular when he came out either.
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    14. Update re the new SD carry bag.

      Here’s the photo at last: on the left is one of the older bags, which I estimate that I purchased approximately 2008 or so, maybe 2009 at the latest. Note the removable shoulder strap that hooks at the ends of the bag. On the right is the new bag I received this week. The straps are attached to the bag by a D-ring at the top of the bag, and directly sewn by the handle about 2/3 of the way down. As a result, the bag actually has a “top” and bottom that makes you have to think about which way you put your doll in, especially to utilize the new end handle so that the bag can be carried vertically.


      I think the only thing I’m not a fan of is the lack of ability to remove the shoulder strap if you don’t want to use it. However, I totally approve of the vertical carry.

      Now, if only they would reissue the hard-shell violin carriers...that’s a grail accessory for me, as I would MUCH prefer to use those for airline travel. I have a feeling I will be trolling eBay to see if I can find a regular violin case and repurposing it....
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    15. This new bag is the same as a previous bag release they did a couple years ago (I have it). It’s a really good bag and overall I prefer it. The non-removable strap is a little annoying but the way it is set up is great for airline travel compared to the old strap setup.
    16. Clearly my more-than-a-few-year hiatus on things made me miss when the strap was premiered :D. But I do agree, the top-carry is pretty awesome, especially since a long term my goal is to have all of the larger dolls stored in bags instead of the boxes.
    17. I found these one useful thank boxes! I have one and I think it is working great! It is also an easier way to carry our beloved angels. Also, I notice a few different carrier do offer different carrier bags. Has anyone ever compare any of those?
    18. I won one of the Petit Freres! I’m excited for Etienne to have his own little brother. I think the Andre and Petit Frere sculpts really complement each other. I’m surprised he’s not more popular as well. He makes a beautiful girl as I’ve seen on some Instagram posts. It seems like a versatile sculpt.
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    19. Yay! Andre, Tyltyl and Petit Frere are all of a type to my eyes. :love
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    20. Congrats to all the winners!! Looking forward to seeing some more cute here! :chibi

      For anyone interested, Sophie and Angela came with the optional piece order forms (Japan only). Wigs were not offered (like Lucia and Mia) but you could order extra hands, heel legs and blushed hands. The deadline is January 2020! I'm sure VolksUSA will give people a chance to order them, so lots of time even for those welcoming through LA Dolpa.
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