Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. Yeah, Coco, Saki, and Chiyo being discontinued relatively quickly is what made me kind of nervous for Mai being out of stock for so long. I'll continue to keep an eye on the US web shop and maybe email Volks if she doesn't come back anytime soon. Thank you!
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    2. Thank you:) She is in Pureskin Normal.
      Also I'm waiting for my first tan skin doll. Yori(pic above) and the new(for me; she is secondhanded) girl are in same SD13G sized body, so I am really interested ~ XD
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    3. Can someone tell me what size wig an F-63 head requires? Thanks!
    4. @Scissorhand Volks usually uses the DD-size wigs for that, which are 8-9 but trend on the larger side.

      Mado's monthly one-offs are up on Insta and I think Volks was trying to make me cry because they posted a Sara for the first time in a decade. I know she's very thematically similar to Kira or Una but they're just not the same. :atremblin I'll be in trouble if they actually want to do a full 4 Sisters release, I've been very tempted to get our yo!Sara a big sister but have managed to hold off...
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    5. Oof I'm loving the F84 one-off :D Too bad he's a boy so I won't attempt to try, but its giving me ideas!!
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    6. Good gracious, a Kaelin! It's been years since I saw one of the elf boys. That's amazing.
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    7. My Angela and the pink dress have arrived yesterday. She is prettier than I expected! I am surprised by how small her eyes are, esp. when you put her side by side with her Volks brothers and sisters. Most of the doll eyes I have don't fit her because she really needs eyes with small iris. Officially she wears 18mm but the iris has to be smaller than usual. The iris of her default is even smaller than most of the 16mm eyes I have XDD
      Sadly Angela came at a time of turbulence :pout:and I don't really have the heart to play with dolls or camera...I only took a few pictures of her with my phone...I hope I can give her some serious shots when things get better...

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    9. @Moria_ash, she is lovely...I hope you feel better soon and can get in some play time with her...I know how real life and feelings can get in the way of doll enjoyment, even if you've been eagerly anticipating an arrival...
    10. You know, I really want to like those one-offs, as I adore Volks dolls but...I'm sadly coming to the conclusion that I can't get on board with the high-colouring Volks seems to be doing on their faceups these days. I am a fan of the old school faceups, where the beauty of the sculpt wasn't hidden by the painting. But I can see these are popular so maybe it's just me...
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    11. @Alice80 Its probably your aesthetic preference because I really love the faceups on the newer dolls, and how much it accentuates the details in the sculpts (like the blushing to show the nostrils, shading to show the subtle curves of the eye etc) but I can also appreciate the older subtle faceups and the dolly look it gave, its very hard to find that aesthetic offered anywhere these days, except on intact older dolls

      Have you seen the new style in person?
      I think the photographs make them look a lot more crisp/heavier than how they look in real life. They posted a one off on their instagram and when I saw her in person I couldnt believe they were the same because the one I saw looked like she had honey skin, very sparkly and soft but on their IG she lost the sparkle and looked heavy handed

      @Moria_ash It probably doesnt mean much coming from a stranger but I hope for more positive, safe and peaceful for you very soon
      I noticed the newer dolls getting narrower eyes, and I love it, your Angela is beautiful and we will always be here waiting for more photos and posts from you

      @Chamillia that one is my favorite of the new one offs too!
      He would make an insanely cool and interesting SD16 girl I think XD He has a very beautiful face

      lol would it be asking too much if you could help me understand the different vibes of each sister?
      I only know that SWD Nana 2nd version and she looks pissed off

      @Ferret-hime I wouldnt worry, the webstore doesnt seem to like restocking but it happens
      I saw Mai and Mel in stock in Harajuku but was listed out of stock on the website. Im still waiting for them to restock their stands and its been forever ago
      if you click on that thing that lets them email you when it gets restocked, I think it would be safe
      Mai is incredibly beautiful and interesting, so Im crossing my fingers for you to get some Mai pictures here :aheartbea
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    12. Personally I love their faceups. I agree with @GreenTeaSlug that they might just look heavier in photos than they actually are, because I've done my fair share of faceups and I know how washed out they look on camera :sweat So I have to overcompensate with the application. It could go the other way too, maybe they're editing the photos to make them pop. I saw the Sara @ekala mentioned and to be honest, her face looks very different than her neck/body, once you notice it, you can't unsee it lol. But I'm sure its not as drastic in real life.

      @GreenTeaSlug I am on the same boat as well. Been waiting for them to restock their SD stands for a while now. I bought the black chair from the Volks Akihabara store when I last visited and didn't know it was an "extension only", which I'm still pretty miffed about :vein
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    13. @GreenTeaSlug, a friend of mine said the other day (while I was dithering over whether to keep or sell my first-version SwD Nana) that Nana is ALWAYS more pissed off than her sisters. ;) (My SwD decided that she wasn't leaving, thankyouverymuch, but needed a complete change of wig, eyes, and clothes.)

      For what it's worth -- @ekala may see them very differently -- my sense of the four sisters' vibes is more or less this, based on how Volks presented them in the early limited editions:

      • Kira: sweet as sugar, the frilly girl -- she smiles in her sleep, and she got the first Lolita collaboration outfits (BTSSB and Atelier Pierrot)
      • Nana: a bit difficult and rebellious -- just look at that SwD version, ready to bite anyone who comes near!
      • Megu: old-fashioned, mature, and quiet -- the motherly one (she got the kimono sets, early on)
      • Sara: the trendy, popular sister -- she and Nana got the early Black Peace Now collaborations
      The early limiteds are here, on Angelden: Where Angels Lie - A Super Dollfie Database - SD

      I wonder whether there was any influence from Little Women somewhere in the background when Volks developed the Four Sisters variations? Megu = Meg, Kira = Beth, Sara = Amy, Nana = Jo?

