Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

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    1. Oh no. My wallet! :apirate:
      I wonder if this means a new character? Hopefully we get a pirate lass!
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    2. A pirate lass would be both a case of OMG YES PLZ and a wailing NOOOOO, the latter from my wallet :lol:

      I wonder if I can walk back to my boss and be like I know I just got a raise but can we double it cause PIRATES? (it's open ended enough as a reason right? Can be pirate lass or a pirate that keeps robbing me of my hard earned money... Oh wait, that's just the hobby XD)
    3. SDGr ver. of all our pirates and commanders boys again!?
    4. Oh this is exciting. I hope they release Elizabeth. My pirate boys need a pirate lass to join the crew.
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    5. I would love a lady pirate! Here’s hoping *fingers crossed*

      My girl got a new wig (finally after waiting to ship for so long) and I think it suits her very well. She’s not done any short hair styles before and I’m loving it!

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    6. @Aiko-chan It really shows her gorgeous face with the shorter hair.
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    7. Volks is trying to make me go bankrupt, I swear! :...(
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    8. I am already deep in debt and yes, my addiction and Volks are the cause, but my latest purchases are now only 4+ hours north of me! And I still need to set up a Flickr account for photos.
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    9. Hey everyone,
      Does anyone know if the face mold for Cinderella is different than Rapunzel's?
      I'm a sucker for these partially open mouths, and Cindy's looks different than Raps ><
    10. I'm pretty sure they are different (tho I don't have proof lol) For me their eyes and mouth are different already lol
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    11. Ohhh interesting to see what the new Silver Coin release is. The tweet mentions two boys, so not sure if we'd be getting a pirate girl.

      So I never thought I'd end up with a Syo girl, but my impulse purchase Syo has turned into the dark stylish girl I've wanted for a character for a long time.

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    12. @Aiko-chan your girl looks lovely with the short hair!

      @Kim she's totally rocking the dark style!

      And ahhh I won a Liz! Repainted Spring Stroll Ver (I admit I wanted that one just for the hilarious headplate) and I am so looking forward to having her! I even consider shelling out for DHL Express to get her FAST :lol:
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    13. Honestly I'm surprised she's a VS/VIP member only! Rapunzel wasn't during her original release. I wonder what's the decision behind it. Am I reading it correctly that she won't initially be a lottery and will only be switched to that sales method if more orders are received than expected?

      I hope everyone will be able to get her or GL members will have a chance eventually :pout:

      @Roterwolkenvogel your girl is lovely!

      Exciting news! I'm curious about the new fairy tale dolls.
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    14. I'm wondering perhaps if they're going to be msd sized?
    15. We need an updated SDGr/SD16 Lady Sylvie.
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    16. I don't know if this has been answered before. But are Rapunzel and Cinderellas head molds the same as the ones that was shown 2013 and 2015? When comparing them they look identical exept the faceup!
      If so, we can expect Belle and Ariel next. Probably won't se any with darker complexion for some time sadly. They just aren't that popular in Japan T_T
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    17. @Hallonkatt - No, they're not the same. I remember the charity auction Rapunzel was a Liesellote, and I think Cinderella was ironically a Belle.

      The Disney Princess line Rapunzel and Cinderella are all new sculpts, and they are different from each other.
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    18. The teaser photo is of YoSD size dolls. The fairytale is about a brother and sister and Volks usually releases the YoSDs in boy/girl pairs so I’m pretty sure they will be little.
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    19. It's been a while since Volks released new YoSDs. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Already liking the color they chose for the outfits. Seems like they're also WS.