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Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVI

Jul 2, 2019

    1. @Littlebirdzoom You're entirely right, they did say they'd be opening up FCS today and I don't see anything as of yet (which is odd as they usually have the page up a day or two ahead of time). I don't know if it'll be SD16, but I will say that there's definitely been a trend of the 16s being available for October ordering, at least.
    2. Okay so I'm not completely losing it yet haha. My wallet will be VERY happy if there's no SD16 yet, but my heart will not. Thank you though, I didn't know the last few had been in October. I couldn't remember when they were released the previous years and was just kind of aimlessly waiting. I guess we'll see in a few hours if we're safe or not.
    3. @Littlebirdzoom My list isn't exactly complete, but we've had online FCS with SD16 in: Oct 2018, Oct 2017, Jun 2017, Oct 2016, May 2016, and Oct 2015. So October's your best bet!
    4. Just now I searched Volks USA's Facebook page, and don't see any mention of August Online FCS. Perhaps they'd posted it in error, or decided it was too close to Dolpa prep to be doing that, and changed their mind.
    5. There is an announcement on their Facebook on July 15th
      VOLKS USA, Inc.

      They just now updated and said they weren't doing the August one afterall. I'm pretty irritated it was so last minute, but whatever. I'll just wait I guess.
    6. Hello, could anyone tell me what is the ideal size for the wig in SD F-59 (Saki)? Thank you!
    7. @Littlebirdzoom I have a feeling some staff member browses DoA.... :sweat

      @Ramonna Volks usually uses the DD-size wigs for her, which are 8-9 but trend on the larger side.
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    8. @Ramonna, definitely 8-9 -- Saki's head is smaller than classic older Volks melonheads.
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    9. Good - ya'll seem understaffed or scattered. Hire me. Let me help keep things organized. I gotta utilize my skills somewhere. :lol:

      But in all seriousness I hope it'll happen this year. I have so many hangers of SD16 clothes that need a body to go on. Gonna have to browse the galleries to keep myself satiated until then
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    10. Thanks for the info! I have some size 9-10'' wigs, so would that be too big and wide for her?
    11. Most likely, yes. That would be why both @ekala and I recommended 8-9.
    12. Thank you so much for the orientation!
    13. Ah, I didn’t scroll back far enough on Facebook to see the original announcement was still there. And Volks posted their update a half-hour after my post here. :sweat

      It didn’t make much sense for them to have an order period so close to before Dolpa. Somebody at Volks got a little carried away, lol!
    14. It seems a bit crazy for them to try to do an FCS in the midst of Dolpa planning, especially since they are also launching a new doll line.

      Does anyone recall a direct comparison between the new SDGraffiti boy "muscular" arms and the original ones? Is it the whole arm or just the forearm?
      I only have older bodies but I assume the new arms could be swapped onto one.
    15. @St. James Only the forearms. Sometimes it does look a little peculiar when they're naked, since the forearms are defined yet the rest of the body is mush. Like he only does barbell curls.
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    16. I snorted so loud, thanks for the laugh :lol:
    17. Ha! Thanks! That's actually perfect for one of my guys.
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    18. Any guesses as to why SDGr boy dolls keep ending up as FCS options, but not SDGr girl dolls? The SDGr girl limited releases seem popular so I'm surprised they're never offered for FCS. They do offer SD16 girls FCS and not the larger boys so maybe they figure it's balanced in an unbalanced way :XD:
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    19. @Adele It has to be due to either ~*eXcLuSiViTy*~ or cost. The SDGr girls might cost more to manufacture than they're willing to set the FCS price point. Though, I'm betting it's more of a exclusive thing. The SD17 bodies have only been released through limiteds, as far as I recall.
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    20. @whitebread

      I don't think it has anything to do with the cost...look at the price of Ever Beauty FCS.
      Exclusivity is always the only reason.
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