Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVII

Dec 16, 2019

    1. Just cuz hi is looks so cozy with this book and cup of tea..)) Still dont have any furniture,only one chair and rug!!)) other it just metal box with foam top from something,dont remember what)), but I trying to make his own small place where he can live))

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    2. Last weekend I have removed the old faceup of my old F-06 :) She is really a beauty. I quite love this old style, simple design but still really pretty. Here are some pictures of the blank head before I start a new faceup:

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    3. Oh, the Cinderella sculpt looks promising!
      But if they announced the next sdgr disney collab for this summer, does that mean there won't be a new non collab sdgr girl until after Cinderella?
    4. OMG I just got a shipping notice from Volks Ephram is on his way hoooooomeeeeee
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    5. Joining all of you guys to subscribe to this thread cause after almost ten years of collecting MSDs only, I'm suddenly all about the big Volkses and went from one random SD (FCS F13) to... Eleven (FCS F13, F22, F01, F05, Nono, Rio, Michele, Shiratori, Yugiri, One-Off Ushiwakamaru and a discontinued F07).

      So I'm here for all those Volks news and looking at other people's Volks dolls to maybe add to the crew :lol: and maybe get back into taking proper pics of my girls that are not phone pics in instagram
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    6. Something very similar happened to our collection! I think what happened is that a lot of the Volks dolls we'd loved when they first came out (and couldn't afford) appeared on the secondhand market at good prices after about a decade. We're mostly MSD-size collectors and have been in the hobby since '05, but never actually owned a Volks doll until like 2013, when we got a secondhand Kanata and F20. That was all for several years, until recently, when we started checking Mandarake on the regular. Now we have nine: five SD/13 boys, two MSDs, and two Yos. (Mandarake is dangerous.)

      After all that I STILL don't have my first Volks doll crush, which was the original Isao release. (One of our Yos is Isao, though.) We're off doll purchases for the next year unless something major changes, though that doesn't keep me from going and looking up Shiro Tachibanas a lot....
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    7. I would still love a Shirou. Or, you know, all the Tokyo Story dolls. I have an original Isao lined up for next month I just need to get paid, he’ll be my first.

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    8. I can only agree on how dangerous Mandarake is! (or Dollyteria, or Y!J...) or you know, second hand in general. Because suddenly unobtainable grail dolls seem so affordable!

      I used to be content just seeing @Khell's Volks crew occasionally and then she gifted me Nono and Rio and it actually went downside then and there :lol:
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    9. Congrats @usagi665! Isao is love, Isao is life.

      And yeah a lot of the old old dolls have come down a lot. Tsukasa used to be 2k+, I got mine a couple years back for less than 750. Great for the wallet but a little sad.

      I wish we'd get some Tokyo Boys re-releases or more 'grown up' versions. Tsukasa is still the only one with only one release, and Isao had two but they were close together.
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    10. @snowgray In the link to suzu on Twitter, she is showing her girl in a Doll Work Shop Melody C jacket. Do you (or anyone else) happen to know of this seller?
    11. Amen to the dangerousness of Mandarake and Y!J! And Dollyteria too, they have far too much nice stuff, I have so much on my wishlist:sweat

      I am having far too much fun these days getting my girls all decked out for winter in all the cute, fluffy stuff I can find:whee:. Here's my little Aihime (Volks Mia on SD10) showing off her super snuggly bunny ear coat and fluffy booties (under artificial light, which my phone camera obviously doesn't like). I'm on a hunt for SD sized lolita coats now, I only have three girls (and a head) at the moment, but something tells me they'll end up with more than one each:sweat.

      [​IMG]Winter Ai by jefvonk, on Flickr
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    12. Yep... That's how it happens. :lol:
      You get one. And then it's two. And the next thing you know? You look around and they've turned in to a small tribe.
    13. I do! They had a table at iDoll with la.frigg, and their Twitter is: 噯❤️ . /通販中 (@aiyu931028) | Twitter
      (ETA: and they have some online sales now through 12/22 it seems)
      I bought some cute stuff from both booths; after the holidays I’ll try to take some photos!
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    14. I had a feeling you would comment about Isao :XD: So many of you haven’t even changed your avatars since I was last active in the hobby, and I remember so many of everyone’s beloved dolls! It’s very nice when nostalgic feelings still ring true.

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    15. @usagi665 - welcome back!

      The secondhand market on older Volks releases now is such a temptation. I really want to make a Williams girl and it's starting to actually be feasible at a price point I'm willing to pay for a doll.
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    16. Kim! :fangirl:

      I don’t think I recognize any of your current beauties! Your Atobe really is stunning, though! I recognized him right away.

    17. @ShuriTigerH she looks so cozy in that coat! :D

      @Kim Williams girl sounds absolutely fantastic, I'd love to see that! (I saw a YoMidi Williams girl recently, that made me sorta regret selling mine XD)

      EDIT: my Ushiwakamaru One-Off is at the warehouse of my agent ahhhh! Gotta wait till January to have her shipped however, I had to pay so many customs fees this month already AND my F07 is shipping too :lol: let's see if I manage to hold off on not getting her right away
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    18. I second all the love for the Tokyo Boys Story, especially Tsukasa. I just don’t know why Volks keeps passing him over. I was hoping the Best Selection would fix that, but I guess he didn’t get enough love. I’d also like an Isao of my own someday!
    19. That jacket is from a Chinese dealer called Melody C and here is the seller's twitter:

      噯❤️ . /通販中 (@aiyu931028) | Twitter

      I think they sell their clothes on Booth as well, so you may try that if you can't go to doll event in Japan.
      Hope this help.

      Edit: Sorry it seemed like someone has posted the answer. I missed it XDDD
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