Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. @KeiCai_Ayan They have made FCS into standards before, but I think just on the MSD side (Yuuto & Mire). There's nothing so far indicating that Haru is in fact F-57 but that doesn't mean he isn't!
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    2. @KeiCai_Ayan I think you're right, the more I look at it and compare the more it looks the same. XD If it's not the same sculpt, it's definitely in the same family.
    3. Thank you. I also just noticed that Volks posts on their website that SDGr & SD16 flat feet fit SD sized shoes.

    4. Here’s one of the side by sides I did, just using existing photos I had:


      Paint does wonders on this sculpt, so I think they’ve overpainted the top lip slightly and softened up the inside corner of his eyes.

      It’s curious; I wonder if 57 has just been so popular they’ve decided to make him more accessible? I welcome it; it’s my favourite Volks sculpt!

      @ekala That’s good to know! I’m not as familiar with the MSD FCS so I didn’t realize Yuuto and Mire’s FCS predated their standards. To me if Haru isn’t a 57, I’d bet on him being an almost-twin. He’s for sure got the same sculptor as 57 and Amethyst, that nose is Lucai Family level of similar!
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    5. On the Sumika page that @ekala linked to before (shortcut) they say something about him being a boy who received a great response in the 20th Anniversary, and that link goes to the book.
      I just checked my book and SD-F-57 does in fact have a fashion feature in there. You guys are probably on to something.
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    6. Nico is an SD size version of mini f-29
    7. I know that face anywhere! I guess it's fair to say I can't be sure, but I might eat my shoes if that's not an f-57. I hope it is, I adore mine, and hope more folks jump on the chance to bring one home ^ ^
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    8. Quick question about buying the September Outfit collection:

      The last time I bought sets directly from Volks was quite a while ago and I haven´t tried to order more than two things at once.
      However, I have been waiting for a rerelease of the Ash-Rose sets so I might want to try to get quite a few things - but I also remember the last click war I participated in where I couldn´t even manage to get one doll...
      Was anyone here (recently) able to buy more than one (or better several) clothing items/shoes during a click war?
      I assume the items will only be reserved for you once you finished the checkout process, which means they can sell out while they are in your cart?
      Is it possible to buy multiples of one item or can you only add one of each to your shopping cart?

      I mainly want to know if it´s realistic for me to end up with, let´s say 5 or more different items - or if I should only try for the 1-2 most important things because attempting to buy more would likely result in everything being sold out before I can complete the checkout process.

      *also small disclaimer: if anyone likes the ash-rose sets, particularly SD10 size - try to get it directly from Volks, this set is not fun to piece together second-hand (some parts are hard to find while others are very pricy) *
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    9. @silver sycle The last click war was terrible. I'm not going to say exactly how many hours I spent trying to get through the checkout, but suffice to say that the only item I succeeded in buying was one no-one else wanted (still available now).
      In answer to your question, items are not reserved in your cart.
      Some people also experienced issues with the final checkout step, and it seems like certain credit cards and even PayPal balance weren't being accepted.
      I told myself I wouldn't do it again but now of course they've gone and released the exact style of wig I've been hunting for for my F62 so I'll be borrowing a family member's card again and queuing up an audiobook :...(
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    10. @silver sycle

      I have bought multiple items during a clickwar, yes. When dolls are up it is always way worse imo. Like the last one we had was horrible cause we had dolls, clothes, and the limited Mana dress as well. Just asking for trouble. Usually I don't find them terrible, just slows down the site. I don't know what the chances are for you to get everything you want, because I have never really wanted more than three items at a time during clickwars.
      And yeah, you only claim them if you finish the order process.
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    11. @eland and @Gunter von Christ Thank you so much for the quick response. I wasn´t on the forum during the last big click war but that definitely sounds terrible! I still remember when I tried to get Frere and got kicked out by Paypal 3 times until he was sold out :shudder - but I think you are right, the dolls are probably responsible for a large amount of the traffic. I mean it only makes sense: the possibility of earning quite a bit of money without waiting in line or having to enter lotteries - click wars are the scalpers´ dream. This time there aren´t any dolls releasing at the same time so I hope I will be fine.
      Again thank you so much. I guess I will focus on the most important parts and maybe have a friend with a credit card be logged in too in case Paypal has issues with my refreshing like last time. This set has been one of my favorite releases of the past years - but it seems many Japanese customers think the same. The clothes-sets are relatively easy to find but very pricy - while the small parts are a pain to track down and the shoes are even more elusive. I managed to track down quite a few things but I´m at least 4 items short of having 2 full-sets. Let´s hope for the best, I wish everyone luck who wants to get something!:XD:

      Talking about clothing, I think not all the items from Volks News are part of the September collection?! At least I remember seeing pictures of other sets that aren't on the website - I wonder when those will be released (I mean December Dolpa would announce its outfits at another Volks News issue together with the LE dolls.)

