Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. Yikes, I just had a look through Y!J and there is already a bunch of the Pink House girls listed :sweat
      The more Volks keeps things Japan-only, the more demand there is and the more reselling happens as people outside of Japan scramble to get them. Resellers are just drawn to the exclusive stuff. I'm just glad that some are being listed for reasonable prices at least, for those who are interested. As for me, I've lost interest. There are other things taking up my attention at the moment and I hope I don't regret it later :roll:
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    2. @Moria_ash thst is some good insight! it makes a lot of sense though, because of the sheer volume of pink available for dolls!
    3. Oh, how charming! Love the pose, too--
    4. Does anyone have an F73 and a F01/ SD Sisters/ Una ?
      I would like to see them both together if it is possible. I wanted to decide between them, and the 73 looks like a sister to the F01 so Im not sure which I like better, but seeing them together in one photo would be easier to decide :)
    5. @CathyM has both an F-01 and an F-73 but I don't know if she has any photos of them together.
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    6. @CathyM thank you so much for posting the picture of your girls!
      I looked through your flickr account when Eleniel mentioned you, so I wouldnt inconvenience you

      I appreciate the time you took to take a photo for me, thank you so much for that :eusa_pray It was very helpful and It solidified my choice

      I read that Yori was supposed to be the SD13 version of the sisters, but I think F73 is much closer to them. I love how natural the red hair your girls have, I find blonde and red eyebrows to be the most difficult to look natural when done on dolls, but yours look beautiful
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    7. Hi all! Anyone saw the dollfie ICON new series already???? I am seriously in love!

      here is the page Dollfie ICON | VOLKS USA,Inc.

      I wonder if Volks USA will release a way of purchase except being on LADP4 only since I have other travel plan at that period. and I WANT Lilac so baaaaaaaad :drool:drool:drool
    8. @xiluoxia Yeah, the idea's interesting, but they're vinyl. :sweat I'm not interested enough, especially since they did nothing about the joint color... I'm still hoping they're popular though, I'd love to see more fantasy-type stuff coming out of Volks.
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    9. @CathyM So cute! I never even realized the strong resemblance that these 2 heads have. I'm sure you've inspired others now to find some siblings for their F-01 and F-73. :sweat:XD:
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    10. Thank you. I do love my redheads. And feel free to ask questions. It's not an inconvenience. :)

      I never noticed either (until I took the photos).
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    11. Oooooh thank you!!

      Sorry i was too excited almost forgot they kinda count as a new type should be on a separate thread already :sweat
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    12. Here’s a photo grid of my F-73 and F-01 side by side.

      Volks F-73 And F-01 side by side.
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    13. F01 and F73 are very simillar and both are super cute! Then how about Yori(F23) ?
      I also have a F01 girl too, but no pics of two (F01 with F23) at this moment.:shudder

      Also I've heard that the discounted F10 was Four sisters in SD13 size.
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    14. @nemurenu You'd be correct, F10 was the original SD13 version of F01 (just like F11 for Nono/F07 and F12 for Mimi/F09). Kira and Megu have their SD16 versions, too. A lot of other sculpts have similar looks to F01 though, as it remains a popular mold and is of course what the SD line was built on.
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    15. @CathyM, Michele and Esther are such cuties! With their similar coloring, they definitely look alike.

      @Lilian, your girls both have such sweet expressions! I love your F-73's soft faceup.

      @nemurenu, your Yori is lovely! Such a classic look :)

      @GreenTeaSlug, here is another F-73 and F-01 comparison for you! My F-73 has a more mature faceup by cats10, and F-01 is DSD Megu. These two are not sisters in my story, but the resemblance is definitely clear. To me, it seems like the facial features on F-73 are a bit closer together, both horizontally and vertically, which makes her look a little bit older. Also the outer corners of F-73's eyes turn up a bit more. They both have the same downturned lips and buttony nose, though! :)


      One more of F-73.
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    16. @Lilian thank you so much for this, your 73 looks very peaceful, like she is smiling <3
      I remember coming across her on instagram, shes one of the 73's that fit into the princess aesthetic that I like :)

      @nemurenu Your Rosy is a natural beauty, is she in sunlight skin?
      I like it when some sculpts have a familiar resemblance, she is also f-01's sister in my opinion lol

      @snowgray very beautiful girls and this aesthetic is my favorite, the porcelain doll specially victorian era theme
      Also congratulations on getting that new blue outfit, it is really good, it looks like it would look amazing next to petite frere since its a very similar color scheme and feel

      The 73 is extraordinary, no wonder shes listed as #1 in the FCS handbook, shes very versatile in her appearances, thank you everyone for the pictures
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    17. This may be a bit of a silly question, but on the Volks USA Webstore SD Standard Models page, Mai has been out of stock for a while. Would anyone know if she's being discontinued, or if she'll eventually come back into stock? Not that I have the money to buy her now, but it'd be nice to know if I should set my sights elsewhere for when I do have some income :sweat
      Barring that, if anyone has owner photos of the new standard model girls with non-default wigs/eyes, I'd love to see some!
    18. @Ferret-hime I just checked the International store and she's sold out there too. To my knowledge, there has been no announcements that she is discontinued. You could always email VolksUSA and ask them when she might re-stock? Mel, Mai and Nico have been added to the FCS line up and they've now been out for a couple years, so I won't be surprised if we see some new standards in the nearer future. I feel like Coco, Saki and Chiyo were only out for a couple years before they were replaced.
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