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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. @bronzephoenix : what a beautiful Volks family you have, I especially like your Anais with her gentle expression and that beautiful dark hair:D.

      I only have two Volks at the moment, but I adore them to bits and I finally managed to do a proper photoshoot with the two of them this afternoon:whee:. Here's Yuni, my F-73, and Aihime, my Mia:

      [​IMG]pink ladies 1 by jefvonk, on Flickr
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    2. I'm hopeful that Disney realizes that the Frozen properties are more popular with children than with adult collectors... but we'll see. Usually any new Disney Princess merch launches with Snow White as the test princess, and white skin is very popular in Japan. So my fingers are crossed for a Snow White release!
      And if it's Frozen I'll go spend my money somewhere else because I HATE THAT MOVIE OH MY GOSH.
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    3. I had a little chortle :XD:

      I had heard that Frozen was quite popular in Japan, so that was part of my theory. What is Snow White’s popularity like there? I’ll be honest, I’m not really on the up about the specifics. After all, we have to keep in mind that even though they have a US branch, Volks’ priority market is Japan.

      Oh gosh, they could be making a Mickey/Minnie pair! Haha!
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    4. They're so goregous!! I love how distinct their personalities show through the portrait too.

      On the princess release note, my knee-jerk guess would also be for a Snow White as well, given how well the princess's details mesh with Volks's creative direction to begin with [delicate features, small mouth, white resin, room for detail in the costume, etc]. It will be exciting to see either way!
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    5. I'm with the Snow White camp as well, she would probably be an instant-buy. I could see Volks eventually doing all the 'princesses' however, all of them are very popular.
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    6. Do you have a picture?? I'd love to see her!
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    7. @Shadeling Sanguine - Congratulations! I kept seeing her on mandarake but was surprised no one bought her for a while, she's got so much personality. Please share pictures when she arrives!! (also omg another medievalist on DoA! yay!)

      For the Disney collab.....it's probably a long shot given the popularity of recent films like Frozen and Tangled, but part of me is really hoping for Aurora :( A fullset with two dresses in pink and blue....maybe an additional sleeping head?
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    8. Ooh ooh SD-F-90! Want!
      SD-F-91 is a swd Chiyo (3rd pic)
      There's a new boy I think? Haru (4th pic)
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    9. @eland Shes amazing!!!!!

      I went through the stream and theres article of a white Mai released as a standard, along Haru and Noa?! I dont understand, but I just saw the words standard and white, along with those three lol

      @ame_hime Beautiful, I love how you styled Roxana's warm tone makeup and hair with the cool tones of the outfit
      She looks amazing but I really love the white outfit and the sheer fabric, it looks very romantic on her

      @snowgray I have a lot of children relatives and I dread hearing that let it go song.....
      I put in the James and giant peach movie? No. Aladdin? No. Spirited Away? No. Frozen or Tangled only.
      that movie is constantly on repeat, and the only way I can keep them quiet while driving so I can better concentrate is that sdjnjkdfn song XD

      Speaking of, I would love for one day to have a Studio Ghibli collaboration now that Disney is a go. I want something like a Spirited Away's No Face SDgrG or a cute SD Origin girl lol. I dont think thats a possibility of that character in particular so I might do something like that for myself lol
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    10. And finally found SD-F-89
      September outfits are also up on Volks International.

      @GreenTeaSlug yes, I saw that too. Something about a limited release of Mai as a standard in white skin. I'll see if I can find the pic again. Edit: 3rd pic says something about 21st to 30th September, which seems like quite a short window.

      @snowgray I wanted to be able to like your post a second time for the spoiler. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who found that movie insufferable.

      Returning to Disney speculation, someone pointed out on twitter that it could be Aurora, as the movie came out in 1959.
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    11. @eland you have quite the talent to find all this stuff! :love

      Haru looks a lot like the F57, and its about time theres a standard male made available, hes very nice looking

      The September collection looks cute
      That bat black vest is definitely something I will try to get, and I really like the puffy yellow skirt
      I love blue and brown together, so 100 % on board for this steampunk collection - I hope ill be able to get the SD dress with the hat & wings :eusa_pray

      Ive been discussing a white Mai as a grail with @snowgray so many times on IG XD
      Ive always loved Mai in that skintone but honestly september has drained my wallet from the many amazing releases

