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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. That's good to hear on the parts for Sophie. I am hoping to get at least the high heel feet for mine, maybe a different set of hands. WS SDGrG are always a ridiculous mark up on Y!J if they are even available.
    2. Does that mean you got into the Tea Party too? Or did you get your Sophie off Y!J?
    3. @pris84 I think the product page mentioned the form on both the Japanese and the US Dolpa site. I´m betting on that too.
      Are you going to order parts for them? I´m really hoping these order forms will allow you to order more than one of each part because I´m sure most owners will want to get Sophie´s heeled legs at least - while some others hope to get them through others.
      I have her body but it wasn´t sold with the order form.
      Also --- January? For the order form that came with the Atami dolls? Oh man. Why is it so long? All order forms I have seen have been for 3 months after release. My only guess is that this is how long the people who pick the two ladies up at the Tea party will have to order and Volks just said: "well if we make the parts anyway until then, we might as well have all deadlines end there".
    4. @Cloudedmind Thank you! I don't have any specific plans, I think I'll probably leave Frere as-is, he's so cute! :XD: Did anyone enter for him and lose? *o*; I'm hoping that everyone who entered for him was able to win.
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    5. Did anyone who received Luna/Liselotte from Volks USA receive a "birthday ring" with the doll?
      I've been told by my dolly friends in Korea that the Japan and Korea releases included this fancy ring.
      I received my Luna last week and just opened the box today, but I didn't find any ring :/
    6. Unfortunately not. I was hoping Volks USA would release the rings separately at least, since I wanted rings for a bunch of my girls.
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    7. Gahhh! This seems a bit unfair.
      Oh well. Thank you for confirming<3
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    8. @ichigo-pan43 Unfortunately, I entered for him but did not win.
    9. @CMBato I haven't heard and don't know why the releases of those two there would've included them, but they were a promo going on for a while. I suppose they might still be including them as presents in some releases and things. Actually, they might be available at the LA Dolpa this year, now that I think about it.
    10. @pris84 Sadly it was not in the cards this year. An attendee has kindly agreed to get her for me.
    11. @silver sycle I've already ordered parts through Japan. :) Yes, you can order multiple sets. On the Japanese forms there wasn't a limit but I don't know if the USA will hold to those rules. In case you are interested in price .... Hands : H-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 were 4,000 yen + tax each; Heel legs 18,000 yen + tax each; blushed hands H-01 only are 14,000 yen + tax each. There were no options to order additional flat feet/legs and no options to order wigs. Order deadline is Jan. 31, 2020 not the date that people will receive them. Volks is just giving people a long time to order if they need. The parts ordered through Volks Japan before the cut off date, will likely arrive to their owners before Jan 2020. I suspect, the parts through VolksUSA will get ordered as a bulk order and then shipped to VolksUSA as a whole, where they will get sorted and shipped individually. If I had to guess, I suspect VolksUSA customers will receive their parts in March or April 2020.

      @Psycho Sukafu Ah! Well, next time! It was fortunate that your were able to get her though other means at least!
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    12. FYI, Nagoya Dolpa is Sunday August 4, 2019 and Dolpa 42 in Tokyo is Saturday December 14, 2019.
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    13. In case anyone was interested, the SD list of models Volks is advertising as "currently available" either online or at the store (other than the standard models): Theodore, Date II, Hasekura II, SD Byakuren White Snow ver, SD Shiratori White Snow ver, SD13 Yugiri.
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    14. Thank you so much for the information! It is good to check out what is available. But I do wonder how everyone decides which one they would love to bring home! I am pretty sure eveyone do a lot of research and trying to find their perfect doll. Can everyone share their insight? Thank you all for sharing!
    15. A lot of surfing of the various molds on flickr, instagram and similar places. The more you see owner photos and different makeup from the Volks makeups the more you can see the possibility of the mold. At some point the same mold keeps popping out at you and you think WOW love that one, then you look and it's the same old you liked in another photo with totally different makeup. They key is to take your time!!
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    16. OMG those outfit "remixes" that Volks posted on their Japanese FB page today are so cute! Anyone know when the white and black outfits will arrive on the Volks USA site? Were those from the Dolpa that was in May?

      I'm currently trying to think of a French name to suit Le Petit Frere, maybe Lucas (even though there's the Volks Lucas molds), but I was also thinking the name Atticus since I was in Athens, Greece when I received the lottery notification. He seems like such a sweet, sensitive soul. What do you guys think?
    17. Your girl so beautiful, I'm fall in love with her.>~<
      #937 Alisa_sasa, Jun 21, 2019
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    18. @at11954 I agree with TreeLore - what keeps sticking with you? Is there one sculpt that just always looks good to you, no matter the style you see it in? This can be kind of hard for their new releases, obviously, but...

      @TabletopPhantom Those outfits are even more eclectic than usual - I love when they do the mixes like this. :D Do you mean the tunic sets? If so then yes, they were from D41, so they should be available for lottery or sale on Volks USA shortly.
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    19. Definitely going to grab those ribbon blouse sets if I can!

      Anastasia arrived back from her faceup the day after her extra hands and leg parts arrived so she's nearly complete! Needs eyelashes and I have to dig her clothes out of storage, but here's a quick snap for those interested in seeing a non-default Lady Oscar.

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    20. Wow! She looks great @St. James !! It's cool to see something other than the default. Looking forward to seeing more of her! :love

      Just for kicks, here is my Lady Oscar in her default. I can't even brave to change out her eyes! My lady is such a spotlight queen! :chibi

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