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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. The SD16 girl body has been offered for limited times in Japan through FCS (just Tenshi no Sato, I think). Also, I've seen more and more SD16 girls being used as models at Japanese Dolpas from the dealer tables and have seen a number of Japanese collectors bring them out. At a previous Tokyo Dolpa, one collector had brought about 10 of them to display (Ami, Johanna, Iris, Olivia, etc ...) It was pretty intense! While they may not be the most popular girl in school, there is still a market for them in Japan.
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    2. Does anyone have a recommendation on where I can purchase mohair wigs that can fit an SD17 head? I wanted to check Tao Bao but didn't know where to start looking!
    3. The SD16 female body is popular as well in Asia -- not only in Western area. Here so many people are waiting for the FCS especially in Japan or Korea. A SD16Gr body in tanskin would be great.
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    4. funny how the grass is greener? I would swap a SD16 FCS for a Japanese FCS if I knew of anyone in Japan who wanted one. Though I do agree SD16 are very nice.
    5. Alphonse, my Ryoya Konoe, wants to say bonjour. I just made him this outfit which I endearing call "the elegant raven man" :lol:

      [​IMG]Untitled by ame_hime__, on Flickr
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    6. Does anyone have experience with hands? The new preorder is for SDGr hands that supposedly fit SD17 and Gou. 17 I might believe, but Gou has very big hands. You'd certainly have to replace both of them just to have them match.
      They usually say Gou and 17 wear the same size clothes. In my experience; sometimes yes, mostly no. unless you're not picky.
      Information would be very welcome.

      wish they had some in shadowskin or whatever it's called now.
      also, some of the hands look childish yet they are supposed to be for big guys????

      :cake: cake?
      #206 petiteballerine, Aug 14, 2019
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    7. 17 can wear them you just have to change the stringing and use the included wrist ball.
      I currently have SD17 hands on my Gr boy and I love the look. 17 hands are a tiny bit bigger but the biggest difference is the maturity/detail. I personally don’t like the “babyfat” smoothness of the 13/Gr boy hands. The biggest issue I can see with using the preorder hands on a 17 boy is the maturity - the hands wouldn’t match the rest of the body as far as that is concerned.

      The gou hands are quite a bit bigger and more mature - I personally think it’ll look comical to give a gou boy 13/Gr boy hands.
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    8. For owners who have MSD and SDM doll, which girl body would you say is best for "big sister" type of roll.
      The age I'm going for is early 20s, so I'm thinking SD13 but would SD16 be too mature for a character in the Victorian time period?
    9. I don’t have an SD13 but I do have an MSD, SD10, and SD16. It’s just my opinion of course, but I think that the SD16 is too tall to look in scale with the MSD (the MSD barely comes up to my SD16’s waist) and that the SD10 looks more in scale. SD13, especially L bust, is a pretty mature body so I could definitely see her representing a girl in her early 20s, even if that wasn’t Volks’ design intention. That being said, I wouldn’t let time period get in your way if you like the SD16. In the Victorian age, women would have been wearing corsets to achieve an exaggerated hour glass figure, but the SD16 has that figure already!
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    10. @petiteballerine All of the hands will fit on a physical level, but they do differ significantly in the look department. You'll probably want to look at the higher numbers rather than the lower ones - technically the lower ones were originally SD13 hands whereas the higher ones are SDGr ones, so the look is a little more mature. Compare 05 to 08 for an example.

      @PinkBear I'd definitely recommend an SD10 or SD13; SD16s look very out of scale with MSDs. There's a good pic here of an MSD next to an SD10 for reference; SD13 girls are really only slightly taller but have a more mature body (see here).
    11. Is anyone else able to reach the Volks USA website? I can't.
    12. Just checked - it's working fine for me.
    13. @Audrina Mystique I am unable to access their main website and my phone gives me a warning that the website may be trying to steal my financial information :sweat However when I directly to the volks USA store, it works fine.
    14. I tried figuring out how often they release sdgr girls by looking through the Dolpa/Doll Party archives and such for releases, and it seems like only once a year, just about. So in a year there'll be another LE sdgr girl, but that's quite a wait and if I end up not liking those too, then it'll be another year's wait. I love many of the fcs heads, but there are few LE sdgr girl sculpts I really like. ミチルMichiru? was pretty cute, but she's pricey second hand as far as I've seen. I just can't stand the idea of paying more than retail. I rather like Saki's head, so maybe I can find her head second hand and find a sdgr girl body released around the same time to match. That might be my best bet.
    15. I just checked on my desktop PC, and got a Privacy Error message, which I've never gotten before, and a warning --

      Your connection is not private
      Attackers might be trying to steal your information from volksusa.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


      I use the Chrome browser, so that may account for it, plus I had some work done on my desktop a couple days ago.

      I got a similar message through Safari on my iPad. Wonder what's up?

      Unfortunately I access the store through the full website, and don't have a direct link to the store portion.
    16. I'm not getting the privacy error on their main site. For reference, I'm using Chrome on Android. I suspect something's gone wrong with a certificate somewhere.

      Anyway, here's the link to the Dolfie webstore.

      It's not giving me any trouble, but neither is the main site. So if that link also registers as compromised, I'm sorry. ^^;
    17. Based on the details I get on Chrome, it looks like their security certificate expired yesterday. The store's technically a separate site and has a separate certificate which is still valid. Not a huge deal honestly, they probably just forgot to renew it.
    18. @GammaVector @Adele @beamlette Thanks a bunch, glad to know it's not just me. And thank you for the link! I also got the message about the certificate, my (firefox) browser keeps saying it's expired.
    19. Here's a height comparison:

      It's quick and dirty so there's no posing, they're literally propped against the chairback, and my phone camera distorted the heads of the girls on the left and right, but here's a SDM boy(long legs) with from left to right an SD10, an SD13, and an SD16 girl. SD10 is flat foot wearing slight heels, SD13 is heel feet but in flat boots with slightly less height than the SD10's, SD16 is barefoot with high heel legs. I'd say either the SD10 or SD13 would work, SD13 being a little more mature and more likely to pass as 20, but SD16 is just too tall unless the MSD is a really young character. '

      Silly doll antics: That isn't Stephanie's(F-59 in the middle) usual wig, and when I was putting the dolls back afterwards I leaned her against the back of my computer chair while putting another doll on the shelf where despite the back being concave she managed to fall on the floor. Face up, of course, joints not even out of whack. Drama queen, she just wanted her proper wig back on. XD
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    20. You're right Adele! The SD16 lends more kindly towards the Victorian silhouette but SD13 looks better proportionally with my SDMs and the age difference.
      However, the SD16 is still on my wishlist just for a different purpose. Thank you for your insight!

      Thank you Ekala :D this was great reference, saving for my notes!

      Oh :O I hope you Stephanie is okay - it's a relief she fell face up to not ruin that gorgeous faceup; also glad nothing was broken!
      This picture is very helpful and a great reference. Saving for my notes! I'm definitely leaning towards the SD10 or SD13 for my girl!
      Thank you!
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