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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. I risked some insane mosquito attacks to get some new shots of Etienne tonight!

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    2. Congrats!
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    3. Oh my! He's beautiful!
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    4. Really? Thank you for the info. I didn’t get any confirmation email this time after I finished checking out :doh I guess I will email them to double check.
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    5. Oh man... one Mana doll auction ends and three more pop up. This really sucks.
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    6. I try to tell myself that the winners can do what they like with their dolls but...Ugh, these scalpers are making me so upset.
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    7. I think there were around 30 of her right? Man... seeing at least 6 go up for auction is surely something. I think this helps to imagine the ratio of scalped dolls each run (of course it can be higher in cases of obviously-valuable dolls like re-releases).
      I stand by what I once said ..if you want to find something positive in this - it´s that someone who really wants her can get her through spending more money - as compared to having more luck. As much as we would like, we can´t really influence our luck but we can save money. Is it bad that someone who wanted to bring a doll home didn´t win while someone who just wanted to make money did? - absolutely yes. But as much as I am frustrated when I miss out on an amazing doll while scalpers got like 30% of her - it is also a bit soothing to know that losing a game of luck will not make it so that I can never have that specific doll.
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    8. I suppose that's a good way to look at it. Better than getting upset, at least.

      And yeah, there were exactly 30 of her, not counting the one that went to Mana himself.
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    9. Does anyone know when the FCS boxes changed to the brocade patterned lids?
    10. @eland
      @silver sycle
      I'm half Japanese and can speak some Japanese. Although reading and writing is still a terrible work in progress.

      So I finally went down to the Yokohama store, because I wanted to visit some shops in the area and asked the shop staff about sumika one offs. Apparently they post the dolls on twitter and the stores don't get any information about which store will get which doll/s. The first day in store is like the preview day, and the next day is the sale day. At the time listed (at least for Yokohama Sumika) they have the people waiting around to buy the one offs raise their hands if they want a particular doll when the doll is called out. If more than one person wants the same doll, they pull numbered papers, lottery style. The lowest number, I believe, is the winner and gets to purchase the doll. The dolls stay on display for around three weeks. Then the new owners can come pick them up and bring them home.
      The staff said twitter users post which dolls they see at the stores they go to on the preview day, and that's probably the best way to find out about who is where without going to the stores yourself. But I don't know how to find those twitter posts. :?

      Also, the Yokohama shop staff didn't seem sure if this process of purchase is exactly the same at every store though, so that's something to keep in mind if you go to a different Sumika. Tenshi no Mado is done by filling out a form for the doll you want during the two-ish weeks the dolls are on display, and winners are pulled lottery style at the end of the display time.

      Yokohama Tenshi no Sumika had quite a few darlings. 84, 73, Masha, and a few more that I actually don't see on the Volks instagram.
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    11. I know one of the Tokyo locations (I can’t remember which, sorry!) engages in a round of Rock Paper Scissors in place of a paper lottery. (They also did this at an after event with the momoko sculpt re-release).
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    12. The scalping is sad. But hopefully eventually those dolls will end up in the hands of people who really wanted them and will love them... :/

      Have a picture of Tori in the sunlight to cheer everyone up:

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    13. @Peachdolly Thank you so much for asking them! It´s great to have a confirmation on the entire process. And yes some people here found those Twitter posts earlier - it´s really kind of Japanese fans to do that for each other... you never know when someone might be really looking for a specific doll!

      @eleniel Is it weird that I find the thought of doing rock-paper-scissors for a doll more stressful than a lottery? Anyways, it still sounds like a super cute thing to witness.

      Ok now why I came here in the first place: Dream FCS dolls are out guys!
      I don´t know how many people were chosen but at least one person shared their finished doll.
      I have no idea who this person is but I think they read my mind! This morning I was thinking of what I would wish for if I had the chance to do the Dream FCS - this is almost 100% my selection.... really... it´s almost creepy how much it fits!:shudder
      But for now, let´s all marvel at the magic of Dream FCS:

      フロゥ on Twitter

      Head: Shinku
      Body: SDGr girl (could be s bust?)
      Skintone: PS white
      Material: PS Everbeauty (although the Kanji for Kasumi is used...)
      Artist: Ciera

      Honestly, there is no way I would not choose PS Everbeauty in this scenario - if you get a chance like this you want the doll to be pristine for as long as possible. And I think we were wondering whether they would also let you chose the material for dream FCS - well now we know.^^
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    14. Really like this girl. So pretty.
    15. @silver sycle That dream FCS certainly is something! It does say that the body is an Everbeauty white "Kasumi body" - I suspect they mean that it's the SDGr YumeTenshi body, which has IIRC only been used for the SDGr Una and the Bisque dolls.
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    16. @ekala I should have guessed that! The SDGr Tenshi is my favorite Volks body, I remember talking to someone about it yesterday.

      Ok, that makes this 100% my selection - I guess my tastes are either mainstream or just very very alike to that person's. I was actually talking to my mother about this today I asked if she knew which selection I would make if I had the option and she listed the exact same combination. I think she summed it up quite well: "It's not so much that this person had the idea first - if Volks had asked you 10 years ago, I'm sure you would have made the same selection."
      I´m not even that jealous - it´s really cool to see my dream doll come to life like that. Maybe in another 10 years, I can order one too!:)
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    17. I saw a Rock Scissors Paper match for the last Kazuya Kujo at the Harajuku location.
      Also, at the recent LA Dolpa there were a few large group rounds of Rock Scissor Paper for a few unclaimed Icons and DearSD. It was Mr. Shigeta playing against a group of maybe 20 or so people.
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    18. That was fun to watch.
    19. Exactly like that! I've seen it for other limiteds and for one-offs except instead of Mr. Shigeta it was usually the location manager playing against the crowd.
    20. RSP instead of fishing for paper names? ! that is so cool. you see right away if you lost or won and no hard feelings. complete transparency.