Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. Oh! She's so lovely! Congratulations on bringing her home!
    2. lol @Ian-KunX I LOVE Frozen, so you are not alone! It'll never happen but hit me with a SDGr Hans boy.

      Though my fave Disney Princess will always be Aurora, though I don't see her particularly translating well into Volk's aesthetic since she's so defined, pointy, and honestly more mature looking than the other princesses. She'd need to be like Lady Oscar. And I hate Disney marketing her in the pink dress when clearly the blue dress was far superior.

      SD-90 looks like it has a lot of potential in those photos and has the sort of mean look I enjoy a lot in dolls.

      I am now the happy owner of an F78 head and it is super cute in person, so now I am debating faceup artists.
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    3. Finally made it back home after being out of the country (and most of the internet) for two months - and to come back to so many great news. I couldn´t be happier *or more frightened*

      At first I was unsure whether Volks were just announcing a new auction doll but then I thought it would be weird to tease a one-off doll months in advance. A limited edition Disney doll is surely exciting!
      I agree with everyone who spoke about Frozen - it´s just everywhere in Japan. I feel like it could be a very likely choice just considering how ridiculously popular it is ... whenever I´m on Japanese sites I seem to spot new Frozen-merch and I still remember some companies who would ONLY make anime figurines, suddenly announcing Frozen action figures - I have no doubt Elsa and Anna would sell like hotcakes.
      Just ... I don´t know how to articulate it but I can´t imagine Elsa as a SDGr. Her most iconic gown is very form-fitting and modern, for me it doesn´t seem to fit with the usual Volks-aesthetic. That said, both sisters have very beautiful Nordic-inspired dresses throughout the franchise so I would be excited about that (not so much the dolls) if Volks decides to go with Frozen.

      I didn´t even consider Frozen at first. My mind went to Snow White or Aurora since they seem to both not have been auction dolls AND fit with the taste of the Japanese market (cute/elegant, pale skin). If I could have a choice I would much rather see them realized as dolls than any newer princesses - although I still wonder whether any of the "auction" princesses are ruled out.
      I loved every official Disney doll Volks made so far so I´m pretty confident I will like whatever they decide to make.

      Something that throws me off a bit: If we assume 1-2 Disney princess-movie characters will be the stars of the December Dolpa - does that mean no more rereleases this year? (unless, of course, the Disney collaboration will be at another date, but I find that less likely.) I was somehow under the impression that Volks would rerelease 1 or 2 more of the highly requested dolls to end the year of rereleases - especially since the Autumn Dolpa had neither a rerelease nor a resin doll.
      Don´t get me wrong I´m super excited for the Disney doll(s), both because I´m sure it will be beautiful and because I´m happy to see Volks getting such awesome collabs - but I´m also starting to lose hope of seeing any Rozen Maiden girl this winter ...well you can´t have everything I guess...
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    4. @silver sycle The accouncement was very exciting but also very obscure. Since Souseiseki/Suiseiseki have big eyes and Elsa/Anna have big eyes too, then maybe we can see a release of the sculpt as the two Disney sisters? I can definitely see the sculpt reenvisioned as Anna.
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    5. Oh no....WS Noa and Mai? They were on my wishlist anyway, and if they're going to be standard models...I'm doomed :(

      Also it's so nice to see a standard SDGr boy. Haru is really handsome, definitely a strong resemblance to F-57 (who is, coincidentally, also on my wishlist :sweat) All this Volks news is very exciting, what a wonderful time to be getting back into the hobby.
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    6. The announcement sounded more like they were going to be original characters, like Disney Japans villain assistants.

      It wouldn’t make sense to do actual princesses since that takes out Belle, Aurora, and Ariel. It would be awful to their auction owners to release them as limiteds, even if different sculpts are used...
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    7. After some thought I think the Princess I'd like to see the most is Tiana. While Belle is my favorite she has already been featured as a auction doll, and I feel like they wouldn't do her again. I really like Tiana tho, and I think it'd be cute if they gave her a small resin frog.

      Otherwise I'd be up for anything. I've never really been into Disney princesses other then a few of the movies. This allows a lot of very glamorous girls and outfits that I'd happily add to my collection.

      I wonder if they'd put them all on SD16G or SDGrG?
    8. I hadn’t thought of this, this is a very cool idea.
    9. Does anyone know which boys shoes are good for SD16 flat feet? I got the tailcoat tux for Oscar, but she needs some dress shoes.
    10. Sd16 girl flat feet are essentially identical to SD10 feet in size ( ever so slightly more elegantly sculpted). I can take a comparison photo if you like @BeyondTime ?
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    11. I hadn't thought about it, but Twisted Wonderland is (finally) supposed to release this winter. The villain-related OC idea has been really popular in the Tokyo parks too. I wouldn't really expect that though, since the Disney Princess label is already attached.

