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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. No they specifically talk about how long it can take to get a refund if you lose - they actually do charge your card upfront.
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    2. Were people still having a problem with where to put the US zip code when placing an order? How is that resolved? I think I might try my luck for Mana and don't want any problem. Seeing more pictures today I really quite love the sculpt and, well, it's Mana and MmM... :XD: I don't think I've placed an order with the international web store since the system update.

      Edit: Also, I emailed Volks asking if Mana-sama is a new head sculpt and they confirmed it is a new sculpt! :)
      #262 Nell, Aug 20, 2019
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    3. Hahaha see, I'm a total noob too when it comes to these. I just recall reading somewhere a number of years ago that you'd have a certain amount of time to pay if you won, thus implying that you didn't have to pay upfront. But then again, this was a long time ago!

      And that right there is enough to dissuade me - no time to try and scrape together enough cash between when you enter and when the winner is announced (and given the odds, no thrill of entering despite knowing you'll probably lose LOL).
    4. Volks has done it all: charge up front, hold money, allow payment during a few days, use dealers. It seems to vary with different releases. The only thing that doesn't change is the stream of gorgeous dolls & outfits. Sometimes I hate them. I never even knew what YJ was until I lost a doll at Volks.
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    5. Oops :nowords: Thanks for clarifying!
    6. I'm not surprised they're charging up front for this in particular; they really only want serious buyers, and with an event attached there's probably a very specific timeframe as well, no time to re-do lotteries. This way it's one drawing and done.
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    7. 31 dolls.

      This is giving me some serious flashbacks, but my hope falls on the chance that people who really want this deliciously dark creature will get her. She is indeed lovely and a very different path to take style wise. I love it and hope there are more!
    8. Didn't it take some people nearly a month to receive their refunds the last time Volks had you pay upfront for this sort of lottery? I wouldn't mind the pay upfront method if they actually refunded it in a timely manner.
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    9. I don't remember exactly but it was at least a few weeks beyond the lottery result announcement so it could've been a month or so.
    10. Volks just put up a SDgr Mana-sama for lottery on their japanese site :D I'm not interested in purchasing her but she looks gorgeous, such a shame that the dress won't fit a SD16 girl!
    11. Thanks everyone for the insight earlier this month on the proper companion for my SDM dolls! I've decided to hold off on that for a bit as a doll I've been longing to get for a while popped up.
      A Kun! She's a DearSD Kun on a SD10 Saki body. She doesn't have a name yet or eyes, wig so I will get to know her when she comes and write her story.

      I used to own a Kun over a decade ago and remember her eyes were quite large. I'm thinking 20mm and maybe 18mm.

      Her head size, I think I remember it being 9/10 but would that be too big or an 8/9 too small?

      Does anyone have examples of their Kuns in either 20mm and 18mm (glass preferred, but any medium of eyes would be cool to see).?
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    12. The description of the dress statest the following sizes:
      【SDGr Dress Set】
      SDGr, DDS (SS/S/M/L), DDSB, DD (SS/S/M/L), DDB​
      Should be safe to assume that it will fit DD and similarly-sized dolls just fine.
    13. Hi everyone. Long-time Volks fan and lurker on this thread. I recently picked up this beauty ( F34 on possibly 2008 body) in the Marketplace. She has not yet rejected the name Diana. :)

      #273 tenukihandcrafts, Aug 26, 2019
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    14. Kun's default eyes out of the box were 20MM, which probably is why they were so big. She does indeed have a slightly larger noodle than some, but I think she still fits in 8-9 wigs if they are on the stretchy side.

      Here's our Kun, Chiara, with what I do believe are 18MM eyes. They are not glass, as I unfortunately don't own any glass 18MMs. Her 20MM defualts definitely fill things in more.

      The wig she's wearing is a Monique brand of some sort, and I am pretty certain it's in the 8-9 category. I can do a sanity check if needed. The hat she is wearing was one of the Anu Dollshe hats, which just BARELY fits her. This is why I recommend that 8/9 would fit, but needs to be somewhat flexible.

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    15. Thank you @SaiBySai ! This example is very helpful and the information too. I purchased for my Kun 18mm glass eyes and 9/10 wigs, but I plan on trying different ones as I get to know her character. I will keep in mind about Monique. Thank you!
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    16. Monique also in my experience tends to be on the larger size - I've had Monique 8/9 comfortably fit dolls that take 9/10 in other companies. They stretch pretty well.
    17. Who here is going to enter in the Mana lottery in a few days? :D
    18. I think I'm going to leave the actual Mana doll to bigger fans, but I'm crossing my fingers for the outfit.

      Good luck!

    19. I’ve been counting down the days until I can enter!! Ugh, good luck everyone. This is a dream doll for sure!
    20. Wow, this click war is a nightmare... Been getting straight errors for half an hour on Volks Int.