      @Moria_ash, I do hope life gets better for you very soon! THANK YOU for posting a picture of your beautiful Angela -- you've really helped me think about what eyes I will want for her after I pick mine up at LA Dolpa. The ones I already bought will definitely be too big, but that's how it goes . . .
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    14. @Moria_ash She's beautiful! And yes, Angela and Sophie both have special small-iris eyes; they're 18/8mm which is essentially two steps down from regular 18mm irises (18/9mm is a popular choice for "small iris" 18mm eyes, so...)

      @Alice80 You're not alone... even though a lot of the sculpts I like had pretty heavy makeup for classic Volks (i.e. Hewitt 3rd). There's definitely been a style shift. It's most noticeable to me when looking through the "standard" options they now offer for FCS - classic faceups are more like the "girly" or "boyish" styles whereas many current dolls are done in the heavily made-up "ennui" style that is very popular. The "dark" style is more my aesthetic and the "animetic" is DD-style!

      @GreenTeaSlug It's sort of hard to describe the sisters... Megu is classic Japanese doll aesthetic (long straight black hair, dark eyes, lips emphasized); Kira is one kind of classic porcelain doll aesthetic (wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, lips & cheeks blushed); Nana is another (straightish brownish hair, green eyes, very subtle faceups); Sara is a bit more fantasy than those (very blonde, purple eyes, can have very made-up faceups); Una takes the ethereal a bit further, as she's the official white resin version and is almost-but-not-always released as an angel doll (platinum blonde/wavy hair, blue eyes, subtle faceups). As far as feeling, well, that's a bit more subjective but to me Megu's very serene, Kira is sweet/cute, Nana is a little rebellious/playful, Sara is sort of severe, and Una is very floaty.
      In a lot of ways Kira and Nana or Kira and Una can be very similar, as depending on the particular release Kira can sort of swing one way or the other. Sara and Una share a lot of the light blonde aesthetic but the feeling with them is just so different that she's not really a replacement, though in many ways Volks has definitely treated her as such. Megu is always very different than the rest of them, though.

      EDIT: @Cynthia in FlintHills has me pinned down haha - yep, it's mostly the influence of the early versions, although I think they've stuck with a lot of those aesthetics as we've gone on. I've got everything up through 2015 up on my site too. ;)
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    15. It isn't just you. But then, I'm also an old-school doll collector, and all of my volks dolls have been bought secondhand within the past 10 years. The most recent Volks doll we own is a Kanata with a default company faceup and I love that look. Volks' very earliest faceups aren't my favorites, because I do like some airbrush and shading, but the current faceup trend is very "made-up" looking and with a whole lot of emphasis on the lips and cheeks (and sometimes the nose), while I prefer eye emphasis and an overall look that's more goth/smoky than supermodel/high gloss. My favorite era for their faceup style was probably somewhere in the middle between their earliest no-blush-at-all style and the current heavy style. I think there is a lot of influence coming in from more realistically styled dolls from other companies, and we're seeing that across the hobby.
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    16. @ekala. that's a good point about Sara -- she often does have a severe, maybe tsundere quality to her, doesn't she? Of the four, she's the toughest for me to pin down, and even while I typed that post I was thinking I didn't quite have her nailed.

      @Alice80 and @tenshi_no_korin, I'm a big fan of middle-period Volks, too, especially K. Mayura's one-off faceups. Every time I fall head over heels for a doll on Y!J, it turns out to be a Mayura one-off from somewhere between 2009 and 2015. I'm SO predictable, sheesh.
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    17. @Cynthia in FlintHills Tsundere is a good word for it! It ranges from bratty to posh to tight depending on the release and owner, but she's definitely got an attitude. As I said, in a lot of aesthetic ways Una has replaced her, but the personality is entirely different... despite the fact that they're all the same sculpt :sweat

      Once upon a time I would've easily pegged Ciera as my fave Volks artist but I haven't been as much a fan lately. Really I've been wondering who's doing their models lately as I could take or leave the ND7 one-offs but the clothes models (like this F-73 boy or this F-57 boy) are to die for.
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    18. @GreenTeaSlug
      @Cynthia in FlintHills

      Thank you so much for your kind words. The difficulties we are facing are too huge for any individual to deal with alone. Your kindness is what we really need for staying strong.

      I actually tested with some of the eyes I own. In my opinion Angela looks the best with 15mm eyes , considering the small size of the iris. I know 15mm is not an usual size (I got some from a Japanese handmade eyes dealer) and if she wears 14mm there will be gaps. 16mm probably is the safest but I think 16mm Volks eyes don't work well with Angela.

      I didn't take any pictures of my test but I found someone's just posted his/her test on Twitter:

      あはさか on Twitter

      Hope this help.
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    19. Just a news note from Volks that due to new tax rates we'll likely see an increase in prices after this Dolpa. Anything sold by or before 8/4 will not have the price adjusted.
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    20. Not sure if here's the right place, but I'm very curious if FCS will be returning? I've been waiting for SD16 forever. They mentioned it would return for August, but never said anything since or updated it and today is the day, still not updated. Volks USA seems to be a little scattered right now with everything else going on. I hope I wasn't misreading something.