Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. Aichan, my Mia, just got her body (I put her on an SD10 body) and honestly, every time I see her next to her SD13 F73 friend Yuni, even if just in their box, Ai looks so much shorter than Yuni she really does look like a younger sister already^^;;. But SD13 and MSD are decently in proportion with eachother too^^. Don't have a pic of them together or with my MSD girl in the mix since I currently don't have anywhere in the room to pose more than one doll, but here's Aichan wearing Volks' Pink Polkadot Lolita outfit:

      [​IMG]Aichan3 by jefvonk, on Flickr

      I hope the weather clears up soon so I can take better lighted pics:sweat
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    2. Just saw this on Twitter and had to share asap!

      Super Dollfie × Moi-même-Moitié Collaboration


      Limited to 31 units, priced at ¥ 130,000 *_* Sold by online lottery.
      As for the outfit only, sales method is click war :lol:


      This girl is so beyond my usual tastes but I'm very drawn and intrigued :D She's so starkly different than the usual Volks aesthetic that I'm really tempted! Look at that gorgeous wig and faceup! Those gloves!! I am not very familiar with this fashion brand, but it looks really cool :whee:
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    3. Oh holy crap. I am SO done for. I've never entered a lottery before but it looks like Destiny has finally come to collect me.

      Moi-même-Moitié is the gothic lolita clothing brand of - of all things - the lead guitarist from Malice Mizer (a Japanese Visual Kei band circa the turn of the millennium) and later Moi dix Mois (another Visual Kei band, founded by the aforementioned guitarist when Malice Mizer started breaking up).

      And of course I've been a huge, gigantic, shrieking nerd of a fan of Mana (the musician/clothing designer behind Moi-même-Moitié/Malice Mizer/Moi dix Mois) since the late 90's.

      And now Volks does this.

      I am so, so done for.
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    4. 31 dolls...... good luck! ;)
    5. Thanks! Goodness knows I'll be needing it, with odds like that.

      Ack, talk about your "unobtainable grail doll" :XD:
    6. ahh! mana-sama doll! what a cool collaboration. 14 year old me just fell out of their chair !! :D i might try for the one piece, but i wish it came with more of the stuff the doll does! the price is almost reasonable, but it would be way more tempting if there were socks or bloomers involved. :wiggle

      @GammaVector good luck! if mother sd smiles down on you, please post 1000 pictures! such a pretty doll, and in such short supply!
    7. i've been out of the game for a while and my memory is really rusty, will a 10.5inch head fit on an sd17 body?
      someone was asking me and i thought the answer was yes, but now im not so sure xD
    8. @c4tbus Oh, you can be sure I'll post SO MANY PICTURES if Lady Luck sees fit to bless me with this doll. :)
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    9. I love that this collab is happening, like, so much. :D I'll leave the doll & dress for those whose style it fits a bit more, but I'm just thrilled to see something so gothic come out of Volks when it's been so fairytale pastel or mori kei lately. Mana-sama is so iconic too :love

      @captainkyo Neck sizes matter more for actual fit but IIRC SD17 boys are just under 10 inches so... probably? Might be a bit big, honestly.
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    10. 31?! Geez! Such a low number! :?

      Here is the lottery page for people living outside of Japan:
      【#01】Super Dollfie Gr Model:Mana様

      Looks like you can just try for the outfit too!
      【#02】修道女ワンピース【Moi-même-Moitie 20周年】記念デザイン

      I am curious though if we are going to see more collaborations as it says Collaboration #1 with maybe other designers .... :sweat

      Good luck to all trying for her! She is very cool! :thumbup She almost reminds me of Kei? Looking forward to seeing more photos of her.

      Edit : Looks like each doll will have a serial number and ... Mana-sama will welcome Serial #00. :ablink:
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    11. While 15-year-old me would have jumped on this I can happily say I'm not gonna try for them. Also talk about some impossible chances? 31 dolls! Man, I'm good.

      Will say I'm bummed that the outfit doesn't come with the heels. It's ofc clickwar so that's gonna be a hard to nab outfit. I don't think it'll make it to Volks USA either. I want it, but I'll probably just skip it in the end.

      Some serious good luck and fingers crossed to those who try to go for Mana-sama!
    12. So cool that they made a Mana doll but why make it a girl? (rhetorical question) I'd for sure be after the outfit at least if it was SDGr boy sized!
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    13. Well damn, I may end up with a big girl doll eventually after all.
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    14. 31 dolls? Why so few? They had to have known that this would be super popular. The click war could take down the site. :)
    15. What an awesome, and unexpected, collaboration!
      Is Mana-sama a new head sculpt then? I can't believe there will only be 30 of them. :horror:
      I'd love to take a chance at the outfit. It is a shame the shoes and socks are not included.
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    16. Maybe Im trying to be optimistic, but maybe there will be for example 6 Mana dolls with different outfits, maybe 31 of each design? 31 seems like too low of a number, like really scary low for the amount of fans of the clothing brand + Mana + general Volks fans. Its going to be a blood bath :(

      Im going to try for the outfit, I would have been very happy if it came with the shoes and wig, but I must at least give it a try. The outfit is very nice and clean!
    17. Ugh, I'm in love, but will have to pass. Does it say whether Mana is a new sculpt or a re-used one? I also hope Volks does more darker themed dolls in the future. Collabs or otherwise.

      Yes! My Ernest could certainly use a dress like that.
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    18. So far it is just 31 total dolls, all with the same design, of which 30 will be available. Further releases aren't implied anywhere.

      I'd totally stick my Kei in it (he's appeared at meets in BTSSB so why not?!)
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    19. @eleniel My brain must have been battered and double fried these past few days. I saw collaboration #1 (the doll) and thought oh, there might be another collaboration coming soon?? Then I looked at the link again just now and saw they actually released the collaboration #2(which I didnt notice was titled as collaboration #2) which is an outfit...so no more dolls

      Its a prestige to own one, but theres a sinking feeling seeing that limited edition number :eek: I wish you luck on the lottery:eusa_pray
    20. We can always hope for a collaboration #3 and #4 right? I just won't be holding my breath on one happening in the next decade.