Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. I do hope that SDGr girl bodies make it into FCS someday. It's my all-time favorite body, very beautiful and well-engineered. I'd be thrilled to welcome an FCS girl in tan! I think the biggest difficulty would be choosing just one...
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    2. Same here though I must say, I equally love the SD16 bodies. Now that they actually offer them through the FCS, I'll be getting more in the future. I love my Pearl and I think my F-62 looks great on the SD16 body. Fingers crossed there's going to be another SD16 FCS this year, and hopefully with new sculpts. I'd love to have a tan F-68 on a SD16 body!
    3. I’m super excited because my Petit Frere is arriving today! :cheer I think I’m sticking with the name Atticus (Atti for short) but I think I’ll make a decision when I see him in person. I’ll post a photo when I have him unboxed. :aheartbea
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    4. Me too!! I am crossing my fingers for SDGr girl body to be added to FCS (one day) because I would love a sunlight SDGr girl! Or 3 .... :sweat I asked Volks quite a while back and I was given the answer that it was too many parts to cast. However, since then, they did start offering the SD16. Maybe they could treat SDGr girl like the SD16 FCS and offering it once a year and customers offering just the one set of legs with the other set being offered as an add on price? That way it would still keep the exclusivity of the SDGr girl for limiteds. Fingers crossed! Here is hoping!! :eusa_pray And after that ... SD17 boy. :chibi:love
    5. Glad to see I’m not the only one who would love to see SDGr girls come to FCS! I know volks does love keeping exclusivity and that’s probably the reason we haven’t seen them yet. But the limited dolls would still be exclusive if they kept some of the head sculpts off the FCS, plus of course you aren’t getting the full limited set with a FCS doll. I was just a bit struck by the oddness of offering SDGr boys but not SDGr girls, and SD16 girls but not SD17 boys . It seems so arbitrary! But I guess that’s Volks for you :sweat Hopefully we see them added to FCS some day!
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    6. SDGr female not being in FCS is kind of why I am holding back. I'd hate to have to look for another body after buying a whole doll.
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    7. SDGr boys are only offered in FCS because they decided to entirely discontinue the SD13 boys, and they've always been significantly more expensive. I don't see them discontinuing the SD13 girl body anytime soon - it's far too popular - and really the SDGr girl body differs more significantly from the SD13 girl body than the SDGr boy body differs from its SD13 form.
      As for offering the SD16 - well, that was always a US/NA thing. Olivia was the first SD16 (and many SD16 releases since have been at US Dolpas) and the SD16 FCS was originally exclusively offered at the LA Sumika while it was still open. Even now that's only limited releases, both online & at Sato, but there hasn't been a wide release, and I wouldn't expect one.
      I could see them offering the SDGr girl body as a limited release as well, but it might be a while if they ever decide to.

      As for the SD17 boys (or the SDGou!) - doubtful. Boys simply aren't popular enough, and I'm fairly certain that both of these have necks that are not super compatible with the normal SD size that they use for SD/SD13/SDGr/SD16, so they wouldn't be able to use the same FCS heads.
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    8. @ekala that does make some sense. They already offer SD13 and SD16 girls for FCS, so maybe they don’t think it’s as important to also have SDGr girls since those are kind of intermediate. It definitely seems like there is enough interest in SDGr girls to warrant them being part of FCS even at a higher cost, but as someone brought up before Volks could be trying to retain the exclusivity of the line.

      And I think you are right about the SD17 boys possibly not having enough interest to warrant FCS. It does seem like the boy dolls are less popular than the girls, especially for the Japanese market.
    9. Axel


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    10. I totally agree on SDGr girls body. They are great and well designed. It would be great if they do release SDGr into FCS. As for the SD17 boys I do think they are extremely popular as well. Michael and Williams are extremely popular. It would be great to own them one day. Maybe I should look into the FCS system and custom a dream doll. Does anyone think there is a specific sculpt they recommend??
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    11. It would be hard for anyone to recommend a sculpt without knowing what you like -- round face or oval face? Slight smile or serious expression? Small nose or larger nose? Rounded chin or pointy chin? And so on and so forth.
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    12. @at11954 Williams is certainly popular - but don't forget he has an SD13 sculpt as well as an SD17 sculpt. Michael (and Michele, if that's who you meant?) are both SD13 sculpts as well. In reality the SD17 only has about half the number of limited releases as the SD13/SDGr boys, and the disparity is even more evident in one-off releases (17-13-Gr). If they could share FCS heads they might release them, but as I said I don't think they can without modification, however slight that may be. They'd have to make a whole separate line of "SD17-F-##" or similar...

