Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. Updates regarding the Dolpa outfits with pictures:

      Pink label: Pic 1
      - causal sets with vest, pants, frilly tops and canvas shoulder bag

      Blue Label: Pic 1; Pic 2
      - summer sets with an off-shoulder blouse and either skirt or shorts
      - sun-umbrella
      - straw-hat
      - staw handbag


      no pic of the shoe page but it will be the sandals we see in the Blue Label pages and presumably those boots I linked to earlier

      Best of the Best:

      Designers Collection: Pic 1
      - military uniforms for all sizes get a rerelease

      White Rose Collection: Pic 1; Pic 2 (3rd pic in that post, rest is July outfits)
      - chiffon (night) gowns are back in pink or beige for all sizes (girls)

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      Volks USA

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    2. Hello! I apologize if this has been answered before but I am new to buying anything from Volks and there were some measurements for their dolls that I could not find in our Wiki here (and I am not sure how to navigate Volks' site to find the information there) so I am hoping you all might be able to help me. :sweat What is the hip and shoulder circumferences for the SD17 male body? Also, what is the shoulder and neck circumferences for the SDGr male body? Thank you for your help!:abow:
    3. Hi. I hope it’s alright if I ask a question. Anyone who has an F73. What size eyes look good in her? Thanks for your help.
    4. @Yurikun - My Girl is still in WIP mode, but I prefer 18mm instead of 16mm. That is just my opinion of course. ;)
    5. Hi guys! It’s time for me to ask for some helps. So I realized new FCS in VOLKS USA has released F57 as the option, and I’m starting to grown into that handsome face more I look at him. Anyone had a F57 in house could maybe show me how he looks like outside the official picture? Or if you know any doll owner post their f57 on social media would help too. Thanks!
    6. Go onto Instagram and search "sd_f_57" and there should be photos of customized F57 heads, mainly by the official Volks account.

    7. I just tried it, it says that tag has some stuff that violated community rule and has been hidden:(
    8. Instagram is having technical difficulties today. Try it again later ;)
    9. Ahh that make sense! I’ll wait see if I could have any luck tomorrow then
    10. I just measured my SD17 and his shoulder measurement is around 14" and his hip measurement is around 11 1/4"
    11. Are those measurements all the way around his shoulders and hips or just across the front? Thank you for measuring your doll to answer my questions!
    12. Is FCS from Volks USA just for Americans?

      How can I take part in a FCS if I live in Eu?
    13. Volks USA is only available in North America, as per their FAQ. I imagine you would have to ask someone who lives in the US to place the order for you, and then get them to ship to you once the doll arrives to them.
    14. Just wanted to share some good news on my end. I won an auction on Y!J for an F72 head, and she's currently being shipped to me :D I'm going to be wiping off her faceup and giving her my own, something I haven't done in a long time and I miss it! I think she would go well with my Suigintou too!

      I know that Volks sometimes applies two sets of lashes, so they look thick at the base and then long and tapered from the side profiles, would anyone be able to identify which sets of lashes they used for the long tapered layer? Perhaps someone who owns one of the dolls with double eyelashes applied. Many thanks :)
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    15. All the way around!
    16. i'm thinking of ordering a f-48 boy in sunlight during this FCS period, as he is a grail i've been dreaming of for quite a while.
      however, i prefer 2-part torsos, but the 2-part one comes with muscular arms which i do not like. i've heard rumours that you can sand volks sunlight resin with no discolouration, is this still true? does anyone have any pictures they could show of it? :o

      this'd be my first full volks doll... i have a kun head that shares a body with another doll, and a doll-love head on a SD10 body (DL normal yellow is an excellent resin match, btw, the only problem was having to sand the neck to fit the head hole. :P ) so i'm kind of nervous.... i've almost taken the plunge once before but the arms were really putting me off.... ;;
    17. Thank you! And is that in centimeters or inches? Sorry, I haven't been feeling well so I am not comprehending as quickly or as clearly as I should. Thank you for answering my question!
    18. Those are inches!
    19. Hi! I’m wondering does anyone know the difference between the original version of Tsunenaga Hasekura and Tsunenaga Hasekura II? Is it just his original mold was remade because of multiple usage through time or is he re-sculpted? ;u;
    20. Thank you!!!!! You're the best!:whee: