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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXV

Mar 9, 2019

    1. That's such crazy news! I feel like F-16 and the Four Sisters mold are quintessential Volks.
    2. To clarify, based on that pic they'll be discontinued in the Sumika FCS as of the end of September. They'll still be available at Sato/Mado for a while - usually about a year if trends hold true. Still, it does mean it's on the way out. I'm not too surprised to be honest; Theodore is still up on the webstore, after all. Lucai just doesn't quite hold the sway it used to, it's not the popular male aesthetic.
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    3. I'm surprised to see F16 discontinued as well :huh?:
      I can't imagine they'd discontinue for any reason other than unpopularity. Theodore is still in stock at the international store though. So, it does indicate that the Lucai aesthetic is no longer in favor.
    4. I'm surprised that F-16 is slowly disappearing from the FCS line up too! :ablink: I think you are correct, @ekala I think the style and sculpts lately have moved away from the trend of that style of head. Likely the sales weren't there.

      I do love that F-01! I don't think that head will ever vanish. That head out of all the sculpts is the corner stone of the Volks dolls (imo).

      So far I am safe on the July collections and the Dolpa items. I'm glad to see a few more modern clothing being added to the line up. The swimsuits are very cute! I can see the DD owners doing some amazing photography with those.
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    5. Oh wow...really disappointed that the F16 is going...*sad*

      My absolutely favourite sculpt of all time...I have 2 NS and I WS at the moment and no cash...but I always thought a sunlight F16 would join the horde one day...

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    6. I agree with @Nell that the F16 family is no longer as popular as it was. Maybe they are very much loved by older fans but not necessarily by new comers. I joined this hobby like 2 and a half years ago and I feel nothing towards the F16 family (as well as the 4 sisters).
    7. Yes, think you are right @Nell and @Moria_ash a pity, but of course tastes will change. I think that since they were so popular in the past there will be many available second hand over time, good news for anyone who is happy with buying second hand.

      And a quick interruption with a photo of my newest lady, Dishani. An F26 SD16 <3 2019 is my year doll wise!

      [​IMG]Dishani by Flowergirl Fashions, on Flickr
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    8. FYI : VolksUSA online FCS has started. This month's offerings :

      SD girl and boy : 48, 62, 63, 72, 73
      SDGR boys : 17, 40,57, 62, 71

      Ugh! Darn those great choices! :sweat:atremblin:chibi
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    9. Some interesting SDGr choices there, not ones I would have guessed at that is for sure!
    10. Oh lots of good choices this time. I glad to see 62, 63, 73 back.
    11. F-17 in the US FCS. My heart did a jump. Still my all-time faviorte mold. I dont collect the 1/3 dolls anymore, but I hope to see lots of FCS f-17s come october from new happy owners. :D
    12. So, an update to an earlier conversation. Was playing around with my Ernest, and I was actually able to get him to stand in the heels on a hard surface. His hips tended to want to pitch forward, but after some work I got him to stand fairly solidly unaided. But, he only stood pretty much stock straight, and looked pretty stiff. I couldn't get him to stand in a more relaxed pose (think a human standing with one leg slightly bent, hips and shoulders tilted off kilter a bit).
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    13. Oh nice!! I could use another F62 (in WS this time haha!).... and how many times has F72 been offered in the FCS?
    14. I'm safe from dollies for awhile. Although, those boys are mighty tempting. I'm happy to have my F62, and just incase anyone needs a push....(not that anyone really needs the enabling) I found very few pictures of F62 when I ordered my girl. I'm linking her photo because I'm on my phone.

      Volks F62 Suntan

      Can I also say, I really appreciate how easy it is to change hands on the SD13 body!
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    15. Oh no, it's hard to imagine a FCS without F-16. The mold wasn't to my tastes when I first got into the hobby, but like everyone's said, tastes change....unfortunately, my tastes have done the inverse and now I'm going bonkers for all those old Volks sculpts just as they're losing popularity :sweat
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    16. Wow. I'm still in shock that so many things have been discontinued. Still feeling the shock of Kun no longer being available, and very glad our household has her and her Yo equivalent.

      But I'm going to say it.. OMG THOSE BOOTS. As if Oscar's default boots were not sexy enough, they had to put these out too. Volks is gunning hard for my hard earned monies....and I'm all like "BUT DOLPA..."
    17. If someone know about F16, at least they do one more time in September FCS with him?(( so sad about this head...
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    18. F16 discontinued soon? I cannot believe such news. :evil:
    19. I too love the brooches but its sad they won't be offered online :') What an evil way to entice us like this :lol:

      I am also loving the boots for the Dolpa, I think I may get them if they offer them at the after event!
    20. Can someone who can view the FCS webiste kindly tell me if Pearl is being offered this FCS?