Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

    1. Aww, nuts! The more I look at Boy Cecile, the more I can see him happily playing with my gang... I'm gonna have to make some changes to make room...

      Edited to add:
      I've just been talking about them to my husband over lunch. My dolls baffle him a bit but he's pretty much ok with them...

      So I was telling him about the new Volks SD Williams and Cecile and how there have been various different releases due to the popularity of the sculpts and the storyline... And then I started on the different versions, ending on the Romantic Glance version that everyone seems to love so much but that I'm not bothered by.

      And then my husband said they should release a Happy Money-making Glance version next...from which of course we then joked about it just needing to be a huge wink and a grin...
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    2. Oh no, I have just noticed that the lottery for Cinderella is open for ppl from Japan with membership only. Whyyy ;-;
    3. Yeaa they changed the rule couple weeks ago sadly :( but I guess it's because they will not have enough stock if doing a global order considering how much they've got for william and cecile last time already...
    4. Im still hopeful that there will be a separate preorder for global customers.

      That Cinderella, along with the other limited dolls for the upcoming event will be available as a lottery for international fans along with the new YoSD's, DD's and the SD boys :)
    5. The next FCS is in just two weeks! SO EXCITED!
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    6. But they have already stated in the rules that the procedure will change from pre-order to lottery if there are too many orders? :( That's so mean. I wish I had paid more attention to the website, otherwise I'd have contacted a proxy already.

      She is my dream doll, I have to get her, no matter what. But I'm really afraid of the aftermarket prices.
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    7. Seriously, SD Williams and Cecile are so incredibly cute! Volks why must you tempt me so. I love my SD boy’s dormitory version Michele. So these guys have grabbed my attention. I love the size, but I must stay strong and try and resist the urge! I still have plans on eventually bringing home an SD17 Reisner! So I need to save room for another big boy. :mwahaha

      With the recent clothing release I was able to score a few clothing items from the International Site. :thumbup I was really excited about grabbing the re-release of the midnight flower set for my SD girl. I also grabbed some of the boys modern clothing staples and those sexy ankle boots for my big guys that I’ve been eyeing since their release. My only disappointment was missing out on the white and black high top sneakers! Is it just me or did Volks decide not to release them?!?
    8. Cinderella has such a sweet face, sadly the high heel legs only is a dealbreaker for me. If they continue this pattern of only offering one set of leg parts with the Disney Princesses, I will probably end up passing on ones that I would otherwise be tempted by, given how many of them have ballgowns ( = high heels) as their signature looks. Cinderella is such a beauty though, I hope those of you outside Japan that want her have a good chance at getting her! :D

      It looks like they have mentioned postponement on their blog: 2020年7月新作ドレス発表会  一部商品 発売延期、販売店舗変更のお知らせ | 株式会社ボークス
    9. I haven't tried them on anyone yet, hopefully I will get to changing some clothing later today or tomorrow. I also just bought the cap, waist bag and belted shorts legging set.

      In thinking further about the SD Williams and Cecile, I still think the SD Williams could be my 17 WIlliams' younger sister Basil. Which means it would be my wife's doll not mine. That's fine, I don't need to own all the Williams in the house. While I was wondering what I could do with an SD Cecil, I'm kinda thinking I'd turn him into a DearSD. But why do I need another kid...

      Then it was pointed out to me that SD17 Cecil, he could be a single dad to a Dear SD Cecile... @[email protected]
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    10. I honestly think you could easily pull this off and.... I think this idea is really cute? Maybe have them wearing matching pirate outfits too XD
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    11. My SD17 Cecile, will be a reshell for Owen Van Houten who goes by the artist name V----V. He is a member of my SD17 Williams Sean's new band. His musical background is more witch house/noise/electronic, so I don't see any pirate involvement. He is not a vampire, but he does have permanent cosmetic dental fangs. So maybe father/son vampire-ish outfits?

      We already have DearSD Yu Morisawa, Lieselotte and Ushiwakamaru so adding a DearSD Cecile isn't a stretch.
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    12. Ugh, I'd forgotten how much time it can take to get a doll fully dressed. Between choosing what they're actually going to wear, and getting everything on them, it's a hassle. I got six of my guys dressed the other day, three of which were mostly already dressed. It still took my like two hours.:lol: (I wish we had a laughing while crying emoji)

      I'm hoping the boots don't suffer to badly from Volks tendency to make their shoes extra large.

      Doooooooooiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!! Especially that last part. Haha

      I was thinking of making SD Williams, my SD17 Williams' little brother myself. That could change if some other idea comes to me.
    13. Do the Disney gals come with parts order sheets? I'm debating on getting a secondhand Rapunzel over direct since I don't like the character yet she would work as Anna from Frozen with a repaint. Plus it distracts me from the disappointment of not getting a chance for Cinderella yet.:pout: I'd remake her dress but her face is so cute!
    14. Oh yes please do it, DSD Cecile would be ADORABLE!
    15. Rapunzel didn't unfortunately. Since they both have unique skin tones it would be nice to have an option to buy extra hands/feet for them. I don't know how well normal skin parts would match Rapunzel's pinkish skin *_*
    16. @Dolly Thank you for sharing the Volks twitter post about the black and white high top sneakers release delay. I made my purchase yesterday at work and only had a moment to spare to use my phone during some down time during my double shift. I thought I just accidentally missed it, or that they quickly sold out. :XD:
    17. @Seditionary ~ no problem! I love how Volks does tennis shoes, I hope you can get them when they come out. :D
    18. @Cloudedmind I have one of my SD17 boys wearing the boots now. The 17 foot does not extend into the point of the boot, I'd say 1/2 inch of the toe space is empty. They're by no means as ridiculously oversized as some of their other boy shoes, but I'd say they are best in scale to 17/16/Gou boys.
    19. Got it, thanks! I'll most likely have my RG Williams wear them, and buy my Ernest those platform heels from rrabit.
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    20. May I ask if you guys experienced this problem. I have won a Volks lottery on USA Volks website. The item on the lottery link status is shown as “Out Of Stock”. Is it a technical issue of the website or something else. Please help!!!