Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

    1. Volks USA's Dolpa 43 page is up! Looks like unlimited Ceciles, Williams, and DD Sakuras, with delivery starting in August.

      Also: on Cecile's page they confirm that he is a new sculpt, not the SD13 sculpt, and also that his right eye is the same as his left. No scar or droopy eyelid here.

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    2. @Brightfires But Andre is also an amazing doll! Good luck on your hunt! :clover:clover:clover
    3. Ooooh, are you talking of the one with the white dress, from Fukuoka's Mandarake (I think it was Fukuoka?)? I'd been watching that boy for aaaages but since he wasn't on my priority list, I never got him. Just saw that he finally was sold today when I checked my list and I was like "Yessss! Finally going to a new home, poor boy, he's been up for sale for WAY too long!" If it's really you who bought him I'm now twice as glad that the poor fellow's finally going to a good home. You do have to post pics once he arrives!
    4. @Khell Yes, that was the one exactly! I had a pair of characters that I impulsively decided I wanted to shell. While I knew which doll I wanted for one, the other I didn't know. I have a Kanata that would have been perfect, but I don't really like identical dolls that aren't twins and he's settled into his current character. So I ended up looking through the Volks head sculpts on Neo Angel Den, and the F-20 was just PERFECT. I had thought it would be SUPER hard to find, but that one came up, and it's even on a good body for the character! It's the right height, and the right muscle tone! I just paid for him, and I can't wait for him to get here!
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    5. I've been wanting a Williams since his first release back in 2009. I am so happy Volks USA is doing a release for him along with Cecile.

      Given William's secondhand market value, this is probably the best time to get him, eh :sweat
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    6. @Audrina Mystique That's so awesome, I'm totally, ridiculously happy you got him! :D As I said - please, post a TON of pics of your new boy! I've been watching him on Mandarake for so long I've grown just a tiny little attached to him myself and it's so great he's not gonna gather dust on a store shelf any longer!
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    7. @Audrina Mystique Congratulations on the new doll! I’ve noticed that F-20 long ago, but mainly eyed it for the White Sato FCS Box. I turned away from it since the condition of the doll was listed as “used / Hell Has the smell of cigarettes.” As I’ve gotten older, I can’t stand the smell of smoke anymore.

      When you receive the doll, can you update us on its condition and scent? I’ve noticed that some doll items are also listed as “smell of cigarettes” but they’re priced so well! I’m curious to know how much of a scent an item has to have before it’s described as “smell of cigarettes.”
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    8. @Daniel Falls I would be happy to! @Khell I'll be sure to take pics as soon as he gets here!
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    9. I had a doll from there that was sold as 'smells like cigarettes', but on arrival ,i couldn't smell anything that reminded me of cigarettes. She had a slight funky smell, but definitly not cigarettes (and it disappeared very quickly)
    10. Speaking of F20, a few months ago there was a nice WS head for sale on the Marketplace, and I got him, along with a WS Graffiti boy body a month later, from another seller.

      He has a Volks face-up, and default eyes still in place :) His headplate says "F9902", which after comparing with my other Sato proxy FCS from Fall 2008, I think he might have been made around late 2009/early 2010. The style of his face-up makes me that, too.

      It's nice to know that there's some renewed interest in him; I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of yours, @Audrina Mystique! :dance
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    11. I'd love to get both Williams and Cecile, but I'll have to settle for just Williams for now. Either way I'm happy we all have this chance.
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    12. @beamlette Wow, your boy sure is charming! Seeing him makes me even more excited!
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    13. I'm taking the much riskier chance of entering the Japanese lottery for the romantic glance Williams with a friend over there. :sweat There's no guarantee unlike the SD17 Williams but I have an SD13 an Midi Williams currently and Romantic Glance would be a dream. But if I don't win it saves me money. I wish I could try for both but even not travelling for doll cons I still should save for next year.
    14. Can anyone with Oscar tell me if her face up is delicate at all? First time dealing with nose and chin blush as well.
    15. @Arara , how do you mean delicate?
    16. @reaperofleaves - I'm right there with you. RG Will is a dream. but, give up sure thing? who is also dreamy? :shudder decisions.
    17. I mean easily scratched.
    18. @Arara well, I haven’t wiped mine down to repaint (yet...) but it looks like her face is “warmed up” a fair bit with blushing. The color is subtle, but you'd see relatively white resin if say, a part of the front of her cheek were scratched away. Does that help?
    19. I also want William Romantic Glance even though the chance will be almost to zero. He looks very charming. I will be happy enough if any of us here will win him.
    20. Is romantic glance only available via Japan site lottery..? He is so gorgeous ;////; ))