      I love Aurora's pointy features.......... Im wishing that if it is indeed her, that we have her in SWD version (maybe the OE in pink and the SWD in blue XD). Saw the SWD Tae one off on the official instagram and she's probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing faces Ive seen by Volks so Im starting to really like the sleepy eyes on these dolls

      Theres also some pictures on Una on a twitter youve posted, no clue about the translations but Im guessing maybe a rerelease of Una?
      タツヤ on Twitter

      The kimono's on the YoSD's have really nice patterns, and it looks like theres a wedding kimono too - Im so eager to see more scans as they come out!
    12. @GreenTeaSlug That's very kind, but it's not talent. I've been sick and bored today. There are others here far more talented at finding these things. I've just been searching ボークスニュース and clicking on the twitter of anyone who mentioned it. I do not recommend this method. Like I said, sick and bored.

      Is Mai not available in full choice?? Oof... the doll gods can be cruel sometimes...

      Yeah, I didn't understand the deal with Una, or all the chatter about SD-F-62. I leave that to those with the real talent! t

      There's a lot in the outfits that seems cute, but nothing that I want badly enough to go through the click-war again.

      Edit: I'd love to see Aurora. I would prefer her dress to be blue, I've always hated the decision by Disney to market her in pink. But there's no changing Disney's mind, and I'd still love to see how Volks interpret her.
      Editedit: fever dream: lady oscar sculpt as Aurora
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    13. Aaaah, F-91 looks so intriguing! I love sleeping eyes.

      And I thought about the same thing, that boy looks a lot like F-57 on the first sight.
    14. The Sumika Fair page is up!
      The white Mai, white Noa, and SDGr B Haru are a bit confusing. They're marked as "standards" but... They'll start selling between 9/21 and 9/30 depending on location (with a note that Fukuoka won't have them until 11/3) and they'll be taking orders once they're sold out. But also they're only available at the Sumika, not Mado/Sato/online? Maybe they're only available 9/21-9/30 except for Fukuoka which isn't open right now? I'm... not really sure, honestly. *_*

      For FCS, Sumika are getting in SDM 45/47 and SD 62/71 and losing SDM 04/28 and SD 16/37.
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug Thank you! I think white is definitely her color :wiggle

      The Disney dolls are great news for me, especially since I am on a girl rampage. Snow White is my favorite princess but I don't purchase white skin dolls, so I hope I am not put in a predicament if they end up making a Snow White. I am also crossing my fingers for Ariel, this one-off actually reminds me of her! スーパードルフィー on Instagram: “天使の窓【8月1日(木)SDワンオフモデルお披露目】 お申込み期間: 2019年8月1日(木)~8月18日(日)※抽選方式での販売となります。 天使の窓 原宿・表参道 関東最大のスーパードルフィー専門店 JR原宿駅より徒歩3分 電話:(+81)03-3401-3113…”
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    16. Oh, F90 is beautiful, she looks like she might be a contender for my future gothic lolita girl, but F62 is still at the top of the list. If that chatter about F62 is about the mold being made available for FCS again (aka more of her/him out there), then yes please. I know I can't participate in any FCS from here, but more releases would hopefully mean more chance that one pops up on Yahoo Japan, I've had an F62 sniped from under me at the last minute in a bid war twice now, getting a bit tired of that:|

      EDIT: typed this while @ekala posted :P.
    17. Aww, I like Frozen. :< I think I'm the only one who does. ^_^;

      I'd guess a more classic princess like Snow or Cinderella or Aurora first though(make it BLUE). Exciting no matter what!

      I'm a little surprised to see that F-16 is leaving Sumika FCS since that's usually the first step to being discontinued entirely... I guess he's fallen out of favor nowadays but he was so popular for so long he's like... The first sculpt that pops into my mind when I think of FCS. XD

      I am soooooo sore from LA Dolpa still lol. My arms haven't forgiven me for how heavy the SDGou body is to cart around. XD

      LA Dolpa was wonderful but my favorite thing that I'm most excited about is what I left behind there... Ephram's head is taking a trip back to Japan to get a new faceup! :D :D :D I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see him again but they said it would take about three months so I have to rofl. XD OMG I'm so happy. I love his current one so much but it's not in good condition anymore but now he'll have a nice fresh one.

      So. Happy. *scream*
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    18. I do!! This is the one from her listing:


      I'm so excited to bring her home!! I just got her shipping notice!! AHHH!!
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