      Let me try to dig up what I remember in case anyone hasn´t seen them:
      - grey sailor coat (?) sets with socks and maybe pants: Pic1 (first pic)
      - long lace blouse set (blouse, pants, socks): Pic1 (last picture bottom right)
      - wedding dresses, mostly for DD but there are veils and gloves that fit SD: Pic1, Pic2
      - children kimono for Yo-SD: Pic1
      - Japanese-style wedding Kimono: Pic1 (second picture)
      - modern blouse with ribbon, leather (?) pants and black hats, all sold individually: Pic1; Pic2 (3rd picture)
      - gym/sports wear for (SD16?) girls: Pics (3rd post from the top) - I don´t remember seeing Volks-made sneakers before so I guess those will be sold as well.
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    12. @silver sycle I think those other clothes (great list by the way!) could be part of the October collection mentioned here
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    13. Oh my god this is the WORST. It's why I outright refuse to buy anything pleather over a certain price point because it will disintegrate. I found a dress at Dolpa LA that was super cute from afar and I was absolutely going to buy it until I got up close and saw that it was about 70% pleather :eek:. It looks so nice but only for a few years. I've had some pieces hold up quite well but others that didn't even make it to 2 years. What I wouldn't give for someone to invent a pleather that doesn't deteriorate as much.
      /I have strong feelings about fabrics rant

      To make this post less about being angry about fabric choices, I wanted to add that I had an amazing time at Dolpa LA! I'm having serious withdrawals and can't wait to hit up the one in Tokyo in December. I was worried the event would be stuffy but the Volks staff and the Shigetas were extremely kind and it felt like being at home. I think Mr. Shigeta actually adopted us all at some point, did anyone notice that he kept using "kaeru" when talking about us visiting Sato?
      I was extremely lucky and brought home the Andre to be with my Oscar! :D
      He's so extremely cute and I can't stop thinking about his worried little face.
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    14. @Astro Welcome to the Andre club! You did such a good job styling his wig. My Andre's wig is always a hot mess and never seems to listen to me. :sigh
    15. @eland Good catch! That would make sense.

      So since I´m back in the country I decided to take care of some orders today which had arrived while I was gone - only to get a not so nice surprise...
      I know quite a few people here have welcomed Angela or Sophie recently (or are having them shipped home from the LA Dolpa at this point in time) - please be cautious with the red box those two come in!
      I acquired a Sophie body a couple of weeks ago and unboxed it today. It was probably sliding around more since there weren´t any other parts of the fullset in the box but the body managed to slide down to the bottom of its box during shipping. Knees, toes, thighs and even an elbow had red marks from where they touched the box - I was able to get rid of about 90% with some rubbing alcohol but it gave me a good scare. I think there is still some staining on the knee so I guess I will have to get a magic eraser for that?

      I took a pic of one of the stains before I removed it but I think the q-tips show how much red color already managed to transfer to the resin in the 2-3 weeks it was touching the cardboard.

      So I just wanted to give a warning: In case you are storing a doll in that box right now, make sure it is not touching any of the sides of the box as its red dye seems to easily stain/transfer to the resin. (I don´t know if the box could stain other objects close to it but I guess it´s best to be cautious about that too)
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    16. @Astro your Andre is extremely gorgeous! I really like both Oscar and Andre scuplts a lot.

      I came with a question... I know it was probably discussed before thousands of times but I want to be sure. Is Ernest white resin the same as white resin from FCS? Or is it different? What about Kaelin too? I'm always getting confused by this!
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    17. @TabletopPhantom Thank you! It's all just depth of field >w< His hair is really fluffy and messy! My friend kind of sold me on the tenshi no toothhairbrush since it really helped smooth out his bangs when I initially styled his hair! They were sold out at Dolpa though so I guess I get to wait a bit OTZ

      I always thought Andre was cute and looked like he belonged in a family of sculpts next to Oscar, and now that I have them both they really do look alike and Andre looks SO much better in person! If Oscar is glamorous and handsome, Andre is her cuter, softer companion.

      Edit: Here's another picture of him in casual clothes.
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    18. Many moons ago there used to be a difference between limited white and FCS white, but they've used the same resin for all white dolls for a number of years now. :)
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    19. Thank you a lot!! That's a relief!
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    20. A question for people who own SDGr girls- what size clothing do you typically have them wear? Sometimes Volks outfits say SDGr dolls can share with SD10/13 and sometimes they say SDGr can wear SD16 clothes. How well do they fit the different sizes? Sometimes it seems like Volks says an outfit will fit a certain size of doll, and that outfit may zip but still not really fit right.