Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

    1. @Chriandra, I agree with @eleniel that the Journey to Dream Nights dolls are YoSDs... but the "Memories of Young Days" on the Oath of Silver Coin post makes me wonder if perhaps it is true MSD versions of some of the Silver Coin boys, instead of their Yo-Midi versions? Or possibly SD10/SD13 versions?

      @Aiko-chan, your Belle is lovely! She looks very modern with her short hair.

      @Kim congrats on your Syo girl! She has a great moody look.
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    2. I was ofc talking about the memories of young days. obv the other ones are yosd from the teasers.

    3. @Chriandra, glad we agree! Now that I'm thinking about it, is the MSD-sized Four Sisters release the most recent MSD limited? The MSD line does get a lot of attention in that they're available in stores as coordinate models, but maybe Volks thinks it's time for another limited MSD release?
    4. I can see mini pirates. They’ve done mini entries in other storylines.

      You didn’t say which you were talking about.
    5. Thank you for letting me know. That is good to know. If they make Ariel I was not a fan of the auction one

      What!? I was going to try for her. That is so strange and unfair to change that
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    6. SD Boy, so SD10 size then? If so I'm screwed.
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    7. OMG the yonger version of WC are soooo cute!!! I even thought they were sdms!!!
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    8. Oh my god they're so cute I love them! They're both so cute, and I love Cecile's wig. Also I think Williams would make a gorgeous girl.

      It's sweet to see them before Cecile ran off to be a pirate and their friendship was broken.
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    9. I'm curious about why Cecile has blond hair:whee:
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    10. I also think Williams would 100% make an adorable girl. The SD version's eyes remind me a bit of Suigintou. Cecile would make a lovely lady as well.
    11. I love Cecile's wig to! I few days ago I ran across an IG user who had a RG Williams and Midi Williams as girls. They were soooooo pretty. Other then me joking about turning RG Williams into Ghost Elizabeth, it's really rare for me to want to turn a head that was originally on a male body into female. But, I've been eyeing my midi Williams real hard lately.

      The very first SD13 Cecile also had blonde hair. I don't remember if Volks every explained in story, but at some point his hair color changed.

      Edit: Another picture. https://twitter.com/mieka_black/status/1282500470779461632
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    12. Thankfully it's SD10, I can pass on these one. I was so worried they'd release SDGr ver of William or Reisner since I've already spent so much on Volks this year :sweat:sweat:sweat
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    13. Young Williams looks a lot like Suigintou.
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    14. Oh no, they're ADORABLE! But young Williams would so make a very pretty girl :lol:
    15. SD10 versions of Cecile and Williams?! I'm DOOMED!!! I managed to avoid keeping SD10 boys until Le Petite Frere then came across a one-off Ken with Klesis outfit. Now I definitely need these two! :love
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    16. Eh I’m safe.
      Actual mini pirates (not Yo/Midi) could’ve done me in.
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    17. I'm glad I'm not a fan of Silver coin and yosd, which means I'm super safe.
      I've already seen people talking about how SD William looks like the child of Suigintou and Shinku XDD
      What are you thinking Volks ??
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    18. Far out, I am so disappointed about Cinderella :...(
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    19. SD Cecile and Williams???? Oh dear, they're so adorable...and I was immune to their charms up to now...