Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

    1. omg i might get my williams tomorrow
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    2. :lol: you've nailed what I was feeling about the outfits. They do have a very strong Hasbro doll feel. Not that there's anything wrong with Hasbro dolls. I just... kinda hoped for something a little different.

      Given that these dolls are all in a special skin, the only one who could have really, really drawn me in is Snow White. But if she's going to have a scaled up Hasbro dress it's going to be a major disappointment for me. I feel like Volks could have done something great with her.

      I miiiiiiiight be swayed by Ariel still, but I don't know. Aurora's going to be in a pink dress I'm sure, and that drives me nuts.
      Mulan could be super cute. I'm pretty sure l'll cave if they give her distinctly Mulan features.
      I know I'm probably hopelessly out of touch with Disney stuff, but if you took the Cinderella doll out of the outfit, I'm not sure I could guess who she is supposed to be.
      She is very cute though and I do hope to see lots of owner pictures of her here! :D
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    3. Speaking of "Snow White" :lol:
      I was fortunate enough to win this old 2000 Snow White Nono, limited to 30 pieces. Unfortunately, due to her acrylic display case, she is stuck waiting for EMS to resume. DHL was $230! I am so excited to get this old special gal.

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    4. Yeah, I was speaking to some other hobbyists when Rapunzel first came out and we all agreed that she looked like a luxury Hasbro. Knowing now that it's Disney and not Disney Japan it wouldn't surprise me if they had approved fabrics that they had to stick to. Which is fine if I'm buying a $10 Hasbro but I personally find them a little too pricey for what's being offered, especially when they're compared to recent sets like Luna, Lieselotte, and the Silver Coin boys. There's a big quality gap.

      Also doesn't Rapunzel and Cinderella look like the same sculpt, just with an open mouth? It doesn't really bode well for the rest of the line.

      And since it's needed: If you like these dolls, this is just my opinion on the direction they've taken the collection in in general and shouldn't affect anyone's enjoyment of them.

      So my post isn't all text, my Michele finally photographed:

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    5. @I<3MySD whoa congrats! I am super excited to see pictures of her once she comes in!

      @revien he's a cutie! You're making me crave a Michele boy :lol:
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    6. Disney is extremely prescriptive when it comes to the Princess line, so I wouldn't be at all surprised either.

      I thought pretty much exactly the same thing. Which is what sort of throws me. In my head Rapunzel and Cinderella don't look at all the same. And yes, that does make me wonder about future releases...

      Hello to your Michele! That's a gorgeous shot.

      Edit: Super Congrats @I<3MySD!! That is so cool! I can't wait to see what she looks like! Hope EMS gets restored for you soon!
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    7. I can spot some more differences. In their profile pics Rapunzel’s nose is more upturned and her eyes seem bigger to me, though they do look similar in many ways.

      It seems that Cinderella is modeled after the more recent redesign “Disney Princess” Cinderella. She has a younger, cuter look and lighter hair with different bangs than originally. I think that points to Aurora in the pink dress and Ariel in the green to be likely eventually.
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    8. @revien Your Michelle is stunning, I love how timid and innocent he looks in this picture!

      @Roterwolkenvogel and @eland thank you! She currently appears to be in pieces in her box, and still has the original dress, which is awesome! I haven't decided if I'll wipe her original faceup or not, because she is so old and limited. Sometimes I just want to make my own Volks museum! :lol:
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    9. @revien It's so nice to see other Michele boys out in the wild!

      Volks is really hitting hard this year with releases and opportunities to buy. Looks like the new clothing collection for July will be after my money again - love the modern boy pieces in the Black Label collection.
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    10. I wish the princess dolls had dresses more like the 17" LE Disney dolls. Maybe with fewer rhinestones lol but I'd love to see Volks be able to use the more upscale fabrics like those and the fancier designs and embroidery.

      They probably are all going to have a bit of same face syndrome, yes. The LE vinyl dolls have different molds but there is all a bit of an SFS among them because that's just the Disney Look. (Customizers regularly repaint existing sculpts to make characters that haven't been done in 17" like Esmeralda or Meg, with great success because Disney Look)

      It's not even something new for Volks, there's the Lucas family and the Lorina family and the looser families of dolls with similar feel like say Aya/Mika/F-05/School B. So all of the princesses are going to remind of each other, in all likelihood.

      @I<3MySD Congratulations! :o Such a rare find! I say leave her as-is just because of the rarity, but of course she's yours so repaint her if you want. XD So many old Volks girls lately, it's wonderful. <3
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    11. My newest oldie just came in today! :D

      Audrey (discontinued F10) on a SD16 body
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    12. Received an email from
      Volks today informing me that my Williams is on its way to my friend in Japan. I was super surprised as I already condition myself to receive him late autumn. ❤️
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    13. Oh! My Williams got to me on Tuesday!

      I still haven't opened him. Tomorrow, I think.
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    14. @Roterwolkenvogel Audrey looks positively sublime in that photo! Is that a Bangarang face-up I see? It gives her such tremendous character and a delightfully retro look. I love the oldies, and I’ve really been enjoying your collection while I’ve been silently lurking here, but Audrey just completely blew me away and drew me out of my silence.:) Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous and unique collection with us. It’s very much appreciated.
    15. @Roterwolkenvogel I love the bold look she's rocking! What a beauty. I love seeing Volks gals with full dark eyebrows and shiny red lips! :aheartbea
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    16. @PoeticSoul yes indeed that's a Bangarang faceup! And thank you so much for your kind words, I am so happy people enjoy my oldies!

      @purplepaws it's just such a look for them right? :D

      While we are on the topic of senior citizen Volks...

      Alix (discontinued F12), freshly back from Cats10 who worked miracles on her!
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    17. UMMMM I found Volks cancelled the GL members’ lottery of Cinderella just now......Does anyone know what happened?
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    18. Aww man, I purchased a GL membership just so I could order her :(
    19. @Roterwolkenvogel I'm totally ridiculously happy you got Audrey! I was eyeing her for AGES but couldn't afford to get her. At least now she's well within my reach. *grabby hands and starry eyes*
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