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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. We should try to get a photo of them together at the Tea Party!
    2. @St. James Ah! I was going to bring my SD17 Shiro and not Oscar. :( But I'd love to see your lady!
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    3. Hiya!

      Its me again!

      Time to interupt the current coversation and share my exciment!!!

      I finally got my 20th anniversery Luna home and she is absolutely super darn cute!!!

      I decided to give her the name Kori

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    4. @xiluoxia Love the name Kori. Congrats!

      I think we lost the plot in this thread a while ago and we're about to need a new one, so we might as well slap some more photos in here. :XD:

      Anastasia is settling back in. :hug:
      I've discovered that most of her old clothing doesn't fit, as she is no longer as petite as she once was. The SD16 has bigger hips and thighs than you'd think! Love her new proportions, but sad about her new lack of poseability.
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    5. Kori is so adorable and congradulation to have her home! :D
    6. @St. James Anastasia looks fantastic! Really wonderful to see her put together as she is supposed to be, I remember being captivated by her when she was a Miyu (I believe she had a coral necklace in one photo, she was so inspiring to me in the early days of the hobby!), but she looks perfect <3
      The SD16 body is about as poseable as the fashion dolls it seems to have been inspired by unfortunately, not a problem for someone like me who just likes to dress their dolls, but I know it is a real frustration for most others. Hopefully it isn't too annoying! Is the smaller bust size significantly different? I am wondering whether to seriously try to hunt an Oscar body down or just go for a reasonably well matching hybrid with Dollshe or Dollstown for a WS head of mine...
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    7. @flowergirl I was a little spoiled because as a Miyu she was on a Shinydoll body, so literally any other body is an engineering downgrade.
      The small bust makes a big difference to me, though it could have been even flatter and that would have been good for me. I definitely like the more pear-shaped silhouette, and the fact that her shoes finally fit! Going to have to remake her necklaces and rings though.
      I will try to make time for a comparison to the older Johanna body.
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    8. I really love School A sculpt from Volks and I found myself liking similar sculpt from the differnt company as well. I think there is just some magic about that sculpt that I cannot resist. However, I do admire other dolls as well! I am just curious about what is appealing to others and would like to find out. Thank you so much @TabletopPhantom to share your opinion with me. :D
      Thank you so much for sharing with me. I totally agree with you. I am amazed at the whole BJD industry that there are so many molds! A lot of people's creativities and love. I personally really like Williams, Alice, and School A molds. They are just absolutely gorgeous.

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    9. I apologize if this type of question isn't allowed, but I'm scouting around for a couple of FCS only heads on the secondhand market and I was wondering how much they usually go for? I know that FCS heads are more expensive than others, and it also depends on their popularity and discontinuity, and I don't really want to overpay. Can anyone give any insight on an approximate price range? Thanks in advance!
    10. @Chamillia It really really depends on so many factors that it is a bit like asking how long is a bit of string? Older heads go for $100-$200 ish whereas new heads in good condition are more in the $300-$700 range depending on skin tone, face-up artist etc etc. Best bet is to search the sold threads part of the marketplace and see if the ones you are looking for have sold recently and for what price. Do you have a specific mold in mind?

      Also worth checking Mandarake and Dollyteria, plus Yahoo Japan to see what current pricing is like :)
    11. @Chamillia If you have something particular in mind that'll help narrow, but like flowergirl said there's really a huge range. Age is a big factor due to yellowing, even for currently popular sculpts. Stuff that's been discontinued might be harder to find but not more expensive, depending on what they are. Sunlight/tan and white will be more than normal/fair resin, usually. I've seen older, blank, yellow heads go for under $100 and fancy new popular ones go for over $500, so it really depends.
    12. I've been rather out of pocket lately, but I'm trying to catch up on the thread. In the meantime, here is a photo of my Kondo, a sculpt I just don't see around here much. Where are you fellow Kondo owners? I know you have to exist out there somewhere.

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    13. I really want to see a Kondo cosplaying Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
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    14. Oooooh, pretty Kondo. I posted a pic of mine a way back. I might put the Beast outfit - which is so beautifully made, just like the real deal - on my guy when I get a chance.
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    15. Oh no! An Angela! The click war sounds impossible, so I want to try getting her at Sato, but I'd be really sad if I spent $100 traveling there to try and get her, only to fail.
    16. At least you could get a nice meal and river walk out of it? And I bet in-person odds would be better even so.
    17. @flowergirl @ekala Thank you both for your feedback :) I think I have a pretty good price range in my head now. I haven't purchased a doll head in a long while and I forgot that they can really be quite expensive without the body :XD:

      What?? This is great news!! But also really nerve wrecking as I have no idea how bad this click war will be, I've never tried Volks click wars before, but I will now for sure! I'm really very surprised they will make the girls available on the webstore, I was sure they wouldn't do that. Its a nice surprise :D
    18. I feel like Ive been neglecting my OG doll so I wanted to take some photos to rekindle my love for her. A few pages back @purplepaws mentioned about keeping away from new releases and focusing on what they have and it really made a lot of sense to me, its so easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget what I already have, for me at least lol reminded how much I love Megu and appreciate her. Shes a Volks SDgrG Belle

      I had some help from my sister with this photoshoot so it was a bonding experience

      @Peachdolly if anything, it would be worth more because I think I remember that the fullset dolls came with the bear and the outfit sets did not, and also does not come with the wig either. Angela's wig and outfit is amazing though, so I would wait to see them in person before selling, Im keeping my eye out for her wig on the second hand market because it looks so cool!

      @Moria_ash I still encourage you to try for the click war, you never know if you dont try and at least you wont have that nagging thought of missing out on a chance. If you are going for it, I really wish you all the luck to get Angela home

      @MacaronTea he is handsome! The SDGou men need to make a return, I love how your Kondo looks
      I love how the SDGou body looks, more muscular than SD17 but not swole

      @St. James I love your Anastasia! I always wanted to see a darker look for Lady Oscar and you have satisfied my curiousity
      She looks amazing in that H.Naoto set
      I always thought that the SD16 would be as poseable as the SDgrG and SDgrB bodies, so its sad to read that its not.....
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    19. @GreenTeaSlug Wow! I love your Megu! She looks very regal, her face looks glowing in the photo! :D
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