Volks Super Dollfie - SD, SD13, SD16, SD17, SDGr, SDGou & FCS - XXVIII

May 30, 2020

    1. That's really weird. I bought my GL membership a few days before the lottery back in June/July and it was in by the next or 3rd day. :ablink:
    2. I emailed Volks and they suggested to wait for "Complete Order” email as they’re inspecting all packages which were delivered from Japan. I hope my William would be ready by next week.
    3. Agree, especially now it's global membership available...
    4. I took some proper pictures of my Williams. Here's the first edited one. I may spam some more later. :P
      [​IMG]RoL by Cloudedmind, on Flickr
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    5. Lol. Got it. Thank you for your info. Hopefully mine will be ready soon too.
    6. Yup, you can always shoot them an email. They're pretty quick to response to on an inquiry nowadays. Unless, you ask about how the lottery works, they might not be able to response LOL
    7. Hey! Anyone here entering the DWC? I've never done it before, and I'm a bit confused by some of the fields for "work information". Maybe you know!

      Is "creator nickname" the name you gave the doll you painted?
      Is "work title" the same thing? 'A'
      What is "work PR"?

      Hope that makes some sense. Thanks a bunch!
    8. "creator nickname" - Your nickname to show in the entry
      "work title" - your face-up title (ie. what is the name of the face-up you're doing)
      "work PR" - a description for your work, so in English term it is to provide your artist's statement

      Hope this helps :)
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    9. Has anyone else tried ordering FCS this round? I’m having trouble with the form not letting me select everything (once it gets to eyes, it just stops allowing me to check boxes). I’ve tried on a couple different devices but it’s always the same problem. Was wondering if anyone else had experienced it before e-mailing Volks. Thanks!
    10. @Majenta Are you NOT ordering a faceup with the doll? Eyes and any options related to eyes are tied to whether or not you chose to order a faceup. When you select/click on "Coordinated Makeup" then all the remaining faceup and eye options should now be clickable.

      I just tried it out now and didn't have a problem.
    11. Did anyone else order young Cecile and Williams? I caved in and put in for both. Even though I am mostly collect adult dolls. They called to me.
      But of course, it will go to a lottery. I never have any luck.

      Another newbie question. The one off dolls that are shown on the Volks blogs for the individual stores. Are they one of a kind dolls used for displays and then a lottery is held to sell them?
      Or are they limited editions?
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    12. @Kbarberdav The one-off lotteries happen at individual stores. I know you have to fill out an entry form at Sato and I'd always assumed it's the same at the Sumika shops. From my understanding all Sumika shops, Sato, and Mado are still open during the pandemic, so the only one-offs that will have an online lottery are the ones that were slated for the HTD Kyoto17. That will happen through the international site, so the entry pool is sadly quite large. I don't believe those one-offs have been shown yet.
      They're one of a kind in that they have unique faceups and clothing from individual artists, but are made from existing head molds.

      I entered for Cecile. I hope he comes home to me! I've really liked his sculpt all these years that Oath of the Silver Coin has existed, and the SD17 version almost got me. But boy, those chubby little cheeks and kind of judgy appearance from his young version absolutely nailed me. If his sculpt has teeth I might actually cry :love
      I hope Volks USA gets them because I don't expect to have any luck in this lottery. I think there are very few made since they were initially meant to only be sold physically at Dolpa, and never even go to an after event. I assume their lottery will be a bloodbath and I need every chance I can get :...(
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    13. @Astro Do you know if they give you a receipt when you put in an entry for a oneoff?
    14. @Daniel Falls Yes, I was trying to order without a faceup. Thank you for the help, I’ll see if I can figure it out!
    15. I ended up entering for both Cecile and will! I will be astounded if anything comes of it, but in general I’m just pleased as punch to even be able to vie for these cuties whatsoever. Woo online dollpa! (Tho my bank account might disagree haha)

      Anyway. They are so dang cute I can’t stand it. Good luck to everyone else going for it!
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    16. For online or for in-store? I've never entered for either outside of entering at a Dolpa so I'm not sure. I think they do give them to you physically since I seem to recall having a 2nd half to the entry ticket at LA Dolpa last year that was used to claim winning entries?

      I just asked some friends that also entered a normal lottery about a receipt email though. I don't think they do, I realized I never got an entry receipt email. But the entry is listed in my list of orders on the international site so I'm not worried about it having gone missing. Anyone else get/not get one? I've had a lot of issues getting email from Volks USA in the past but have been receiving everything from them recently.
      I do wish they'd have a specific "in lottery period" tag for lottery entries. Right now it says "preparing for shipment" and I'm sure someone will manage to misinterpret that and think they've won the doll.
    17. Good luck to everyone entering the lotteries! :D

      I may or may not have bought a Rapunzel, so unless there's a one-off I really want to enter for then I think I'm gonna skip the dolls this Dolpa (however adorable that little Cecile pout may be). But I can't wait to see owner pics of them, especially with their bigger counterparts! :whee:
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    18. Did your credit card get charged? My card got charged for both Will and Cecile.
    19. Good guys on the first event!!! I'm going to wait til the 21st. :D