      I'll also say that I don't think their auction releases will "disqualify" anyone... charity auctions will always have more work put into them than limited releases, and I wouldn't consider it "unfair" in any way to have a limited release of a previously auctioned character. They've certainly done the other way around before (ex. Reisner's limited vs a later charity auction).

      Most of what I'm positive is popular in Japan are non-human characters - Marie, Stitch, the Monsters Inc characters, etc. I wouldn't be surprised by Elsa/Anna, what with Frozen 2 coming up, but it really could be anything. I'm mostly wondering if this is indicative of a more solid relationship wherein we could possibly get a whole line of limited Disney-Volks dolls... they have been doing D23 auction dolls since at least 2013, so it's not like they don't already have a long-standing relationship.
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    12. Like everyone else, I’m super interested in the Disney princess collaboration! I wonder when we will get more information on these very intriguing dolls. Winter 2019 seems like an aggressive timeline considering there hasn’t been an announcement on which princess will be released first or what body time she will be on. Maybe they will do different bodies depending on the princess? SDGr seems like the most obvious choice and matches the modern Disney princess aesthetic well but the bombshell look of the SD16 matches Cinderella and Aurora better. We shall see!
    13. Oooooo, I like the way you think! Lady Oscar would make a superb Princess Aurora :D
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    14. According to Micki the D23 auctions dolls were done in collaboration with Disney Japan, who had approached them. However, the Disney Princess doll/s they'll be doing now are with Disney "proper" who they approached. So slightly different relationships here. They've been working on this for the last two years now.

      I personally hope they're completely new sculpts, and not just re-purposed ones.
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    15. @Cloudedmind i agree! it would make sense that they would be totally new sculpts since they will be new limited dolls instead of one offs.

      and the way micki phrased it seemed like princesses that were already made into one offs for the d23 auctions are fair game, since the limited girls (i’m assuming female dolls since disney princess was specified) would probably have way less elaborate outfits/accessories/blushing.

      also a winter 2019 release doesn’t seem super unreasonable, especially since mana was just announced with less than 1 month until the lottery opening.

      very excited for more info about these dolls!
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    16. I admit I'm curious what they'll release in this new Princess setup, but I'm largely uninterested in girl dolls so I'm most likely safe.
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    17. That would be nice, thank you

      Do they make boys shoes in SD10 size?
    18. Yes. You can also check Leekeworld - I haven't bought shoes from them in awhile but they did have male and female style shoes in the SD10 size last time I shopped there.
    19. @Daniel Falls That´s an interesting idea. Although I think I would prefer if they returned as the original characters. That said, I´m already excited how Volks will sculpt a Disney princess - now that, for the first time, they don´t have to re-use an old sculpt. They did a terrific job with capturing Oscar´s beauty earlier this year so now I really want to see what they can do with the Disney art style.

      @ekala I completely agree. Just the outfits of the charity dolls alone tend to be specifically commissioned with popular Japanese doll-dress makers AND quite a few of them are the only version of that sculpt in another skintone. I really love what they did for the auction-princesses but I know they would never put that much work into a "regular" limited edition. A full line would be a dream come true for me - not even because I´d probably really like the dolls but as a fan of Volks. The one-off Disney dolls were so stunning - if the limited editions are even just half of that they will be amazing. :XD:

      I agree with everyone who mentioned SDGr - I feel like it would be the perfect fit for all of the princesses. Yes, maybe some of the more "realistic" ones could be better as an SD16 but I´m not sure if Volks would do that considering how popular the SDGr body is. (at least I am under the impression a doll would sell better as an SDGr - of course, there are exceptions, like Oscar)

      @Cloudedmind It said this project has been in the works for two years? Oh, now I´m even more excited. But both Disney and Volks are known for a very high level of polish so it makes sense that they would require a long time to make sure their work is true to both companies´ vision.
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    20. I would bet money that SDGrB Haru is an f-57. Putting his photos next to my tan one, if there are any differences in sculpt they’re very very small. I love the styling of Haru though so I might try for him! Have they ever made a FCS sculpt into a standard before? I’m so used to it being the other way around.

      I also got the impression the Disney collaboration may be original characters; but I’m very excited to what ends up nonetheless! I hope it also leads to Disney Princes...