      As for current FCS molds... well, there's a ton. :sweat I only have pics up through 61 at the moment - you'd probably have more luck looking around on Insta or Flickr for FCS for now and seeing if anything catches your eye if you're looking for something more recent.

      EDIT: @Ferret-hime By the way, Mai was recently restocked on the international webstore & in Sumika stores - they've been advertising for the last week or so. I'd keep a close eye on Volks USA as they're likely to get some of that latest shipment as well!
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    13. Does anyone know the particular measurements of the SD10 boy body? (This one: Creating Dreams - Volks FCS - SD Boy/Girl FCS - Body)

      I'm trying to make a "Welcome Home" outfit for a boy I have on the way, but I can't seem to hunt down accurate measurements to save my life! :...(
    14. I have the new boy body...any measurements in particular you're looking for?
    15. The measurements I need are:
      Neck circumference
      Chest circumference
      Waist circumference
      Hip circumference
      Wrist circumference
      Thigh circumference (widest point and just above knee)
      Shoulder width
      Top of shoulder to crotch
      Arm length from shoulder to wrist with arm slightly bent

      Thank you so much!
    16. @GammaVector

      Neck circumference 9 cm
      Chest circumference 22 cm
      Waist circumference 20 cm (split torso)
      Hip circumference 24 cm
      Wrist circumference 5 cm
      Thigh circumference (widest point and just above knee) 14.5 cm, 10.5 cm
      Shoulder width 12 cm
      Top of shoulder to crotch 19 cm
      Arm length from shoulder to wrist with arm slightly bent 16 cm (13 cm at 90 degree bend, 17 cm straightened out, wasn't sure exactly how bent you wanted)
      Inseam 25 cm

      You are most welcome!! I can't wait to see what you make!
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    17. Oh, you're a saint! Thanks so much!
    18. I'm the same completely! I keep trying to convince myself I can learn to love the sd13, but that feeling never lasts long. I just keep waiting and waiting. Also, the sd16 is taller and still shaped differently then the pretty and petite sdgr girl body, so I feel it's different enough that having her in the fcs would fill an untapped market. I've also been hoping for the sdgr girl as a special once a year fcs release, because I don't want to pay for two dolls just to have one doll I actually want. Maybe since this is Volk's 20th anniversary, they'll have her for winter fcs at the end of the year? I think I'm being way too hopeful, but I don't want a limited doll after all; I want my own one-of-a-kind doll.
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    19. The SDGr girl body was introduced in 2011, so they're probably never going to add it to the FCS at this point because it is their exclusive LE body. The SD16 girl body gets occasionally offered for VolksUSA online FCS because Volks has always associated that body with the US due to its initial creation in partnership with FDQ for their first NY Dolpa. It's also not very popular with the Japanese collectors so they don't lose much by releasing it in the US only.

      They do release a fair number of LEs with the SDGr girl body. You could always look to see if one of the previous releases really calls to you. Most people customize their Volks LEs and they encourage it as well. My own Tae is from the SDGr release of that sculpt, and I will admit I actually don't like the SDGr girl body, so I actually have her on an SD girl body and to me she's perfect that way. I always recommend looking for a face you love best for anyone looking for a new doll. Bodies can always be obtained second hand pretty easily and Volks resin is the most stable of any company so resin matching is not hard.

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    20. Completely agree, @Kim unless you happen to collect tan girls >< Then SDGr is off the cards. Ah well, SD16 is pretty nice anyway. I love your Sayuri, she is just so full of attitude, where all other Tae/Anais are sweet and serene. In the spirit of sharing pics, here is one of my aforementioned tan ladies, Radharani, trying out some new eyes:

      [​IMG]Rani by Flowergirl Fashions, on Flickr

      Has anyone seen the one-offs for LA dolpa? The Shinku and Lorina are super cute.
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