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WARNIG: Problem Transaction with Britt

Jun 29, 2008

    1. When I got into this hobby, I was hoping I would never have to do something like this or deal with any problems with other people when I send off my dolls to them. I hate having to write this up, but I feel the public needs to know what I just went through & needs to be warned to stay away from her! This transaction with Britt was a complete nightmare for me! I learned the hard way, I guess!

      I want to warn anybody about choosing Britt to do the mods on your dolls!:( In the end, this transaction did turn out ok, but still not perfect. I lost money in shipping, I lost time that my doll could've been completed & I ended up having a crappy-half-finished mod in my hands!

      I initially PMed several people about a month ago about doing the mods on my Volks SD female arms, the body that went along with my F-29 FCS and Britt was the only one who responded to me saying they could do the type of mod I wanted on my doll. I wanted mermaid fins sculpted onto my doll's arms near her wrists because her character is a water spirit.

      I had initially read Britt's feedback and several other problem transaction threads about her, but none dealt with any mods, they were all dealing with purchasing items from her, so I figured I'd give her a chance with doing the work on my doll for me.

      This transaction started out ok, she sounded very professional and as if she knew exactly what she was doing in the beginning. Boy was I deceived!

      I then asked her a few more questions about it.

      Her response:

      I never really got progress pics as promised, I had to ask for them or I wouldn't have gotten any! I had to stay on this girl's butt abotu it the whole entire way!

      I actually asked her about all the problems she's had in the past. I mentioend to her how I had a small problem with a transaction once and how we all make mistakes, this is her response

      Later on, I am chatting with her on AIM, when she informs me that she sanded a part of my doll I did not give her permission to do without even asking me first. It's not that she sanded them that bothers me, it's that she didn't ask first!

      Copy of the AIM convo:

      I am AngelikFionaKit & she is DEAD STOCK TOYS
      So towards the end I

      Notice IF I APPROVE!

      Her response

      So she sends me more shots of the arms &

      Photo & mod in question -----> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v104/toshimasa/Mermaidsculpt4.jpg

      What Saturday deadline? Notice I specifically stated, IF I APPROVE, above.

      My response (Obviously pissed off):

      She then took forever to respond to this one PM: I have proof in the form of several screencaps that she was online for a some time exactly when I sent her this PM and she even read it and she still ignored it. I feel she was ignoring me beause I was mad at her!

      Screencaps of this

      Look at the green dot, Note the time listed on my computer & the time listed in her profile as last activity!

      And a screencap of the members online list

      Time & date when I sent her the PM

      This chart shows that the PM was read

      Also, I beleive from an earlier PM, now I could be wrong on this, but her other 2 commissions she's talking about are just her dolls!

      Then she apologizes:

    2. I think if one is gonna open up a customizing shop here on DoA, then they should expect alot of days full of working on dolls! And just look at the photo referenced above. Anyone can see that it is a horrible mod that needs to be fixed or done over completely.

      My final resposne was:

      In the end, I was refunded the money I paid for the mod (More then i was expecting) & my half finished modded arms were sent back. I will be sending them off to a customizer I have worked with a few times already with my other doll's and their face ups and body painting; who has a perfect feedback score and she will be re-doing my mods for me. This person has even done the gorgeous face up on my F-29 and knows what look I am going for on my doll!

      Let this serve as a WARNING to all! Britt does have a customization shop open, but Do Not send your doll off to her unless you want them ruined and wish to waste money and time only to end up with a useless peice of crap and a month worth of endless frustrations!